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Read Barrister Babu 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Anirudh And Bondita’s Haldi

Episode start: Sampoorna seeing and crying Bondita. Trilochan’s Bondita talks. She says whatever you have told me, I don’t remember when it happened, I remember you taught me the significance of the kitchen and the temple, you have forgiven my mishandle, you shocked me as a dad, and you shared pain as a mum, you became my strength as a dad and you showed me the right way, as a mommy. He says you had food for me, I used to fill my stomach by watching your smile. She asks you cannot smile and see me again, you can’t allow me to call you Kaka Sasur ji, this jewellery isn’t anything, you’ll bless me again. He’s saying enough, you speak much, you can’t sit down, you can’t sit still, your words are sweet and round like jalebis, anyone won in arguments with you, I’m going to win today. She laughs. She laughs. He calls her and blesses Bondita. He shouts and says that in arguments I have lost for you today, and you have won my Bondita Bahu. He calls Sampoorna and says I will meet Bondita and cry out that my Grahlaxmi is back home.

Chandrachur remembers calling Musa to speak. He thinks I must stay near the phone, Musa can call anytime. Everyone has food. Everyone has food. Trilochan asks Chandrachur to come and have nourishment. Chandrachur says I’ve got work, you got it. Thakumaa says it’s yours, but we’re going to arrange it all. Trilochan says it’s all right, have food, Bondita made me have dinner on the dining table. Chandrachur is joining. Anirudh extends his foot to the foot of Bondita. He touches the foot of Thakumaa. Thakumaa sees and taunts Trilochan. She looks at me as Trilochan murmurs like she’s going to eat me. Thakumaa sees the foot of Anirudh. She says food and goal, if not right, then fun gets spoiled, Anirudh right. Anirudh says I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand. She says you hit me under the table. She said you hit me. She laughs. She laughs. Bihari says Anirudh, you ought to keep the chair back. They all laugh. They laugh.

Phone rings. Telephone rings. Chandrachur thought it could be the call of Musa. Somnath replies to the call. He asks who you want to talk to. Chandrachur takes the wire away. Somnath goes. Somnath goes. He says it’s a Dhaka call, there’s no relative there. I don’t find it right, Thakumaa says. Perhaps some businessman says Anirudh. Chandrachur says it’d have been mistakenly connected. Anirudh calls the phone exchange and asks the lady to find out who called his Dhaka Haveli. He says that I will not let any hostility spoil this friendly relationship. I can’t carry the distance that night, Anirudh thinks of her Bondita and my marriage tomorrow, I want to meet her, but how. She throws the shell of the cocoon. She tells me Bondita, I want to say I love you. I want to say something, too, he says, I love you, Bondita. She smiles. She smiles. They’re dancing and smiling. Thanks to Chandrachur for helping Musa, my wife Bondita and I are going to reach you by night. He ends his call and says that Bondita and Chandrachur will unite.

He sees Anirudh marrying the banner of Bondita. He breaks it and says that they are forever separated. Bondita sits for her haldi this morning. She says that when Anirudh accepts my conditions, I’ll get the haldi applied. Sampoorna asks what her circumstances are. Bondita smiles and tells the loud speaker her conditions. She says I’ve got two marriage conditions, only then will I marry you. Bondita doesn’t change, Trilochan says. Bondita says you have to become Tapur’s and Tupur’s brothers, you have to be Sumati’s and Thakuma’s son. I accept, I promise, I will be Sumati and the son of Takumaa and I will always protect Tapur and Tupur as their brother. Anirudh says I accept Bondita says you’re never going to hide anything, you’re going to remember you are my Sakha babu in front of my pati babu. Trilochan says it’s a woman’s weapons, don’t listen to her. Anirudh says that we will become you and I, my secrets will be yours, my secrets, it will be mine, our secrets, we will not say anything to anyone, I promise that there will be nothing I have hide from you, I have a further promise, we will be friends before we become a husband and wife. She smiles. She smiles. He asks that it’s done. Bondita says no other condition exists. Then he says he’s applying the haldi. Sampoorna says Bondita, apply the haldi to me now. The haldi is applied to Sampoorna. Bihari and Anirudh dances. All apply haldi to Bondita. Bondita and the girls dance. Bondita. Episode end.

Precap: Anirudh shows Bondita a movie. He says they’re going to do the same thing. He’s going to be a hero and she’s going to be his heroine. They dress as movie stars and dance on various songs. Chandrachur disguises herself as a makeup man and comes for her make-up to Bondita. Now he says he’s going to unconsciously make her, kidnap her and take her with him. Bondita picks up a knife and attacks him when he tries to kidnap her. He gets his leg cut. He gets a leg cut. Later, Bondita sees the cut on Chandrachur’s feet during a ritual.

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