Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 24th September 2021 Written Update:Doppelgangers Seedhe And Tedhe Are Caught

The caterer asks Seedhe and Tedhe if he should bring ghevar. They say if he doesn’t, he won’t get paid. Caterer cheerfully takes notes. Shanti and Sakeena present Mirza and Mishra with new dresses and instruct them to get ready until they return from the beauty parlor. Seedhe and Tedhe on the terrace believe they should flee before anyone notices them. Noor apprehends them and claims Brij did not believe her when she told him there were two Zafar and Ramesh in the haveli, threatening to expose them. They push her away and flee. Noor collides with a wall and collapses unconscious. Seedhe and Tedhe try to flee through the back door when Sakeena and Shanti notice them and inquire as to where they are going. For shaving, they say. They ask if they are finished and if they should come back in for a celebration.

Dr. Kooda presents a gift to Seedhe and Tedhe and inquires about the food arrangement. They take him to the terrace. Mirza and Mishra notice Dr. Kooda and inquire if he has come for free food without a gift. Kooda claims to have given them a gift downstairs before returning upstairs. They say it’s fine if he didn’t bring a gift because he can have extra food. The journalist also gives Seedhe and Tedhea a gift and confuses Mirza and Mishra. Confusion persists.

Noor awakens and recalls seeing to Zafars and Rameshs. Bittu devours the ghevar, telling Mishra that it is very tasty and that he has already finished 5-6 plates. Mishra chastises the caterer for failing to remove the ghevar. Tedhe is informed by Noor that there are two Zafar and Ramesh in the haveli. Tedhe claims he is aware of the situation and has already contacted the authorities. He goes to the caterer and inquires about Ghevar’s whereabouts. Caterer experiences a panic attack and flees behind him. Guests flee in terror. Mirza Mishra and Seedhe Tedhe square off. All of the guests are perplexed. Shanti and Sakeena notice that there are two Mirza and Mishra at home. The saga continues. Bittu requests that Majnu and Ashiq find and arrest doppelgangers. Mirza and Mishra are played by Sedhe and Tedhe. Shanti asks about their wedding anniversary. Tedhe says today, September 24th. Mishra laughs and says that three months ago, on June 24, middle-class people celebrated their anniversary on a budget. Sakeena asks the same question, and Seedhe responds that it is today. She claims that it is three months later, and that they both chose a middle month and celebrated it today. To punish Seedhe and Tedhe, Ashiq and Majnu drag them away. Mirza Sakeena and Mishra Shanti celebrate their wedding anniversary by cutting cake. Episode end.

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