Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Veer Becomes Vijaya’s Servant

Vijaya hands Veer a list and instructs him to prepare everything for dinner tonight. Rani asks that Sooraj accompany her. Sooraj says I’ll cook dinner tonight. What does Vijaya say? He says it’s for you, maa. Rani chuckles.

Sooraj begins to cook. Rani says to add the masala, and I’ll cut the vegetables. He cooks alongside Rani. Rani makes him do all of the work and cuts at a slow pace. Rani chuckles. Sooraj brings the food to the table and says, “Maa, come.” Vijaya questions why you had to cook. You should’ve made Rajawat work. Sooraj claims that I prepared a meal for you. Radhika assisted me. Rani claims that he did everything. Vijaya says you adore your mother. It appears to be burned. What exactly is this, asks Vijaya? He claims that it tastes good. She takes a bite and asks, “What kind of food is that?” Is it bad, according to Sooraj? No, Vijaya says, it’s so good. Love-filled. She sips water with each bite.

Veer asks Rani, “Did you do all of this?” He couldn’t possibly mess with my husband, she says. Veer beams. Rani says that if you don’t smile, it means you’ve forgiven me. He says for a while. Rani claims you’re laughing. Eat more, advises Rani. Veer laughs. I’m full, according to Vijaya. Rani informs us that we must now obtain her signature on the paperwork.

Vijaya continues to drink water. Rani approaches her and says, “This halwa I made for you.” Vijaya eats it and expresses gratitude. I’m in a great mood. When should the meeting for that land be scheduled, according to Rani? I don’t want that land right now, according to Vijaya. But you really liked it, according to RAni. Vijaya claims I bought it to annoy Rajeshwari. Her son, on the other hand, is now my servant. What else could possibly hurt her more? So you should cancel that deal. There’s no need for it right now. Tell Saloni as well.

Vikram dials Veer’s number and asks, “Bro, where are you?” Please return home. Mom is suffering from a heart attack. I’m coming, says Veer. Veer dashes away. Where are you going, according to Vijaya? Veer claims Rani sa suffered a heart attack. I have to leave. Rani is taken aback. She also sneaks out. Vijaya claims that one trailer caused you to have a heart attack.

Veer returns home. Rajeshwari has passed out. Veer sobs and says, “Rani sa.” Rani asks, “How did all of this happen?” Why didn’t you go to the doctor? Rajeshwari stands up. Everyone is taken aback. Veer asks, “What is this?” Rajeshwari says, “Don’t act as if you don’t understand why I did this.” She plays the video of him cleaning and mopping Vijaya’s house for her.

Vijaya stated that Rajeshwari’s son is now my servant. She should be able to see it. She forwarded the video to Rajeshawri. What is all of this, asks Rajeshwari? Do you have a justification? Rani claims to be Rani sa.. Rajeshwari advises you to put a stop to it. You’ve grown to like her as a result of your interactions with her. You’ve brought her down a notch. You were made Vijaya’s servant. You didn’t even inform anyone? Rajmata claims he informed me. He’s doing all of this for our family with Rani. Rani’s safety is jeopardized if she goes there alone. As a result, Veer is there to protect her. Rajeshawri says, “First it was Rani, then it was Veer, and now it’s you.” What’s going on in this house.

Vijaya is already on her way. She says, “I know you’re shocked.” I’ll be there to see it. Veer claims it is entirely my fault, not Rani’s. Rajeshwari claims you thought you were fooling her, but she is the one fooling you. She’s using you to put me down. Rani did it, and now it’s your turn. Rani claims there was no other option. Please let us know if you have a better solution. Are you satisfied with our current situation? Don’t you want to reclaim your home? We must take action to reclaim everything. My methods may differ, but my intentions do not. Vikram believes Rani is correct. We require the return of our belongings. Regardless of how. Rajmata insists that we all be together. Vijaya enters the room. Rajeshwari says, “Everyone is together now, and I’m back on one side, so do whatever you want.”

The lights go out. She screams and exclaims, “Ghost!” It’s me, according to Rani. What a moron, says Rajeshwari. Get a candle, advises Rani. Veer says you asked me what we could do. I have a suggestion for you. Vijaya steps forward. She inquires as to which of the two is Rajeshwari’s residence. What a brilliant idea, says Rani. You’ve begun to think like me. Rajeshawri claims that I will never do it. Mom, please, says Vikram. It will make our mission easier. Rajeshawri believes you’ve all gone insane. Rani claims that Rani sa has given up. It’s all right. Vijaya emerges from the house. Vikram claims that getting everything back was not Mom’s wish.

Vijaya enters and declares, “See what I’ve done to you all.” Rani takes cover behind Veer. Rajeshwari feigns fainting. Vijaya declares, “Here she is.” Vikram and Veer act as if they are crying. Vikram wonders, “Who will love us now, Mom?” Veer claims to have had a heart attack. She had abandoned us. Veer acts as if he’s crying. Why did you die, asks Vijaya. I had to insult you and have a good time. Rajeshwari says in her heart, “If I wasn’t pretending, I’d tell you.” Rani declares that she is about to sneeze. Episode end.

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