Apna Time Bhi Aayega 30th September 2021 Written Update


Read Apna Time Bhi Aayega 30th September 2021 Written Update: Rani Signs Divorce Papers

Rani is concerned about Veer. Vijaya asks, “Shanti, where are you?” Oh, she says, I fired them all. She casts a glance at Rani. Rani wishes Mausa ji luck in finding Veer. Mausa ji and Pinku are standing outside the establishment. Pinku wonders how we will tell Rani even if we find Veer. Rani is intelligent, according to Mausa ji. She informed us that we were unable to communicate while on call. She asked me to show a red cloth if Veer was found and a yellow cloth if we couldn’t. Rani goes outside to look for the cloth.

Rajeshwari is in charge of cleaning the house. She says Digvijay is also not present. My son has abandoned me. Why did you take a detour, Veer? She sobs. Vijaya steps on the floor, making it dirty once more. Rani is enraged. Rajeshwari cleans it once more. Vijaya is served tea by Rajmata. She spits it out and declares, “I don’t drink tea without elaichi.” Make it once more. Rani sobs. Rajeshwari mop the floor. Vijaya steps on her foot and says, “I can’t apologize.” You work as a servant. You’re aware of how servants are treated. You used to say something similar.

Rani enters her room and begins to write. Veer is still alive, but only for as long as I continue to treat you horribly. Vijaya has told me that if I don’t do this, Sooraj will murder Veer. She pulls out a letter. Rani throws the paper to the ground. She says, “It’s clean from here.” Rajeshwari is on her way out. Rani gestures to the paper and says, “Clean it.” Rajeshwari stomps on it with her foot. She says it’s clean. Rani advises that you double-check everything. You will see something. Rajeshwari advises that you clean yourself. According to Vijaya, you burned her. Obtain Vikram’s report. Rani tries to select a letter. Vijaya advises you to move quickly. Rani abandons the letter.

Vijaya calls Sooraj and asks how he is. Sooraj says he tries to be angry at me. Vijaya says that he informed you of the next plan. Rani searches for the paper. It’s close to Vijaya’s feet. She attempts to pick it up. What are you doing here, asks Vijaya? She says she’s checking to see if everything is clean. Vijaya departs. The piece of paper is stuck in her slipper.

Sooraj plays a video of the Rajawats as servants. Sooraj says they are having the worst time of their lives. Tell me where I can find the papers. Veer says he’d like to meet his family once. If they’re all fine, I’ll tell them where the papers are. Rani follows Vijaya. She tumbles, and the letter lands near Vikram. Rani encourages him to choose it. Vikram is reading it. He is taken aback. He says that his brother is still alive? I should tell my mother. Rani is being coerced into doing all of this. Vijaya is chosen by Rani.

Vikram separates Rajeshwari and Rajmata. Vikram informs them that Veer is still alive. Sooraj, he says, has detained Veer. Rani is being coerced into doing all of this. Rajeshwari sobs and declares, “My son is alive.” Rajmata expresses gratitude to God. Take a look at Rajeshwari. Rani was the one we were blaming. She’s being pushed. Rajeshwari insists that we save Veer. His life is in jeopardy.

Sooraj invites Rani into the room. Vijaya says you must sign these papers or I will administer Veer’s dose to you as well. What papers, asks Rani? Sooraj says he has divorce papers. Rani is taken aback. Sooraj confirms your divorce from Veer. If you do not sign, I will murder Veer. When he dies, what will those papers mean? I am willing to go to any length for you. It’s time for you to show what you’re capable of doing for Veer. Rani says that I am unable to sign them. Veer is my favorite character. Sooraj asks, “Why don’t you?” I’ll turn you into a queen. I will give you money as well as my love. Vijaya predicts that you will become a queen. You are my son’s demand. This, according to Rani, cannot happen. Sooraj summons his men and orders them to shoot Veer’s other foot as well. Rani says, “No, thank you.” I will sign. Rani is the one who signs the papers. Sooraj congratulates you on your divorce. He informs Maa that your son is getting married soon. I’ll get this registered in a few days. Vikram enters and says, “I need your help.” Mom experienced a setback. Rani follows him. Sooraj says it’s time to get Veer’s signatures. Episode end.

Precap: Sooraj makes Veer thumb through divorce papers. Veer collides with him. His men retaliated. He’s dead, according to the goon. Rani says a prayer for Veer.

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