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If you want to read previous written updates for get in touch and click here

Barrister Babu 12th July 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Barrister Babu 12th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On multidesiupdates 

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The episode begins with Bonita smiling and running with Anirudh. He says Vaijanti…. She comes to senses. He says write it yourself. She works because she can’t write. she remembers the moments of his childhood. She gets hiccups. “I think someone is missing me, I’m getting hiccups.” He asked her to drink water. He asked. “When we’re not away from drinking water, when we name people who remember me,” she says. He takes his name from the heart.

Her hiccups stopped. says I told you, remembering someone will stop the hiccups. He thinks of Bondita and hiccups. She says look, someone is missing you, take this person’s name, hiccups will go away. He says it will pass through the water. He drinks water but hiccups did not stop She says take that person’s name. Thakuma says we will send this tiffin to Bondita, she’s hungry, Thakuma said. Chandrachurchur comes and says I will give this tiffin to Bondita in court. Tapur says you are busy, I will send him through a servant. Chandrachur says that work is not more than family, Bondita left Anirudh and considered us family, it is our duty to respect his family. Thakuma agrees. Trilochan asks what happened? Anirud drinks water. He says send this girl back. Trilochan asks if anyone is missing you, why are you getting hiccups? Bondita wonders why he changed so much. She searches for Anirudh’s diary. she gets his diary. she finds it empty. She thinks there might be a diary. Anirudh says that you are also speaking his language, Vaijanti. Trilochan says there may be some truth in that. Anirud says the water will stop the hiccups. It smells like cakes. “I can keep some kachoori till Anirudh comes,” she says. Bihari takes the cakes. She goes to the kitchen. She misses her childhood. She looks for cakes. She drops a can of flour on herself. Everyone comes and remembers Bondita. Trilochan said Bahu… Anirud has said Bondita… Bihari has also said Bondita She nods and said, Look your hiccups have stopped, because you have mentioned the name of the person who is remembering you, I told you. thakuma checked tiffin and said why is this box full? Chandrachurchur says bondita was not at the court. She asks what bondita thinks i’ll get to know Anirudh soon. Her bag fell down. She chooses things. says chandrachur She leaves something behind i will ask her. thakuma says no, i will ask her. bondita goes and changes her clothes. She cleans her hand and sees that Anirudh’s name is tattooed. “No one can break our relationship, i’ll fix it soon, she says. Anirud and everyone else eat. Sampoorna got back the plate of food. He asks that he has no food today, i will take her. he goes. Everyone hears a voice. Anirud returned with an empty plate. Sampoorna says you can just feed her, you hurt again. “Anirudh says this wound will always remind me the cheat of Krishnanagar people, i will never forget that i will have to take revenge, Anirud said. bondita thinks of Anirudh. He smiled. thakuma sees him coming. Chandrachur says a bird is struggling to free itself from its cage. thakumaa asks how was your day, bondita. bondita says it was a good start. thakuma says lie, we know you didn’t go to court today. bondita asks when i said i was coming from court. “i said i went for a job, i didn’t lie, i was getting a job, i wasn’t getting a case in court, she said. Chandrachur says that i know, these people must have bothered her, she doesn’t have to go there, she can handle the business. “i’m glad if you join me at work, i can teach you work, he said. “thanks to this offer, i have no answer, i have to go to court, i have to fight Anirudh and show that we are not weak, i have to send him to jail, bondita said. thakuma smiled. Samati thinks that i can’t believe she is saying this for Anirudh. bondita thinks that i have explained to thakumaa that my relationship is only about enmity, i will find out the reason for his enmity soon and will bind the families together. Somnath took the woman’s purse. they say that Chandrachurchur sends female spies to our house. Anirud says that now we will answer them. the man brought the box to Chandrachurchur. Chandrachurchur read the letter, proof of Krishnanagar spy. bondita considers her wallet, maybe it fell off. they get the message of Anirudh. We respect women, but the people of Krishnan Nagar consider our politeness as their weakness, now we will see any spy as enemy, we will not send any spy back, we will treat them as bonded laborers in tulsipur. take it as a warning or my advice, no girl from Krishnanagar should dare to come to tulsipur. thakuma asks which girl did you send there? Chandrachurchur says i did not send anyone. thakumaa says check the wallet carefully, there will be some marks in it. Chandrachurchaur checks. He sees the elaichi pack. thakuma says that it means that some girl has gone to tulsipur from here, if you did not send her then who is she, why did she go. “i will find out, says Chandrachurchur. He looks at bondita. He tells her not to worry, eat, it happens every day. He asks Tulsipur to feed bondita. “i feel sorry for this girl, the people of tulsipur will not understand her loyalty and the people of Krishnanagar will not forgive her cheat thakumaa said. bondita goes. next morning, bondita prayed to dargah maa. i can’t be caught until my goal is achieved, protect me, she says. Samati comes and says pray for something that will keep the peace. i just prayed for her, bondita said. bondita hears a voice and goes to see Tulsipur. She asks what the sound is, tell me how you got hurt. the moon comes. topor cries.  

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