Barrister Babu 20th September 2021 Written Update


Read Barrister Babu 20th September 2021 Written Update: Anirudh Is Arrested

I’m not going to leave Chandrachur for you Anirudh asking how you dare to do this sin. Chandrachur is pushing him and running. Anirudh is running behind him. Bondita remembers taking the children to eat. They’re going to the kitchen and getting a container. Bihari comes and says come quickly, Anirudh is very angry. She’s wondering what, but why. Bihari says I don’t know, it looked like he’s going to burn the whole world, come quickly. Anirudh is following Chandrachur. Trilochan says get the car, Chandrachur went to Anirudh. Thakumaa asks what happened. What happened? Trilochan says Anirudh is furious. I think some huge sin happened, he went after Chandrachur. Bondita says that I’m going to come. You’re newly married, Thakumaa says no. Tupur tells her that she can just stop Anirudh. They’re leaving. The Anirudh Chandrachur points gun. They’re fighting. Everyone is coming. Chandrachur gets shot. Shooting. It’s falling down the bridge. Anirudh looks on. Anirudh looks on. Tupur says that you murdered my husband.

Trilochan is asking Somnath to send down his men. Bondita asks why you both struggled, tell me. The people say Anirudh and Chandrachur had a battle, we saw him threatened by Anirudh. Tupur catches the collar of Anirud and says you murdered my husband, simply because his thoughts did not match yours. Bondita says no, I’m sure that he won’t do it deliberately. Tupur says shut up, I’m a widow, your husband killed my husband. Thakumaa thinks I’m so unlucky, I don’t know whose tears to wipe, who’s now widowed daughter or just married. The police are returning home. Anirudh is called by the inspector. Everyone looks on. Everyone looks on. Thakumaa is asked by the inspector what she saw there. She tells us that when we got here, we fought with Anirudh and the Chandrachur, we heard a gun shot, Chandrachur was shot. He’s asking who shot, did Anirudh, okay? She says yes. She says yes. Tupur and Bondita cry. Cry. Trilochan asks the inspector what he saw. Trilochan says that Anirudh never does wrong. He’s not letting anyone do wrong. The mother of Chandrachur scolds him. Inspector says you saw him shooting by Anirudh. Bondita says he can’t, he left peace weapons. Inspector argued. Inspector.

Bondita says Chandrachur had ran first, and then Anirudh ran after him, and if he knew his life was at risk, he would have created noise and he would have come to us. Chandrachur’s father gets furious. I’m going to tell you the truth, inspector, no need to ask anyone, I murdered Chandrachur, I shot him. Bondita says this is not true. This is not the truth. Chandrachur’s mother says that you still save him. Anirudh says that I don’t remember our little battle, I don’t want to talk about it, I accept my crime. Inspector says okay, we’ve got to arrest you. Bondita says no, she says no. Trilochan asks how he can be arrested. Chandrachur’s father says I’m going to file a case against him that he gets hanged. The inspector takes the thumbprint of Anirudh on paper. Anirudh is detained. Bondita says something is hiding Anirudh. He asks what happened to Anirudh. He doesn’t do anything, Trilochan says. It leaves Anirudh. Everyone shouts. Somnath asks Trilochan not to worry, there will be nothing for Anirudh; he will get the great Anirudh barrister. We want the best, Trilochan says, someone who never lost. Sampoorna says we’ve got home barrister Bondita, she won a gold medal in London. Trilochan asks that you want her to be awarded the Anirudh Medal.

Sampoorna says no, she’s going to fight for him, she’s going to win. Trilochan says no, she couldn’t fight any case, anyone trusted her, how could we trust her on such a great case, how could we not trust her? She says I’m sure she can do this, you know her argument power. He’s remembering her words. Bondita comes to the room of Anirudh. She’s remembering his words. Tupur comes and ruins the room stuff. Bondita is asking her to stop. She says that I know what’s going on, Anirudh can’t kill anybody, he’d help them, he was silent in the jungle. Tupur says his crime has been accepted. Bondita says nobody can kill. Tupur says he killed my husband, I’ve lost my entirety, you haven’t, you’re going to share your joy and sorrow with Anirudh’s pic now, I’m going to see how you stop people saying I’m going to ruin your maang against Anirudh. She goes. She goes. Bondita shouts.

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