Balika Vadhu Season 2 20th September 2021 Written Update


Read Balika Vadhu 20th September 2021 Written Update: Khim Ji And Ratan Forced To Leave Anandi At Prem Ji’s House

Anandi tells Kanku she’s not uncomfortable with Dalya. I told Kanku, but they insisted. Jigar comes and shows Anandi’s garba video. Anandi says I’m going to learn to do garba that way, too. Ratan looks at her. Ratan looks at her. While watching the video, Kanku makes her have dalya. Khim ji asks Baa to leave the work and to come here. Baa asks whether Anandi is going to go with you as well. Khim Ji says yes, he says yes. Babu ji says that Gauna is finished, so why did Anandi go? Prem ji says we did Baa’s Gauna, but we decided to let Anandi come here when she grew up. Baa says Anandi’s Gauna is finished so she is going to come, it’s the same now or later. She asks Anandi to stay with them for a couple of days. Babu ji says the same thing, too. For a few days, Khim ji agrees to drop Anandi here. Baa thanks Khim ji. Thanks Khim ji. Kalpesh hears them and Anandi tells them. Anandi says that Bapu can’t. Kalpesh asks Maa and Bapu to ask her. Anandi says that I’m going to go and say it to her. Ratan tells her how to get her to understand. Sejal says Anandi is going to remain happily with Prem ji kaku. Ratan said she didn’t stay in front of me alone. Sejal says she’s going to stay here happily, believe me. Anandi’s coming and saying Baa, are you going to leave me? Sejal tells Anandi that everyone’s here, and that she can enjoy here, asks her to think how much she’ll have, etc. But what about my school, Anandi says? Ratan asks her to study hard after her return. Anandi consents to stay. Ratan is becoming tensed.

Khim Ji tells Moti Baa that Anandi knew that her marriage had been fixed to Jigar. Baa asks why you haven’t told her why. Prem ji says Kadvi baa, the townspeople etc are against child marriage, so I lied that marriage was fixed and it was not. Diwari hears them. Hears them. Khim ji says Anandi won’t know this, otherwise she hurts her innocent heart. Baa agrees with him and says that we’re not going to tell her. Diwari thinks she has answered her prayers, she’s going to get rid of Anandi that way.

Ratan is leaving with Khim ji. Ratan recommends that Anandi don’t bother anybody etc. Anandi promises her. Anandi promises her. Anandi’s like my daughter, Sejal says. Anandi hugs and shouts Khim Ji and Ratan. It kisses Ratan. Ratan. Kalpesh is waving her bye. As they leave, Diwari looks at them. Anandi cries out and asks Maa and Bapu to stop. She’s running and falling on the door. Behind her, Prem ji and Sejal run and hold her. Anandi says let me go. Let me go. Jigar feels bad when she sees her weeping. Diwari thinks you’re going to get used to crying now, you didn’t know the secret your marriage to Jigar has been done, I’ll let you know when that is the right time. Anandi is hugging Sejal and shouting.

Later Anandi listens to Ratan lullaby singing and asks where are you Baa? She sees somebody sitting there and goes hugging her. The woman is another person and looks at her with anger. It proves to be her dream. She wakes up and screams Baa. Ratan and Khim Ji have returned home. Ratan is getting sad. Khim ji says that she must one day go, and that’s the fate of the daughter, and says she’s going to be safe. Sejal asks you Anandi what happened. Anandi says Baa is not with me. He’s not with me. Sejal says I’m here. I’m here. Anandi says of the woman who scares her in dream and insists on going to Baa. Sejal says now we can’t, they’re going to have to be slept. Anandi says that after a lot of work, Baa gets tired, just let her sleep. Prem ji says tomorrow we’re going to talk to them. Anandi says if I sleep, and then that woman comes back to my sleep? Prem Ji says I’m going to sit down here and see who frightens her. Sleeping with Prem ji and Sejal. Anandi wakes up and sleeps for them. She believes Prem ji Kaku and Kaki loves me a lot, but I miss Baa and Bapu even then. She says that she’s going to take me from here. Khim ji asks Ratan if last night Kalpesh slept. Ratan says he didn’t sleep, he says. Khim ji says the relationship between his brother and sister is like that, Anandi was not here to tease him. She asks that you got to sleep? Khim ji says what to do. What to do. Jigar wakes up and doesn’t think there’s water here. He sees Prem ji and Sejal dormant in the room of Anandi. He gets angry and says Maa and Papa are asleep, so Maa didn’t keep water for me.

Ratan has been calling Sejal. Sejal asks Anandi not to turn around and tells Ratan she peels her hair. Anandi is taking the mobile and telling her her dreams. Ratan says you must be very frightened, then. Anandi says yes, I yelled and everybody was awake. Ratan says you’re not going to do that. Kaku and Kaki slept with me, Anandi says. She asks me to miss Bapu and Mota bhai. Ratan is saying yes. Anandi asks Kalpesh to tell her she is going to have a lot of kulfi today, since Kaki gave her money. Sejal asks her not to go too far, because this is her new place. Anandi goes home and purchases three kulfis. A lady comes there holding the cradle of Krishna ji. Anandi takes the kulfis and turns to go and collides with the lady who takes the cradle of Krishna ji. The idol of Krishna ji falls from the cradle. Anandi keeps it in the cradle and holds it back. The old lady looks at Anandi angrily.

Voiceover: Removed children from the land of parents’ caresses, throwing them into an unknown and hostile environment is another disgusting and criminal aspect of child marriage.

Precap: Prem ji asks Anandi to receive Badi Baa’s blessings and takes her blessings. Anandi turns to touch her feet, but Badi Baa pushes and falls down Anandi. Anandi and others are outraged.

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