Balika Vadhu Season 2 24th August 2021 Written Update


Read Balika Vadhu Season 2 24th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Anandi Apologizes To Bhavan

Episode Start: Bhavan raising hand on Leela, but stops seeing Anandi coming there and calling him. Anandi gives the tiffin to Leela. Leela takes it. Bhavan drinks again. Anandi tells that she was afraid and ran from there. She tells that Bhavan Mama was about to slap Leela Mami. Ratan says she shouldn’t have go without knocking on the door. She takes her brother’s side and says he will not beat Leela. Anandi says he was about to slap her, but stopped. Kalpesh says Anandi roams in the village as if it is all hers. Anandi says it is all mine. Kalpesh goes upset. Khim ji tells Ratan that Leela is a good girl and shall get love and respect. Ratan says sometimes he gets angry due to work load, but Leela has no problem in his house.

Leela gives the tiffin to Bhavan and says Ratan behen sent the sweets for you. He opens the tiffin and asks why it is so less. She says I didn’t even open the tiffin. He holds her neck blaming her for eating the sweets. Khim ji tells Ratan that he heard villagers telling about Bhavan beating Leela many times. Ratan says she can’t believe this. Bhavan beats Leela and pushes her down. Anandi watches the first season of Balika Vadhu and gets surprised seeing the first season. She says it is like my story. Kadvi Baa comes to meet Leela. She asks if she is fine and asks her to tell. Leela tells about Bhavan getting angry on her as the sweets sent by Ratan was less. Baa asks if he had beaten her. Leela says no, he don’t raise hands on me. Anandi sees a mark on her neck and understands. She goes to Bhavan while he is drinking wine in the local bar. He comes out hearing her voice. Anandi tells him that she had sweets while coming to his house. She says you have done wrong by beating Mami. He says he didn’t beat her and asks if she told her. Anandi says she saw mark on her neck. Bhavan says she had fallen down. Anandi apologizes and asks what are they drinking? She insists to drink too. Bhavan says it is a juice and can be drink by elders only. Dr. Sharda comes there and asks Anandi why is she roaming here. She sees Bhavan outside the bar and takes Anandi with her.

Some men come to Prem ji to complain about Diwari. Diwari says she is the owner of this business. Prem ji says they have come to take my suggestion and not to complain against you. He asks her to sit in cabin and says he will send butter milk. Diwari goes. Prem ji tells the guy that Diwari took his design not for her personal use and apologizes to them. He asks them to give him sometime to make everything fine. They leave. He thinks he has always covered up her mistakes.

Dr. Sharda comes to Khim ji’s house along with Anandi. Khim ji greets her and asks where did you meet her? Anandi says I had gone to meet my Mama. Dr. Sharda asks why Anandi went to meet her Mama at such a place and tells that the men were drinking there. She says I know that Bhavan will not let anything happen to Anandi, but we can’t trust others so I brought her back home. Ratan scolds Anandi. Anandi tells the reason for going there. She says she had eaten the sweets, but Mama had beaten Mami thinking she had the sweets. She says she went to tell him the truth, but he told that Mami got hurt in cowshed. Ratan asks Anandi to come near her and cries hugging her. She says it needs strength to say the truth and appreciates her. She says your Mama don’t beat your Mami. Khim ji asks her to say the truth always. Dr. Sharda asks her not to go there. Dr. Sharda tells Khim ji that since Naag ji became sarpanch by cheat, everything changed in the village. And you got weak since Prem ji left. She asks if he will say the truth and asks if Anandi and Jigar had a child marriage then? Khim ji gets thinking. Episode End.

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