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Episode Start: Bondita apologizing to Sumati. She says you were right, much has changed in 8 years, I don’t want to be here, come with me. She takes Sumati. Anirudh looks on and cries. Bondita brings Sumati home. Thakumaa asks what happened. Bondita says she is getting a prize for my reward, celebrate that you have won, we got saved from your enemies and came back alive. Thakumaa taunts her. She asks Tapur to use haldi lep to Sumati. She says I understand your sorrow and anger, we did what we could, Chandrachur was able to marry you on Trilochan’s condition. Bondita asks what, amazing, now this was going to happen with me in enmity, it means not just my faith broke, not also my principles, if I lost in my fight, how would i buy justice for other women, i would became an example of a bad custom, it would be better to die. Chandrachur comes and says don’t talk about dying, I love, we all love you, its enough, don’t go to Anirudh or Tulsipur again. Bondita says yes, i will never go that way now, because I understood that my world changed in these 8 years, Tulsipur’s doors are shut forever for me.

Anirudh comes home and recalls Bondita’s words. Trilochan asks him to go away, if villagers know that he had let Bondita go away, then they will get angry. Anirudh asks how long will I run, i will face myself, i will admit the reality that we did wrong with Bondita, we all are responsible for it. He sees Somnath and scolds him. He says doctor’s duty is to save people’s life, you had become Bondita’s enemy, I hate seeing you. He says and you Sampoorna Maa, you had a relation with Bondita since childhood, how did you think that that she will use Binoy, you also kept the relation of enmity. He asks Trilochan what did you are doing , you did wrong with her, she respected you a lot. Trilochan says I wish I could explain you. Anirudh asks how did Sumati get hurt in Bondita’s rituals, we had tortured Bondita once more , why, I didn’t wish to see her face because of the enmity, today I can’t meet her eyes because of the embarrassment, she wanted to save girls from bad customs, but what did we do, we had made her fall prey to the bad customs, we broke all her dreams in a moment, sorry to tell this to you all, I m the biggest culprit.

Trilochan says control your feelings, villagers are coming, don’t say a word, you can’t fall weak in front of them. The villagers come and say amazing, you have kept your word, Anirudh has punished Bondita well. Anirudh shouts stop praising me. Trilochan says Anirudh….

Anirudh says there won’t be any enmity now, we have fallen much in enmity, a girl was getting forced to become mute, we were celebrating here, Bondita went to Krishnanagar, not Kashi, she showed me the mirror. the men argue with him and get angry. Anirudh shouts Bondita wasn’t a spy, she didn’t come here as an enemy. Trilochan asks how can you do this, we have proof that she did wrong, do you have any proof that she is innocent. Anirudh says I don’t have any proof, but her eyes are the proof, her eyes say the reality . Bihari gets a man and says he is the proof. He scolds the man. the man says i was Chandrachur’s spy. Sampoorna recalls the servant. He says I had attacked Binoy that day, I had kept the door open, Bondita fought us and took Binoy, we changed the direction board and sent her to the competition ground. Sampoorna says I slapped her and called her a spy, she was saving my husband, I m sorry Bondita….

She cries and apologizes to Anirudh. Anirudh says we should always apologize to Bondita, she came here to spread love, we kept enmity. Bondita says Maa, you’ll be fine, don’t worry. Thakumaa asks her to not worry. She gives the medicine. She says if she gets well tonight, then there’s nothing to worry, else… Bondita says I won’t let anything happen to her. Sumati says I don’t need to go anywhere. Bondita asks why, we’ll go to the hospital. Sumati says you didn’t listen to me, why shall I listen to you, I won’t go. She falls asleep. Bondita goes to pray for Sumati. Anirudh says she came here for friendship, we misunderstood her, I always felt that Bondita is true, but I also got blind in enmity, I saw her getting punished, she didn’t call me baristra babu today, she called me barrister babu.

He says i was keeping enmity, but today i will accept my mistake, I did wrong with her, I should get punished for this crime. Trilochan says wow, I m seeing you defend Bondita after a few years , you proved that Bondita is innocent, how shall i think that this gardener is saying the reality , Bondita is our enemy’s daughter, we lost puja rights because of her. Anirudh says no, I even have lost the rights of doing justice, i was wrong to choose the path of enmity, how long will we have hatred, we’ll end this enmity. Trilochan says you got blind, you had made me upset today, I didn’t expect this from you, Krishnanagar people will always be our enemy, this enmity will run forever. Anirudh says it will change, because enmity increases enmity, love increases love, we had kept enmity for long, we didn’t keep peace, we’ll love and see, maybe we find peace. He leaves.

Trilochan thinks I knew Anirudh loves Bondita, its a sign of danger that he’s speaking it out. Bondita wakes up Sumati. Sumati says you love Anirudh, right. Bondita recalls him. She says i will never meet Anirudh now. Bondita asks her to have milk. Sumati says you’re seeing my wound, I m seeing your wound, my wounds will heal some day, I m worried for your wound. Bondita says I don’t care for it now. Sumati says I do care. Bondita asks her to take rest. Sumati says i used to be hurt seeing you in trouble, you aren’t fine, i will always have this fear, i know love’s other name is madness, person does everything in love, you swear on your love, tell me, you’ll not keep any relation with Anirudh.

Precap: Anirudh gets wet in rain and says he has fallen in love. He recalls the great time that he spent with Bondita when she came as Vaijanti. he’s very happy. He says, Bondita, I have fallen in love with you and that i will tell you this right now. He calls her. She picks up and smiles. He says, i want a chance to rectify my mistake and that i want to inform you that I… Episode End.

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