Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th September 2021 Written Update


Read Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th September 2021 Written Update: Ram Surprises Priya

Ram’s friends are gossiping about him. Twinkle arrives and confronts Vikrant. She walks away. Brinda says, “I guarantee Ram and Priya’s marriage will work.” Kunal stops Vikrant and says, “Come on, it’s time for performance.” They put on a show on stage. Ram ji…. plays… Wah Wah Ram ji…. Maitri spikes Mami’s drinks. Sandy gives Mami more food. Priya and her sisters appear on stage with them. Meera embraces Priya. Ram smiles as he watches the performance.

Sandy asks that Mami drink more. Ram approaches Meera and invites her to the dance. He performs Dil Deewana…. They perform a dance. Everyone, including Priya, is happy. Meera bestows blessings on him. He embraces her. Nandini believes Ram’s marriage will change everything; he is showing them respect and love as a result of this union. Ram notices Priya’s smile. Sid becomes inebriated. Rakhi tells Sid, have something, Akshay’s house is also small, but Shivi chose him, you’re good and handsome, but she chose Akki. His friends question why she left him, claiming that she had cheated him. Shivina’s loss, according to Rakhi. Sid says, “Forget it, it’s a pointless debate.” Rakhi says that Priya assisted her stupid brother in obtaining Shivina; if I were in your shoes, I would have taught them a big lesson; have pizza, enjoy. She walks away. Sid becomes enraged. Rakhi was concerned about you, according to Raj, so she told you this. Raj receives the dance video. He says, “Look at Shivina, she’s having fun in Sangeet; you need to do something.” Sid says I’ll see her, so come on over.

We’ll delete the video from Mami’s phone, according to Sandy. Okay, says Maitri. Mami says I have Priya’s video and must show it to her. She sits down and drinks some more. Maitri says you promised she’d leave, but she’s still talking. Sandy says we’ll bring her along. They bring Mami along. Vikrant and Twinkle perform a dance on Ainvayi lutgaya…. They are joined by everyone. Sid and Raj are on their way. Sandy puts Mami to sleep. She deletes the video and walks away. Sid and Raj arrive at the Kapoor mansion. Raj calls Rakhi and informs her that Sid is unable to walk. She asks that he call Shubham immediately. Priya notices Neeraj. Sandy cracks a joke on him.

She instructs Meera to speak with the Kapoors about the wedding hall. Meera visits Sandy. Ram says that someone told him that we should donate 20% of our earnings to help others. Priya remembers. Ram says, “I thought my company would have this rule, but I realized it’s not right to regard anything right without knowing anything,” so I thought of you. Shubham believes this is why we started the charity. Raj asks that Sid listen to him and not enter the room. Kunal enters the room to speak. Sid pushes Raj and walks away. The special guests are summoned by Ram. The kids who are partially disabled take the stage. Priya says they work for my NGO. Ram says that music has a lot of power that one should just feel; the kids will make us feel that, so welcome them. Priya, the girl says, used to say that love is pointless, but she, too, will fall in love. They sing Bade acche lagte hai while playing music. Ram is thinking of a smile right now, Priya.

Sid walks in. He becomes enraged when he sees Priya. Raj approaches Shubham and shows him Sid. Sid believes Priya must pay a high price. Shubham goes to confront Sid. Priya turns around and doesn’t see him. Ram says someone told him that if we have a lot, we should help others, right, Priya? Priya beams. Sandy and Sara think their jodi is lovely and unique. Episode end.

Precap: Nandini inquires if there is a problem. She says I’m afraid of this girl. Sid says I came to teach Priya a lesson. Priya is startled to see a racing car and exsays, “Sandy!”

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