Balika Vadhu Season 2 30th September 2021 Written Update


Read Balika Vadhu Season 2 30th September 2021 Written Update: Jigar Brings Trophy And Gifts Chocolate To Anandi

Prem ji informs Sejal that he will take Anandi to her room and put her to sleep. Sejal prevents him from walking on the gum floor. Jigar recalls gum falling to the floor and informs Sejal that the error was mine, not Anandi’s. According to Sejal, you may not have done it on purpose. She thinks it’s great that you’ve realized your mistake. Jigar says that Anandi created my project and that she is not stupid, but rather intelligent. Dhingri arrives at Khim ji’s house and insists on speaking with Anandi. Khim ji says to have spoken with Prem ji, who informed him that Anandi is currently sleeping. Ratan, he says, will chastise her. Dhingri wonders if Prem ji Kaka hasn’t told him when she’ll be back. Ratan says, “Very soon.” Maadi Baa brings a bucket of water and pours it on Anandi’s face while he is sleeping in the room. Anandi stands up unexpectedly. Maadi Baa asks as to how long she will sleep. Anandi says I slept all night. Maadi Baa tells her to get ready and that the bahus will not sleep for much longer. She tells her to get ready because government officers are on their way home to see Bapu Ji’s stick. Anandi enters the room and asks of Sejal about Jigar’s project. Sejal says he was overjoyed and told you that you did a better project than him. Anandi notices Thakur Ji’s clothes and asks, “Can I touch?” Maadi Baa stops her and tells her she needs to clean the house. Anandi says that because she is small, she cannot clean the house roof or other surfaces. Maadi Baa chastises her. Anandi approaches Prem ji and asks that he bring books for her so that she can study. Prem ji says you used to dislike going to school. Anandi declares that she now understands the meaning of education and that she enjoys studying. Okay, says Prem ji.

Anandi’s schoolteacher visits them and tells them that they did the right thing by leaving Anandi at Prem ji’s house because she knows her marriage is fixed. She says that Anandi’s childhood will be harmed and asks that they contact her again, or else she will lose her studies. Khim ji promises to call her back soon. Ratan says the same thing. Anandi swings from the cradle. Maadi Baa calls and asks if the house has been thoroughly cleaned. Anandi cleans and returns the items on the dressing table. She then keeps the table in order to climb up and clean the almari. She discovers Bapu ji’s stick. Maadi Baa summons her and asks that she fetch the stick. Anandi gets it and thinks I’ll tell Jigar that I held it based on Maadi Baa’s words. Maadi Baa and Babu ji inform the government officials about Bapu ji’s stick. Maadi Baa asks that she bring it quickly. Anandi is about to fall down the stairs when the stick falls to the floor and breaks. Anandi appears. Maadi Baa says you knew it was valuable, but you can’t walk properly. Anandi says she has slipped and is on the verge of collapsing. Diwari chastises her. The officers confirm that the girl is correct. Maadi Baa asks that they refrain from interfering in their family matters. She asks that they leave. They walk away. Babu ji tells Anandi, “those were our prized possessions.” According to Anandi, it was also priceless for me. Maadi says you would have fallen, but why did you cause the stick to fall? Anandi enters her room and begins to pack her bag. Sejal invites her to stay for a few days, saying that Ratan and Khim ji will be disappointed that their daughter returned sad, and that I was unable to make you happy. Ratan receives her call. Ratan asks if they are having fun together. Sejal asks that she speak with Anandi directly.

Anandi wipes her tears away and smiles at her. Ratan asks as to whether you were crying. Anandi says no, Kaki tells a joke, and I burst out laughing so hard that I got tears in my eyes. Ratan says that you frightened him. They hang up the phone. Jigar returns home and calls Anandi. Sejal asks as to what transpired. Anandi wonders, “What did I do?” If I get scolded again, Jigar will yell my name. She emerges. Jigar motions for her to approach him and asks her to tell him what it is. According to Anandi, there is a star and something written in English. When Jigar says “excellent work,” it means the project is on track. Anandi beams. Jigar demonstrates the trophy to Anandi and the others. He expresses gratitude for her assistance and presents her with chocolate. He enjoys playing with Anandi and Kanku. Maadi Baa and Diwari appear distressed. Sejal bursts out laughing. Anandi believes that if Maa and Babu see this project, they will be pleased. Jigar asks Kanku to take the photos while he holds the trophy with Anandi. Kanku takes the photographs. Jigar examines the photograph and remarks that Kanku didi’s phone is old. He asks her to take a picture with his phone and send it to Khim ji. Maadi Baa calls Anandi to thank her for assisting Jigar. She takes the trophy from her grasp. Anandi beams.

Voiceover: Child marriage deprives a girl of her fundamental right to play and receive an education, and imposes on her the burden of such traditions and responsibilities that the child psyche cannot comprehend.

Precap: Anandi asks about two men’s phones. They explain that they bought it in the city and ask her to give up her necklace in exchange for the phone. Anandi receives a mangalsutra and a mobile phone from them.

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