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Ram is searching for Priya. Shashi summons Mahender and chastises him. He says you won’t get anything now, that I asked you to end this marriage, and that you should stay at home right now. Rakhi insists that I act immediately. Meera informs her that Priya will arrive in another taxi. Ram expresses his admiration for Mama Ji. He tells her to take care of Mami and that there should be no drama today. Mama tells Mami ji to go get some drinks, and then she’ll be out, no drama. Ram invites him to a drink. Twinkle is waiting for Priya. Sara dials her number. Twinkle says Priya hasn’t arrived yet, so say something. Priya returns home. Twinkle has arrived, according to her. Priya has informed me that my work is complete. Twinkle advises you to take care of your appearance. Priya says her mother wanted her to wear this but didn’t tell her. She is wearing the necklace. Twinkle inquires as to how you prepared to wear this. Priya says this so they don’t think I sold it.

Rakhi thinks two hours is a long time. Raj returns home with his friends. Sid thinks it’s a good spot. Mahender inquires as to what they are doing here. Rakhi says it’s fine. He inquires as to what you intend to do. Sid asks that Raj order pizza and beer. Rakhi says I instigated Neeraj on that particular day. Mahender grins. She says to wait an hour, Sid will be drunk, then Sangeet will be fun, we have to befriend the Kapoors, forget about the old boss, and this sangeet night will be the worst night of Ram and Priya’s lives. Priya arrives at the function. Meera says you’ve worn this necklace, and I’m overjoyed. Ram notices Priya and considers what he can do to make her happy. He approaches her and greets her. Shivi congratulates Priya. She says you two match, which is adorable. My sister, according to Akki, always looks the best. Ram believes I must make Priya smile. He says, “I’d like to talk to you.” Priya says, “I thought you came to praise me,” and that’s fine. He says I can praise you if you want, but you should keep laughing, and everyone should laugh, because if we all laugh, Shivi will smile. Brinda thinks you two are adorable together. Priya expresses gratitude, saying, “Brinda gave me this dress.” Ram confirms, “Brinda gave me this suit.” He introduces his pals. Priya already knows each other, according to Brinda, and these four are best friends because they are mad. Shivi notices Akki. Shubham inquires as to why you are seeing Priya, and whether you prefer Akki or Priya. Shivi says, “Shut up!” Akki won’t talk to me until Priya smiles, so I asked Ram to make her smile. Shubham inquires, “Does she smile?” “Where is your smile?” “I can adjust with your Sasural, Arunita, and Pawandeep are coming, it’s a surprise for you,” Shubham says. She says it’s a brilliant idea, and I’ll ask them to assist me in persuading Akki. Sandy thinks Ram and Priya’s jodi is hot. Neeraj becomes enraged. Sandy greets Nandini and inquires about her appearance. She wonders why everyone is advising Mami ji not to perform any drama today. Ram says he’d like to speak with you. Shubham appears and summons Ram. Ram departs.

Sara makes a joke about Priya getting a new sister, Brinda. Brinda inquires if everything is in order. I’ll see you on the dance floor, Sara says. Priya enters the room. She says Ram adores his family, but he isn’t in any family photos. Neeraj shows up. She says, “I’m waiting for Ram; we need to talk privately; please go.” He says, “Stop this idea, how long will you lie to yourself and everyone else that you forgot about me?” He knows you still love me. Neetu notices them and thinks they’re very dramatic. She keeps track of them. Don’t embarrass me or my sisters, says Priya. He says, “I know you still love me just by looking at me.” Yes, she says, I still love you. Neetu receives a call and departs. Priya says, “Happy now, you want to hear this, did you feel good, sorry, I don’t love you, don’t try to talk to me, if my sister gets hurt, then it won’t be good,” and she goes to see her sister. He walks away. She goes to put on a new pair of shoes. Ram notices her leaving. What will I do, he asks. Shivi sends him a message. She understands Sid’s message. She says that I will make you even more envious. Sara becomes irritated with Priya. The performers take the stage. Pawandeep and Arunita perform the song Bhangda taa sajda…. Akki and Shivi perform a dance. Ram’s friends join him on stage to dance.

Neetu obtains the video in order to show it to Mama Ji. Sandy notices this and tosses her phone. Neetu answers the phone and leaves. Sandy believes Priya will never tell this, so Mami recorded her. She goes to inform Maitri of Neeraj’s actions. Maitri inquires. Brinda says that the guy’s family will demonstrate how sangeet is performed. Maitri wonders why Neeraj did this. Sandy informs me that Mami has created a video, and she asks that you assist her immediately. Maitri responds, “Fine, I’ll help you.” Sandy says she’s heard Mami gets full out when she’s drunk. Meera inquires of Neeraj, “Are you all right?” He says yes, but is Priya pleased? Ram notices them. Neeraj says she can act, she didn’t forget about me, she cried for months when I left… why are you marrying her when there is nothing between them? Priya says that Neeraj always does something and that he is always forgiven for everything. Meera says, “Forget about it; everyone has moved on.” Who moved on, Neeraj asks, look at Priya, she’s with her best friend, where is Ram, I’m fine, Maitri is happy with me. Ram thinks Priya’s old choice is cheap; I need to do something to make him stop, because Priya deserves a smile. Episode end.

Precap: Ram performs a dance with Meera. Ram says that someone suggested that we donate a portion of our earnings. Priya beams.

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