Balika Vadhu Season 2 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Balika Vadhu 2 24th September 2021 Written Update: Diwari Instigates Maadi Baa To Punish Anandi

Anandi begs the Goddess to assist her; if she fails, Maadi Baa will chastise her. Diwari believes that it will be proven in 6 minutes that Anandi does not know how to cook, and that Maadi Baa will scold her, and that when Anandi learns about her marriage with Jigar, her story will be over. Kumar inquires as to what her issue is. Why does she plot against the little girl and begs her to feel sorry for her? Diwari asks that he refrain from interfering. He asks her not to bother Anandi. Diwari enters the kitchen and asks, “Where did this girl go?” She says the girl left, but she doesn’t know how the laapsi is. She tastes it and declares it to be good and tasty; she thwarted my plan. She considers her options and adds sugar and lemon juice to the laapsi. She whisks it together and pours it into the bowl. She believes that everyone will chastise her. When she comes out, Moti Baa compliments her on her tasty laapsi and hands her shagun. Maadi Baa says she made tasty laapsi and asks Anandi what she plans to do with the money, which she says she will spend on ice cream. Anandi says no, and if you do, I will not eat. Maadi Baa compliments her. Anandi says, “It’s good you brought laapsi,” and tries to take the bowl from her grasp. Maadi baa asks that she give more. Anandi asks that Diwari hand over the bowl. Diwari tosses the bowl and chastises Anandi for using laapsi. Anandi asks that Maadi Baa give her laapsi because she is the elder. Maadi Baa beams. She is about to taste the laapsi when she decides to give it to Diwari. Diwari believes she must eat it regardless. Maadi Baa inquires, “How is it going?” Diwari gives a positive signature. Maadi Baa chastises Anandi for laughing at Diwari.

Later, Anandi tells Ratan that she made delicious laapsi. Ratan says that I missed it. Anandi promises to make something for everyone. Diwari hands Anandi the dress and asks her to tell her who helped her make the laapsi. Jigar collides with Anandi, and the color from his hand falls on his shirt as well as Anandi’s Diwari-given dress. Jigar attempts to remove the stain with her dress. Prem ji arrives and stops Jigar, scolding him politely. Anandi says Diwari gave her the ruined dress. Diwari plots Jigar’s assassination of Anandi. Jigar says she bothered me a lot and called me. He says she came to call Ratan kaki but was unable to do so. Diwari asks that he check to see if she saw any video. He double-checks and displays the video of the laapsi recipe. Diwari examines it and shows it to Maadi Baa. Maadi Baa says she will punish her in a variety of ways. Anandi enters Maadi Baa’s room and looks around. Sitting on the swing appeals to her. Maadi Baa asks if you want to spend the night here. Okay, Anandi says, I’ll sleep on the floor. Maadi Baa instructs her not to speak too much. Anandi expresses regret.

Maadi Baa instructs Anandi to massage oil into her legs until she tells her to stop. Anandi becomes tense. Maadi Baa asks her to stand and massage her legs after lying down on the bed. Anandi takes the bottle and rubs it on her legs. She says it stinks to high heaven. Maadi Baa instructs her to first apply to her legs and then massage. Diwari smiles as he sees Anandi being punished. She begins to perspire. Maadi Baa says I can’t move the fan to that side because the oil will lose its effect. Anandi becomes tired. Maadi Baa asks that she continue massaging her legs. She asks if I want to drink some water. Okay, says Maadi Baa. Anandi spits after drinking the water. Maadi Baa says I was about to leave you in 15 minutes, but now you have to do it all over again in two hours. Diwari believes Maadi Baa was correct; Anandi was punished and she was unaware. Anandi resumes massaging her legs. Diwari smiles as she sits outside. Voiceover: If the lesson is delivered through pain, the pain, not the lesson, is remembered. Epsiode end.

Precap: Diwari invites Anandi to a game and asks her to tell the truth about herself. Anandi thinks you’re stunning. Diwari reveals to Anandi that you are already married to Jigar.

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