Apna Time Bhi Aayega 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Apna Time Bhi Aayega 24th September 2021 Written Update: Rajeshwari Scares Vijaya

Rani sobs and explains what has happened. She sobs. What are you doing here, asks Vijaya? She says they were old friends. Have you become emotional? Rani agrees. A woman says that her mother-in-law recently died and that she has revealed her true colors. What kind of daughter-in-law is she? Vijaya asks, “What DIL is she on about?” Rani has something to say about Veer’s wife. She isn’t even present. So much transpired. Vijaya covers Rajeshwaru’s face with a cloth and tells him that no one egoistic like you will be born again. Thank you for your time. Rajmata sobs. Veer and Vikram act as if they are crying. Rajeshwari says that this sheet is filthy.

Vijaya inquires of Kajri, “Why do I feel like I’ve seen you before?” Rani expresses her hope that she has not recognized Saloni. Rani says that her appearance is typical. Let’s get started. Veer says, “Mausi sa I can come back to work after the funeral.” She says you can take money as well, and I’ll deduct it from your pay. She walks away with Rani. Vijaya says that he came here to have fun after seeing Rajeshwari’s condition. I’m feeling depleted right now. Who am I going to fight now? Let’s get started. Rani suggests that you wait and see what happens next.

Rani is fast asleep. Vijaya awakens and inquires as to who turned off the air conditioning. She turns on the light, but it does not illuminate. Someone applauds. Who is it, according to Vijaya? Come right up to me. I’m going to cut you up. The lights begin to flash. Vijaya introduces himself. What is going on? She screams when she sees Rajeshwari in the mirror. Vijaya yells Sooraj, please help me. Rani and Sooraj arrive. Rani asks, “Why are you yelling?” Rajeshwari, she says, was present. Rajeshwari is hiding behind the closed door. But, as Sooraj points out, she died, right? Rani says that no one is present. Vijaya says, “I told you she was here.” Rani believes you are in a state of shock. Vijaya assures me that I am not insane. She has arrived. Sooraj asks, “Who is here?” Come on out. Rani believes that if you saw it, it was most likely a ghost. Vijaya is terrified. Sooraj says that I am not afraid of ghosts. Come on out. Who is making fun of my mother? He declares, “Maa, no one is here.” It’s your skepticism.

Vijaya is touched by Rani. She yells. Don’t give me a heart attack, says Vijaya. Was she wearing the same saree as Rani? Vijaya asks, “Why?” I’m saying she’s arrived. She says I won’t be able to sleep here. Sooraj, may I sleep in your room? Yes, come maa, he says. They walk away. Rajeshwari says it’s a lot of fun to see Vijaya scared. She runs into a vase. Sooraj and Vijaya come to a halt. Sooraj is terrified. Vijaya instructs you to enter and investigate. Rani says that there is someone in the kitchen. Vijaya mentions a ghost? Sooraj says there isn’t such a thing. Let me double-check. He leaves. Rajeshwari slips away from there. Sooraj informs Maa that no one is present. It’s entirely up to you. Come on, let’s sleep.

Rajeshwari enters Shanti’s room. She invites Rani sa to sit. Should I buy you some green tea? She provides her with water. Rajeshwari recalls insulting them in the past. She pours her tea. Rajeshwari expresses gratitude to Shanti. Even if you don’t have any money, you are loyal to me. Veer compliments Rani sa on her performance. She says it was amusing to see her terrified. Rani says to be shivering. I don’t believe she’d be able to sleep. What is the plan, asks Rajeshwari? Veer says that we will keep her scared until we get everything back. Rani says that her fear will drive her to do it.

Rajeshwari has trouble sleeping at night. No one is there, says Sooraj. You should go to bed. Vijaya says he saw Mithu. She was frightening me. Rani also noticed her. Sooraj says you forced her to see it. Maintain your fortitude. Keep the lights turned off, according to Vijaya. He wishes you a good night, ma. He is dozing off. Vijaya is terrified.

Rani hands Rajeshwari a blue saree and announces that it is time for round 2. Vijaya is fast asleep. She notices someone walking. She notices smoke entering her room. Vijaya explains what is going on here. She believes Sooraj was correct. I should confront my apprehension. Vijaya assures me that I will be fine. Rajeshwari is powerless. She pushes open the door. Rajeshawri notices Rani’s back and recognizes Radhika. What are you doing here at this hour, she asks? Rani’s face appears backwards to her. RAni’s eyes are bright red. Vijaya inquires, “Who are you?” Mithu, she says. All of this is meaningless to me. I have in a distant land. But I’ll bring you to me and exact my vengeance. Vijaya cries and screams. Rajeshwari steps in to take Rani’s place. Vijaya yells. She says that your sins are forgiven. Nobody can help you right now. Episode end.

Recap: Rani frightens Vijaya. Veer enters the house disguised as a tantrik baba.

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