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Read Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th September 2021 Written Update: Priya Is Asked To Sign A Contract

Meera crying. Meera crying. Ram comes and tells you I’ve had cold coffee, I take cold coffee, I feel calm, have it, you get a smile on your face. She says thank you. Thank you. He asks her to have it, not Priya’s error, even though he’s afraid of her. He says it’s equal if you’re angry and calm. She says you’re my son, she says she’s got my obligation to tell you, Priya talks bitterly, but her heart is clean, she’s heard lots of taunts in life, her heart is sore, it sometimes comes forth, she says she doesn’t care, but she tolerates a lot. He says we must teach her how to have cold coffee, taste, fat, cream and sugar in order to dissolve bitterness, I will keep cold coffee machines for Priya at home. He washes her tear. He washes her tear. She’s emotionally getting emotional. Priya remembers the words and screams of Ram. Sara always says that you’re strong, I’m not going to leave you alone, talk to me. Priya says wrong, everybody scolds mother, not father. Sara pacifies her. Sara pacifies her. Meera is coming. She says it’s all right, Ram fixed it all. She tells her all. She says you’re very fortunate. Priya says you behave like it’s all right. Meera says it’s all right. Priya asks how you are going to persuade them to keep marriage in the community hall. Meera says I’m going to speak to Ram. Mahender returns home and asks Raj to speak with a banker. You want me to lose the job, Raj says. Mahender says you’re clever like your mother. He goes. He goes. He says, if the marriage of Priya and Ram breaks, I have to tell Shashi to marry somebody else, people will blame me. Priya got a call. Priya got a call. I don’t want a credit card, she says. The man says I call the bakery from the bank. Argue Mahender and Rakhi. Mahender says I’m going to get my daughters married, we’re going to get rid of them. Rakhi says I’ve given you a son, you’re happy with me. He says listen to me, I agree but I have to settle my daughters. I can’t ruin their life. I break Ram and Priya’s marriage for the good of Raj; Shashi has promised to find somebody for Priya. He goes. He goes. Priya’s on the bank. She’s talking to the officer. She tells me that I have never failed in EMI, Mahender never pays. He says your internal affairs, he pays the EMI, three lakhs with penalty. She’s going and she thinks this system is for the wealthy, how can I say this to mum, I can’t say it at home, I must deal with it.

Ram asks for this agreement. Mama ji says her right. It says her right. Ram says you’re thinking her right mother. I don’t like it, if Priya and I get split, then she won’t get anything. Nandini says you want to make this relationship, but you’re asking them, I’m your mother, you are my duty. Shubham says they’re not our kind. Ram says I know that people can’t marry through conditions, I don’t find that right. Ram says I know people. Priya thinks I must think how this can be solved. She gets a call. She gets a call. The man says that we can give you a loan, do you have an obligation. She says yes. She says yes. Nandini says Priya’s lied to us, you saw Neeraj, her father’s play was different, I want to protect my family, I learn from you. I want to protect my family. Ram says I’m always going to protect my family. She says that for Shivi’s sake you are marrying a stranger. She’s my sister, Ram says. The stepsister says Shubham. Ram never says that. Ram never says that. Nandini also says our duty. If she has self-esteem, Shubham says she’s signing, if she’s divorcing, she’s going to take it all, you saw Vikrant and Twinkle’s case. The bank officer meets Mahender. The man says we told Priya that already. Mahender said that in two days she’s getting married, will she arrange for money, will she marry Ram Kapoor, will he be able to buy your bank, will clear dues, call him and ask.

Brinda says that the marriage won’t stay, you think. Ram says everyone wants me to sign, so all right, I just want to get her love from Shivi. She says Priya does this for Akki, which is why she is targeted. He says the truth was hidden. She says not everyone can tell their past, not everyone can tell them, how can she tell them, how can it take time to bond, and how odd Priya’s sister married her ex. Ram says yes, I’dn’t tell her that I marries Shivi with my ex-brother, I marry Shubham and mom. She tells them to refuse. Adi and Vikrant are coming. Come. Vikrant says don’t refuse, we received a bank call, they think that Ram is going to clear Priya’s loan. Adi says she was asking for alimony from Twinkle. Shubham asks why we’re going to pay her loan, nonsense. Ram thinks. Ram thinks.

I called them to college to get the loan, Priya says, don’t be worried. We can ask Ram to help us, Sandy says. Priya says no, he ought not to think we expect him to have money. Meera says Priya’s okay. Mahender is coming and asking Meera to keep shopping money. Priya doesn’t say need. I want to give. He says I want to give. Shubham and Mama ji are coming home. Meera says we’ve had a conversation with Ram and Nandini. Shubham says it’s a formality, so you can read it and sign it. Sandy says her prenup, contract of marriage. Akki and Mama are coming and looking at it. Meera’s wondering what. Priya says that it means that if Ram and I get divorced, I won’t have a right to food. Mahender says we’re not going to sign it. Shubham says we have come here to think you’re going to understand. Priya says you are calling my integrity into question. He says we don’t know you, we’re odds. Mahender says our daughter is called a thief. Akki says Priya is not going to sign any contract. This is necessary, Meera asks. Mama ji says her imperative for high-ranking families. We are middle class, Priya says, but not thieves. Then Shubham says to sign it, prove it, its simple contract, if a divorce happens you can’t ask anything. Priya says I’m not going to sign on. He says think well. He says think well. She says I’m not going to sign, you must think. Shubham is leaving Mama Ji. Priya goes to her room. Priya goes to her room. Mama says too much about it, who does that. Akki says I’m going to talk to Shivi, it doesn’t happen.

Precap: Ram is called by Priya to meet. Meera ousts and scolds Mahender. She asks Priya to sign the agreement. She says your father told the bank officer that Ram’s going to pay the loan. Priya asked him to break the marriage. Ram says Mama, I’m always going to be your son, with this marriage nothing will change.

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