Balika Vadhu Season 2 17th August 2021 Written Update


Episode start: Baa coming out of house with her shaved head. Everyone gets shocked. Baa picks the hanging pot and walks ahead, as the men carry the dead body of Sarita. The baby cries. Ratan asks baby to greet her mother for the last time and takes baby outside her house. She sees Baa carrying the pot with her hair shaved off. Baa signs the men. they all sit holding the dead Sarita’s dead boy. Ratan makes the baby see Sarita for the first and last time, and takes her inside the house. She keeps the baby in Anandi’s cradle beside her. Baby cries. Anandi holds her hand. Ratan smiles.

Later Prem ji plays with Anandi. Baa comes there with Leela and Khim ji. Ratan says you had gone to Sarita’s sasural to give the baby. Khimji says we had thought to give the baby to them, but something else was happening there. a fb is shown, they saw Ashok marrying another girl. Baa scolds Ashok for marrying someone else, just as his wife was cremated. Gita says it’s not a crime to get my son remarried. Khim ji says think about the baby, she shall get ateast her father’s love. Gita tells that you people haven’t fulfilled the promise made to us. Baa asks Gita to get her son married, but asks Ashok to accept the baby. Gita asks Ashok to not listen to them and make the new bride wear garland. Baa shouts and says I came to handover your safekeeping. She keeps baby on the floor. Gita says my son will drop her to orphanage. Baa is shocked. Fb ends.

Baa tells Ratan, Sejal and others, how she will take care of the baby in her old age. Ratan asks her to seem at the baby and says she will take care of her as well, along with Anandi. She says Leela also will take care, being her Maasi. Sejal says even i’ll take care of her. Baa says you all will take care of her, but there are other expenses too, food, clothes, medicines expenses, and school fees etc. Prem ji and Khim ji asks her to work within the sarpanch office, or within the fields. Baa refuses to agree. Anandi starts crying. Ratan shows her colorful bangles and makes her quiet.

Khim ji plays with the baby and asks her to call him Baba. Ratan asks him to call her Maa. Just then Baa comes there and calls Ratan asking her to shop for bangles. they come out and see Baa having the bangles basket on her head, and also baby wrapped to her clothes. Khim ji asks Baa why she is selling bangles. She asks Ratan to take the bangles, as the start will happen nicely. Ratan buys bangles of Rs 50. Khim ji asks Baa to take 101 as the shagun. Baa takes it and gifts bangles for Anandi. Ratan asks Baa to leave Dingli to her and go to work. Khim ji also asks her to let her be with Anandi. Baa says baby is not her helplessness, but her responsibility. She goes to sell the bangles, while carrying the baby.

Later they do the puja together. Later Baa asks Ratan about the good mahurat. Ratan says yes, today is the auspicious day to marry. Baa says even today she got married on this day. Prem ji gets thinking. Khim ji asks Baa to take off today from her work. Baa refuses and says today she will have more business today. Prem ji asks Anandi to grow up soon. Sejal says she will grow up naturally and not if you asks her to. Prem ji waits for the day to take her home. Baa looks on and goes. Prem looks smiles looking at Anandi.

Later Leela asks Ratan to teach her to make food, like she has made, as Prem ji liked the food. They hear the band playing and come out. They see Premji sitting on the horse along with Jigar. Prem ji says he brought Jigar’s baraat for Anandi. He gets down and asks Ratan and Khimji to welcome them. Khimji asks now? Prem ji says yes, today is that the auspicious day for marriage. Khimji says you didn’t tell us anything and came suddenly, we are not ready. Ratan says we haven’t done any arrangements. Sejal says we have done all the arrangements. Khim ji asks them to let them give a chance to make all the arrangements. Prem ji says marriage will happen with all the rituals and says he will take Anandi bahu home. Baa stops seeing the baraat and asks what’s happening here. She asks Khim ji to say. Khimji says Prem ji brought Jigar’s baraat for Anandi. Baa asks Prem ji why is he playing with the children’s lives. She says let them grow up first then get them married. She says even law doesn’t agree to this. Prem ji says even your marriage happened on this day. Baa says it was old times. Prem ji says it’s a matter of both families and asks her to not interfere. He asks Khim ji to agree and says they will just do the marriage and will do the Gauna/bidaai later when she grows up. He asks Khim ji to agree. Khim ji recalls Prem ji’s swear for Anandi and says lets get her married. Ratan is surprised, looks at Khim ji and says yes. Khim ji says but Gauna will happen when the kids grow up. Prem ji agrees and hugs him. Sejal tells that they have brought all the stuff and asks Ratan to get Anandi ready and get ready too.

Prem ji goes to dance with baraat. Baa comes to Khim ji and says you’ll get your Anandi married, coming in your friend’s talk. Khim ji says what i might have done, he’s so stubborn. Baa asks who gave him right to interfere in others’ lives. Khim ji says my friend is a diamond. Baa says Anandi is a small girl. Khim ji says Prem ji has promised that the Gauna will happen later. Baa says she can’t stay here. Khim ji asks why you don’t want to attend the marriage. Baa says it’s a sin and prays to Maa Ashapura. She thinks this is a matter of small kids.

Ratan does the rituals to welcome Jigar. Prem ji asks Ratan to pull Jigar’s nose. He asks Jigar to get his nose pulled. Sejal asks Ratan to pull Prem ji’s nose instead. Prem ji says he’s ready to get his nose pulled for Anandi. Khim ji calls him Samdhi ji and asks him to come. Prem ji gets inside.

Pandit ji asks them to call the bride. Ratan brings the bride Anand. Leela does some ritual. Prem ji holds Jigar’s hand and makes him wear the garland. Khimji then makes him wear the garland on Anandi’s behalf. Pandit ji asks them to give the groom and bride’s hand in each othr hands. they give Anandi’s hand in jigar’s hands. Someone comes there and tells that Police has found out about the child marriage happening here and is coming here. Khim ji and Prem ji get shocked. Episode end.

Precap: Prem ji says who gave rights to police to interfere in their personal matters. He says they can’t leave marriage in middle. They continue the rituals during a running truck. the driver informs them that a police vehicle is coming.

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