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Episode Start: Sampoorna telling Bondita not to go to London. She tells Bondita to give one chance to Anirudh. He loves her a lot and she knows that Bondita also loves him a lot. Bondita says that she can’t stay there. Sampoorna asks why? What’s stopping her? Sumati enters and says she gave her an oath. Sumati tells Sampoorna to leave, she doesn’t have any relation with that house. They only have enmity between them. If Thakumaa finds out about this, then she will kill her, so it’s better for her to leave. Sampoorna picks up a knife and tells Sumati to kill her. She can give up her life for Bondita today. She requests Sumati to take her swear back. Anirudh and Bondita will die without each other. Sumati is not ready to compromise. Bondita gives Shashwati’s swear to Sampoorna and requests her to leave. Sampoorna says fine, but Anirudh isn’t going to slow down. No one will be able to stop him. She tells Bondita that she has to do decide whether she wants fights or love during this Janmasthmi.

In night, Bondita is thinking about Anirudh. She receives a call from Anirudh. He asks, you are crying, right? She lies, no. I don’t have any reason to cry or to be happy. He says, I know I am the reason for your sorrow. But I want to be a reason for your smile, happiness. If you’re crying just by thought of going away from me, then imagine what will happen when that actually happens. She says, I won’t die. He says, what if I die? She cries and asks, you again want to be a reason for my sorrow, Sakha… He says, your Sakha Babu wants to be a reason for your happiness and that is why I won’t let you go away from me. Never. She says, I cannot stay here for anyone. He asks, not even for me? She doesn’t say anything and is about to hang up the phone. He says, before you hang, I want to tell you that I am coming to your place tomorrow on Janmasthmi to complete our incomplete relation, to express my feelings. She says, you won’t come. Anything can happen. He says, I am fine with that. She says, you can lose your life too. He says, I am fine with everything. If I get to be with you, then I accept everything. He tells her to tell at her home that her ‘barristra’ babu, her sakha babu is coming to express his feelings. She says, you won’t come. He refuses to listen. He hangs up the phone and smiles.

Thakumaa starts Janmasthmi’s function. Everyone takes Krishna lord’s blessings. Tapur tells Bondita that she’s looking lovely as Radha. Bondita says, but where is Krishna? Tapur asks a lady. The lady says that he couldn’t come. Chandrachur thinks that he won’t let Bondita go like that. He will make sure to make her his today.

Anirudh says just like how Krishna’s name is incomplete without Radha’s name, he’s also incomplete without Bondita. That is why he is going to her today to express his feelings. He asks for the blessings. He cannot open his room’s door. He calls Bihari. Everyone comes there. Sampoorna asks who locked the door? Trilochan says he did. In flashback, it’s revealed that Bondita called Trilochan and requested him to stop Anirudh from coming to Krishna Nagar. Back to present, Trilochan says he promised Thakumaa that there won’t be any stoppage from Tulsipur to stop Bondita from going to Kolkata. So it’s his responsibility to make sure no stoppage comes from their side. Anirudh says, you can’t do this with me. Trilochan says, I am doing this with you. He tells the guards to stay there and make sure Anirudh doesn’t get out. He tells other family members to join him for shraddh / funeral. Sampoorna asks whose funeral? He says, Bondita’s. Her left over memories with this house. Anirudh is shocked to hear that.

Bondita tells Chandrachur that her Krishna is nowhere to be seen. How will they do Ras Leela, etc? He tells her not to worry, her Krishna will definitely come. Thakumaa tells Bondita if Chandrachur said, then Krishna will come. She asks whether her preparations are done for her departure. She says yes. Chandrachur excuses himself. He looks at a chemical and says that he only has this way left. After drinking that, Bondita will get intoxicated and she will easily agree for anything. He will take her to his room and then… He smiles saying they will become one. After that Bondita will be his for forever.

Sampoorna tells Trilochan that this is wrong. He says Bondita did wrong with them. Anirudh stops Sampoorna saying his and Bondita’s relation is not that weak that it will break by Trilochan doing these things. In fact, today he’s going to make his relation with Bondita even stronger. Trilochan says that he won’t be able to get out from his room, forget about meeting her. Anirudh says no one can stop him. He will confess his love to Bondita today. He thinks how to get out of the room.

Chandrachur mixes the chemical in juice and gives it to Bondita. Anirudh creates fire in his room and screams for help. As soon as the guards get inside, he comes out and locks them inside. Bondita is about to drink the juice when Tapur comes and says Krishna ji is here. Bondita puts the juice glass on a side and goes to see Krishna ji. Anirudh comes by dressing up as Krishna. Bondita, Thakumaa, and others get happy seeing Krishna ji. Thakumaa tells him to go to Bondita. Bondita will explain him all the traditions. Tapur tells Bondita, here is your Krishna ji. She says they look like real Krishna and Radha. Bondita takes Anirudh to take the lord’s blessings. After that, she gives him a flute. He doesn’t hold it properly. While teaching him, she touches his hand and freezes. She pulls her hands back and teaches him from distance. He says, is this okay? She gets shocked hearing Anirudh’s voice. He says, I told you that I will express my feelings and today I will do that in front of everyone. Rishta Tera Mera… plays. She says, no. He says, yes. Thakumaa comes there and tells Anirudh / Krishna to start the function. Anirudh goes. Chandrachur thinks that this is the time to make Bondita drink the juice. Anirudh sees Chandrachur insisting Bondita and her drinking the juice. Chandrachur thinks he will do anything it takes to make Bondita his. Bondita looks at Anirudh and says in her mind, Sakha Babu, you leave from here. He says in his mind, I won’t go until I confess to you and hear your confession. He further thinks that Bondita’s yes or no will decide destiny of their love. Whatever decision she takes will be his decision as well because he wants to win her love, he doesn’t want to force his love on her. Episode End.

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