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Episode start: Anandi reaches the house of Premji. As he goes and meets Baa, Premji tells Sejal to prepare for rituals. Premji crying to see the state of Baa. Ratan prepares Anandi as a bride. She puts Anandi on sindoor and even mangalsutra. Sejal asks Jigar to wake up and prepare himself. He feels lazy and says he should sleep more. Sejal tells about Anandi’s gauna. Jigar asks, but everybody said they were married that day. Sejal says his grandmother is very sick and she wants Anandi and Jigar to be married. She’s asking him to swear and do anything she says. In wedding attire, Anandi and Jigar dress up. As soon as Anandi sees Baa, she runs up to meet her, because of which Jigar’s knot opens up. She welcomes Baa and says she’s going to be okay soon. You go on to do rituals. While Anandi goes into the house in sindoor water, she continues to stumble because of her heavy lehenga. Sejal and Ratan are lifting it up to walk correctly.

In the next ritual, Jigar and Anandi are invited to throw flowers and one who finishes first wins. They begin with fun, but suddenly Jigar throws the flowers with a basket to hurt Anandi because she begins to cry. When Premji scolds him, Devali takes Jigar’s side. Ratan tries to make Anandi peaceful. Both Ratan and Khimji worry that Anandi with all the rituals is uncomfortable. But they’re going with it. Devali adds a ring to the milk and tells the house to govern whoever finds it. Jigar deliberately pinches Anandi while finding the ring. Jigar picks up a coin and thinks he has found a ring. Anandi finally finds the ring and Premji says she’s going to rule the house. In the next ritual, Jigar wins and Devali says he is the ruler who makes Jigar happy.

Sejal tells Devali to take Anandi to the aunt’s kitchen ritual. Doctor tells Baa to be admitted to hospital but she says that she wants to stay at home. Khimji later asked Premji to stop further rituals, which he could do later when Anandi grew up. In a few days he says he’s going to take her back. Devali makes a sweet dish in the kitchen and Sejal tells Anandi to touch it. She asks whether she can’t eat it. Devali tells her to offer it to God first, then to everyone in the family and to eat at the end. Anandi tries to cross her question, but Ratan says that she doesn’t talk like that. Sejal tells her home and she can eat as much as she wants, but first she ought to give it to Baa. Baa offers Anandi her heavy collar, making Devali jealous. She even taunts Sejal saying that Baa did not give it to her but Sejal says she is fortunate that she got it from her lawyer’s daughter. Premji shows her room to Anandi. She’s happy to see it. The episode ends with Ratan and Khimji concerned about the future of Anandi. Voiceover: Many times, even after an error has been made, no way is found to correct it. Child marriage is such an enormous error. Episode end

Precap: Anandi is asked to make an unrelenting diwa/candle. Ratan asks Khimji for such a little child and such a great punishment?

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