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Read Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Ram And Priya Meet

Episode start: Priya said I’m not going to marry. Meera says I’m not going to be alive all life, your sisters are going to be busy, your dad’s a liar and fraud, but not everyone’s identical. Priya says that both of us have been cheated, I don’t have love faith and interest. Akki says if you don’t get married, nobody in this house will get married. Sandy says I’m not going to marry either. Priya says this has always been my stand. He tells me you did not meet Ram before, he’s a diamond, he said that he accepted me because I’m doing this for my sister, for his sister he’d do the same thing. Priya goes to her room, she goes to her room. She thinks of Ram, she thinks of him. She’s lying down. Ram thinks of her. Ram thinks of her. Shivi says Ram wanted me to marry Akki because I had… because I had… Shubham is laughing and says Ram is conservative, ready to get married to Tacky Aunty Priya, he’s got pictures of his dad and Vedika on either side of his bed.

Nandini is asking him to shut him up. Ram thinks I just loved Vedika, I don’t know how I’m going to persuade that girl. He gets the call of Priya. She says I want to meet you. I want to meet you. He’s asking why. For what our families want, she says. He asks you are ready to marry me. He asks. She says that I just want to get what Akki and Shivi want. He says love, right, all right, I’m going to come to pick you up. She says no, I’m going to see my ship, you send me the place. She ends calling and at the door everybody sees. She says stop, I saw all of you. They’re hugging her. Priya just says yes to a meeting, not to marriage. This marriage can’t happen, say Adi and Vikrant. Brinda asks your problem. What’s your problem? Adi says girls are a problem these days, not you. Adi says both of them told me. Brinda gets furious. Akki and Sara tell Maitri about Priya’s alliance. Maitri asks who has come up with the proposal. Twinkle’s best friend, they say. Maitri says I can’t hear it. I can’t hear it. Neeraj asks the call of whom it was. Maitri says he has an alliance with Priya. He says she’s not going to agree, she’s not moving on. Vikrant says Ram is going to chant the name of Vedika and marry Priya. Adi says we ought to tell Priya that Ram’s life already has somebody. Ram is coming and asking what’s going on. Adi asks why you said yes to marriage. Brinda says I’m on the side of Ram. Ram says thanks, I’m going to tell her what. Vikrant says that I’m going to assist you.

Adi tells her to ask if she knows cooking. Ram says that’s fair. That’s fair. Vikrant says good one, the girl is going to get angry and reject him. Honesty is the best policy, he says, tell her you love somebody else. Ram says right. Ram says right. Sara and Sandy show Priya the dresses. Priya asks that I am a display. Sara says that you don’t want to deck up efforts. Vikrant says she’s not going to get money. Ram’s wondering why. Adi says make sure that she marries you for money. Ram says so what, it’s not for love that marriage. Priya’s getting ready. Ready. Sandy is asking her to change. Sara says it’s got marks of detergent. Priya says no, I’m going to wear it. Adi says it’s not going to get nervous, it’s not going to be her. Ram is asking what. What? Vikrant says it’s going to be yes. Ram says yes. Ram says yes. Brinda says Adi got nothing for me, I’m going to complain to Ram. Nandini tells me that my best son Ram, all the best, is here. Thanks to her, Ram. Priya asks why you’re puja now. Meera says it’s going to be good if it happens according to my wish. Akki says I’m going to drop you. Priya is asking him to come. Brinda asks Ram not to stress himself. He leaves. He leaves.

Ram thinks how I will handle this situation on the first date. He’s expecting Priya. He says that, for fear, detox and acidity, I have three tablets. He takes the pills. He takes them. Priya is coming. Dil ki dhadkan, games… He stands. He stands. She doesn’t say it’s a buffet, we can sit down and order. He’s saying yes, and he’s sitting. He asks what you’re going to like. She says ghee upma. Ram asks we’re going to get it, make it here. We made the menu for you, the waiter says. Ram says it’s my regular meal. He asks you’re going to have a tablet. She says no thanks. No thanks. He says it was my usual one, I don’t know how to order less. She says yes, it’s healthy, let’s talk about it before you ask more useless questions, Akki is my cousin, but it’s more than my own brother. He says that I get it, I love Shivi very much, Shivi and Akki love each other, they have an intimate relationship. She says that I know, you can ask me anything that you want, that’s why I am here. The meal is served. Ram serves himself. Ram serves himself. She smiles at seeing him. She smiles. He asks you’ll have it. She says no. She says no. He says your idea is good, make food for you. She’s asking why, she’d like a cook or a wife. He tells me I’ve got cooks in my food, I like food, I like food. Everybody loves food, she says, you have to eat to live. He says when I’m nervous, I eat a lot, you eat a lot less. She’s not telling me I’m nervous. She’s eating upma.

After marriage, he asks you to work. She says yes, why not, if you work, you get independent. He says that I don’t have any problem. She asks why you were asking, rich people are open-minded. He’s just saying it was a generic question, I don’t know, you ask me these questions. She asks you to do charitable activities, everyone should donate money to help others. I can call Tarun and ask him, he says business is big. She says it’s all right. He says clearly: we are different persons, I asked my friends what they can tell you, frankly I have moved on from love, I am not marrying because I am a love or life partner, I am marrying because I am happier with Shivi, I believe that you are ready to marry for the happiness of your brother, we have something in common, we are happy by the happiness of others, you can live as you want.

Priya says I hate people who lie, I like you’re telling the truth. He says I’ve closed my doors, I do this for my family, you also say ‘yes’ if the happiness of your family matters to you, think about it. He’s wondering how it’s upma. She asks you’re going to try. He says yes. He says yes. He licks his fingers. He licks his fingers. He takes a spoon and likes to taste it. He says wow. He says wow. She smiles. She smiles. He asks you’re going to have paneer. She says no. She says no. He smiles. He smiles. She’s leaving. She’s going on the road. Ram is on the way. Ram is on the way. Tum raho chup…plays… Priya recalls the words of Mahender. She comes home. She comes home. Ram is coming to his office. Sandy sees him. Sandy sees him. Ram is grateful to the guard. Episode end.

Precap: Akki asks Priya to remember she can do or break stuff. I’m ready to marry Ram, Priya says. Meera smiles. Smiles. Shivi says she said yes, she said yes. Nandini said yes to Priya. Meera reports Priya’s roka to Mahender.

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