Balika Vadhu Season 2 18th August 2021 Written Update


Episode start: Khim ji telling Prem ji that they shall stop this marriage rightaway and shall tell Police that we were doing vasant panchami puja. Prem ji says marriage rituals have started and that they can’t cancel it now. He says this marriage will happen now itself. Pavan asks Khim ji to hurry up and says Police would be here soon. Khim ji tells Prem ji that they have to stop this marriage now, else we’ll be in jail then who will lookout of our kids. He says we can’t leave this vidhi mid way, if starts. Prem ji says who gave this info to Police. He asks who gave rights to Police to stop our customs. He says let the Police come, i’ll see who will stop this marriage. Prem ji’s father scolds Diwari for getting the clothes made from cheap quality that the whole order was returned. Diwari says it was business. Prem ji’s father regrets and tells that he never had loss when Prem ji used to handle business. Diwari emotionally blackmails him and tells that she is handling his business, but he’s still praising his son. She says a daughter’s value is nothing infront of her. She then taunts her husband and says if I had an honest husband then I wouldn’t be sitting here to hear your taunts. Kumar hears her taunts and appears on.

The Police comes to Khim ji’s house and finds the door locked. Inspector asks the villager about Khim ji’s daughter marriage. Villager says the girl is very small. Constable says nobody will say against Khim ji as he’s sarpanch. He says Khim ji had a farm nearby and says they shall go and check there. Khimji, Prem ji et al. are in the truck. the wedding rituals begin there. The Inspector asks the truck driver to drive on side. The Police’s jeep goes past the trust. Prem ji tells Khim ji that the marriage is happening uniquely. He asks Pavan to require out his mobile and captures the images. He asks Jigar to carry Anandi’s hand and jokes with Sejal that she will marry Ratan this way. Pandit ji says start the rounds. Ratan takes Anandi in her arms while Sejal holds Jigar and that they start taking rounds. the driver sees Police jeep coming and informs them. Prem ji asks Pandit ji to recite the mantras in low tone and asks driver to take the truck to highway. Khim ji says where they could have gone. Prem ji laughs and says he fooled Police. After the rounds completion, Pandit ji asks them to get the groom filled the bride’s forehead with sindoor. Jigar does the ritual then makes Anandi wear the garland. Khim ji and Ratan get emotional. Pandit ji declares the marriage completed and tells that they’re now husband and wife. He asks how will the Thapa rasam (hand prints rasam) happen. Ratan says it happens at home, not here. Khim ji says it will happen here, on my chest. Anandi leaves her hand impression on Khim ji’s chest. Khim ji blesses her and says nobody can take your place in my heart and home. Prem ji says I have the same place for Anandi in my heart too, you can’t figure out my happiness. He says we’ve become relatives and my Anandi has become my bahu. He says we shall have the sweets. He makes Khim ji have sweets and hugs him. Sejal and Ratan also share the sweets. Pavan says Maa Ashapura ki jai. Sejal asks Ratan not to worry and says Anandi will go to her other house, after her Gauna. She says many rasams are remaining and you have to come with Anandi for it to our house.

Later Khimji and Prem ji comes home along with their wives, kids and family. Police are expecting them. Inspector asks Khim ji if he got his daughter married. Khim ji asks what are you saying? Inspector asks did you go to have food at dhaba, dressed as baraati. He asks Khim ji to confess that he got his daughter to his friend’s son. Prem ji says we know that it’s a crime, and tells that Khim ji follows the law fully. Inspector asks if you was playing baraat baraat game. Prem ji says I had taken my son’s baraat to Khim ji’s house. He says i’ll just tell the truth, and tells that he loves his friend a lot and wanted to get my son marry his daughter. He says today is a good mahurat for marriage and took my son’s baraat to his house. But Khim ji scolded me and asked me to give the kids sometime to grow up. He says I understood his point. He says I took baraat, but the marriage haven’t happened, as we have to wait for years for their marriage. He asks Inspector to see Jigar and Anandi and asks if they’re looking as groom and bride. He says if they have got married, then she would have sindoor and mangalsutra. Inspector looks at Anandi. Prem ji says when Khim ji refused, I told that they shall go to temple. He says we had gone to temple and asked others to come along with us. He asks Sejal to give prasad to Inspector and tells that he’s very religious. Inspector says religious people don’t lie, if you have done this mistake then you all will land in jail. He goes. Prem ji tells Khim ji that someone has informed the Police and tells that whoever is the informer, will not be saved. He tells Pavan that Khim ji will never lie, so that they have to lie and asks him to take money from him to handle Police. He tells Khim ji that they shall complete the rituals. Khim ji says Police has just now warned us. Prem ji asks him to not get scared and asks them to come. Leela holds Pavan’s hand and asks him to not tell this to Naag ji. Pavan says i know this, and tells that Ratan is his sister and Khim ji is his brother in law. He asks her to not tell Kadvi Baa and says she might be telling everyone about what happened here. Prem ji does the rituals at his house.

Doctor informs Diwari that her mother is very unwell and the guest of few hours. Diwari asks her husband to call her father, and says if anything happens to her. Doctor says she can die at any moment and asks Nurse to check her BP and pulse and inform him.

Prem ji opens the door and finds his father standing on the door. He gets emotional and says Bapu. He touches his feet and asks him to get inside. His father gets inside and sits. Prem ji calls Sejal. Sejal comes with others. He tells his father that Jigar got married to the girl. He gives the baby Anandi to his Bapu and tells that she is Khim ji and Ratan’s daughter. They take his blessings. His father blesses Jigar and his bride and starts crying. Prem ji asks what happened? Why are you crying? His father asks him to go home, as his mother is taking the last breath. He asks if he will come to their house. Prem ji says i’ll come, nothing will happen to Baa, once she sees me she will be fine. He asks Sejal to make the arrangements to go there. He tells Khim ji that he wants to make Anandi meet Baa once. Khim ji says even we will come with you, along side Anandi. A neighbor tells Ratan that if anything goes wrong then Anandi will be blamed by the people and they will call her inauspicious. Ratan gets worried.

Diwari tries to talk to Baa and checks her, says looks like she is gone. She asks Nurse to help her get down the bed. Nurse says she remains breathing. Diwari says when the breathing is about to stop, we shall lie them on the ground. Ratan prays to the goddess to save Prem ji’s mother, else people will blame my Anandi. She puts the oil on her hand and swears to not drink or eat until Prem ji’s mother gets fine completely and asks Goddess to hear her prayers. Episode ends.

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