Balika Vadhu Season 2 12th August 2021 Written Update


Episode starts: Khim ji telling Prem ji that when the thorns get pierced in his foot, then it hurts him as his brother walks barefoot. He asks who does this. Prem ji says even I wanted a bahu. Khimji says your swear was selfless and asks him to end his swear now, as Anandi and Ratan are fine. He asks him to wear the shoes and makes him wear it. Prem ji laughs and says you got the right size for me. Khimji says I brought soft shoes too. Prem ji says I will go to Himalayas for bahu like you. Hitesh comes there and tells Prem ji that his loan is passed. Prem ji thanks Hitesh and gives the credit to Anandi for the good news. He says she has proved that she is Lakshmi for us. He says friendship is special as we chose it, and calls himself lucky. Khim ji says even I am lucky. They hug. Sejal and Ratan also hug. Jigar asks why are they hugging. Sejal says even we are friends and samdhans now. Prem ji says God has sent Bhagyalakshmi to my house. Leela comes to Baa and tells that she made sheera for her. Baa sees marks on her hand and asks what happened to her. Leela recalls her husband slapping her and tells Baa that she slipped and fell down. Baa asks really? Leela says why will I lie? Ratan comes there and tells that Anandi has become mischievous and is awake at night. Baa says we will remember this always. Ratan gives prasad to Baa and Leela. She asks about the marks on Leela’s hand. Leela makes an excuse. Baa understands as Leela says other lie to Ratan. Ratan goes. Baa tells that truth is always truth even after 50 years and says you told two stories for one thing. She says you lied to us. Leela says she has some work and goes home. Baa gets thinking.

Prem ji and Sejal sit to have food at Khimji’s house. Sejal asks Ratan, why they made so many preparations. Ratan asks how to make Anandi’s sasural have ordinary food. Sejal says then we shall have food here. Khim ji and Prem ji make each other have food. Jigar looks at them. Prem ji asks him not to put bad sight on them. Later Prem ji asks Anandi not to be a good cook else he will become fat. Sejal says everyone wants Anandi to be a good cook, but you want otherwise. Ratan says you didn’t have food properly. Prem ji says I had enough and that’s why sent Khimji to get Paan. He says he is playing with Anandi now. Jigar says you never plays with me. Prem ji says he will play with him. Jigar asks him to make him eat like he made kaka eat. Prem ji says he will feed him and tells that he is his Jigar and Khimji is his jigri dost (Dear friend). He says when we came to this village, we didn’t know anyone, then your Khim ji kaka helped us to start the business and get a house. He says we must have past birth relation and praises him. Khim ji asks him not to fool kids by telling half things and tells Jigar that his Papa has forgotten. He says your Papa is the epitome of friendship, I will tell if someone asks that he can give even his life for his friend. He says today I will tell you a story.

A fb is shown, Khim ji is locked in the burning factory and shouts for help. Ratan, Leela and others are standing far. Ratan pleads with the people there to save her husband. Khim ji faints and falls down. Prem ji comes there. Ratan asks him to save Khim ji. Prem ji assures her. He wears a shawl and runs inside. Ratan says what will I tell Sejal if something happens to Prem ji. Prem ji gets inside and sees Khim ji unconscious. A burning rod falls on Prem ji. He pushes it and brings Khim ji outside. Kumar brings water and sprinkle on Khim ji’s face. Ratan sees Prem ji’s back bleeding and gets shocked. Prem ji says he is fine and asks her not to worry. He asks him to take care of Khimji. Khim ji gains consciousness and looks at them. Ratan and Prem ji is relieved. Fb ends. Khimji tells Jigar that today he is alive because of his Papa. Prem ji asks him to stop praising him. Khim ji says I gave you this burning mark. Prem ji says people are jealous seeing this mark. Khim ji says I wouldn’t have become Sarpanch if you was not there. Prem ji gives the credit to Khim ji’s hard work. Sejal says both kids are sleeping. Prem ji says but Anandi is awake. He tells that Anandi came to fulfill our wish, but when we will become samdhi. Khim ji says even I wish the same. Prem ji asks him to call him samdhi once. Khim ji gets emotional and says samdhi ji. Anandi smiles. Prem ji says she is smiling. Sejal prays that their friendship shall not get any bad sight.

Baa comes to Leela and asks her to drink tea. She again sees marks on her hand and asks her to tell. Leela says she didn’t fall down this time. Baa says last time the marks on your other hand. Leela makes an excuse. Baa says I have the right to know everything and asks her to tell truth. Leela stays quiet. Baa asks if Pawar raised hand on you and asks how dare he? She says today I will not leave him. Leela says it happens between husband and wife, and tries to stop Baa. She says everyone compromise and even I am compromising. Baa is about to go, but Leela pleads infront of her not to tell anything to Pavan and not to tell anything to Khim ji Bhai too. Baa says this time, I am leaving you, but will not leave him next time.

Sarita comes there and calls Baa. Baa and Leela get happy seeing her. Sarita faints. Leela says we have to take her to Dr. Sharda. Baa asks Leela to ask someone to bring the car. Dr. Sharda asks Sarita to sit and says you brought her at the right time, else anything would have happen to her and the baby. She asks Sarita if she is having any vitamin or iron tablets. Sarita nods no. Dr. sharda says her delivery is due in 2 weeks, but she is not taking proper diet and medicines. Baa asks if Sarita can deliver the baby in weakness. Dr. Sharda says even I am worried and tells that even now everything can be normal. She says she will give her medicines and says if she rests and takes medicines on time, then she will be fine till delivery. She asks Leela to take medicine from Nurse. She tells Baa that she don’t want to scare her and tells that Sarita shall take proper diet and medicine, and take complete bed rest. She asks Sarita if she got her name written in any hospital. Sarita nods no.

Later Baa gets angry and tells that they have not taken care of you and didn’t give you proper diet and medicine. Sarita says if they have got enough dowry then they wouldn’t have done this. She says they treated me as Servant and tortured me. Baa calls Sarita’s husband and scolds him for sending her alone. Ashok’s mother scolds Baa for not giving enough dowry and tells that Sarita doesn’t do any work. She tells that if son is born then Ashok will come to take him. Episode End.

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