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Episode start: with Bondita coming to the hall wearing Anirudh’s clothes. Bihari sees her and asks why did you wear Anirudh’s clothes. She asks how could I come in drenched clothes, you know the kids’ mischief, Anirudh left me there. He asks her to go and wear her clothes. She says I can’t wear my clothes, its not my mistake. He says once he gets angry, nobody can calm him, there was just one girl who could calm him down, Bondita bahurani, she used to make him speechless by her arguments. Anirudh calls him. Bihari asks her to hide. She hides. Anirudh answers a call. He sees Bondita and asks what are you doing here. She starts arguing. She says you should have shown concern for him, you left from there, its your mistake. He says I can’t argue with you, give my clothes, wear any saree. She asks why, you mean girls can’t wear boys’ clothes. He says I didn’t say that, girls should wear what they like, because girls and boys are equal.

She says no, it wasn’t your fault, it was my fault. He says no, it was just my fault, give me my clothes. He calls Sampoorna. He says before I go crazy, give him any clothes and take my clothes. Bondita thinks you are still the same, I have to remind you that you have a pen suit in your hand, a gun is not appropriate.

Anirud is staring at the kids angrily. The kids argued and laughed. Shashwati says we will be punished, we are not reprimanded, we have tears in our eyes. Anirud says that I will not be scolded, I will punish, today you will get porridge in your food. he goes. kids make a face. Bondita wears a saree. She is looking at the picture. She thinks I haven’t seen her anywhere. Sampoorna asks do you know how to wear a saree? Bondita says yes, but not like my sister, she is not here, you help me. It’s all right. She teaches Bondita. She asks why do you bother Anirudh? “I like Anirudh, but how can he live without a smile,” Bondita said. Sampoorna says there will be a big reason for this. “I want to know, I’ve seen everyone here upset, what happened, why don’t you smile, tell me,” Bondita said.

Sampoorna says go and get an education. she goes. Bondita went to her room. He remembered his childhood. She thinks I’ve spent too much time here. She checks some diaries. She wonders how I will know her, how everything has changed here. Someone kills him. She runs away in fear. Someone follows him wearing a scary mask. He says she will kill everyone, that’s Bondita. Anirud calmed him down. He removes the mask. Bondita was surprised to see Binoy. She cries Anirud says I will kill everyone, don’t worry. Binoy says that I will hide here, tell them that the king has hidden. Anirud says trust me, no one will bother you, come on. Binoy says he is Bondita. Anirud says that she is our guest Vaijanti.

“I know you’re scared, don’t worry, it’s all right,” Anirudh said. Somnath says nothing will change, things are not right. Anirudh asked him to look at the time and situation and talk. Somnath says the truth will not change, Bondita is the cause of this hatred and enmity, Binoy is in this situation because of it. Binoy gets angry. Anirudh took the Binoy. Somnath says if you don’t take him to London, we won’t see him. Bondita cries. Sampoorna comes to him. She says you are scared, think of Anirudh, when he saw this happen. Bondita asked what happened? Sampurna says that Krishnanagar people did that. She tells everything.

She says Anirudh once again stumbled upon a peace proposal, even when his life was in danger. even when his life was in risk. FB shows Anirudh going to meet Thakumaa. “We can’t change what happened, we didn’t hide the bomb in the presents, we are not responsible for the deaths of Rimjhim and Shomik,” says Anirudh. Thakuma kicked him. She asks him to go home and see the answer. He runs the house. He saw that Trilochan had been beaten and arrested. He argued with the inspector. “Don’t worry about me, go and save your father,” said Trilochan. Krishnanagar people caught him. Chandrachur gets Binoy beaten up by his men. Anirudh has come to save Binoy. “We did not hide the bomb as a gift,” dhe sai. Chandrachur says that you will have to give your life and pay the price. Binoy’s head was injured. اAnirudh shouts. He takes him to hospital. doctor says that he has lost his mental balance due to a head injury. Anirudh and Trilochan wept when they saw him.

“You went twice with a peace proposal, what did you get? I was sent to prison, Binoy was attacked, he lost his mental balance, we lost our respect and our loved ones,” he said. Anirudh cries. They say I begged them, they didn’t understand, we would hate them for bullets and hate bullets, they would see how I could live and maintain enmity, now There will only be enmity. FB ends. Sampoorna says that Binoy will never recover, Anirudh took her to the big doctors, but nothing worked, I did wrong with Bondita, maybe I am being punished for my wrong deeds. Bondita goes. Trilochan voiced it. “I’m sorry for what happened today,” he says. She asks him to bless her, not to apologize. He says Shashwati was right about you, Anirudh will leave you at home. He tells Anirudh to leave the station. He says this is my order.

Anirudh took him in a jeep. Bondita looks at Anirudh and cries. Relationship is yours, please. He says that we will get study tomorrow. She thinks I can understand your pain, I want to share your pain and heal your wounds. He asked, “Are you all right now?” She says yes but are you ok Say something, don’t keep things in your heart, everything will be fine. He stops the jeep. He shouted as he got out of the jeep. She goes down. He leaves.

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