Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20th September 2021 Written Update


Read Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20th September 2021 Written Update: Everyone Finds Out The Truth

The lawyer tells Vijaya something. She tells me to check the papers, I’ll decide whether or not I want to buy. The lawyer says that documents are okay. Rani says it’s going to be your best deal. Vijaya’s telling me to give me the pen. Sign it, Rani says yes. The mahorate is gone. Kamlesh enters and pours out water. Vijaya stands up and stands up. Sorry, he says. He substitutes for the paper. Rani tells Vijaya to relax. We have to show their value to Rajeshwari and her children. Vijaya says you are right. You are right. She’s about to sign. She’s about to sign. Rajeshwari is coming and telling us that’s what you think? With her are Veer and Vikram. Vijaya stops. Vijaya stops. Rani’s outraged.

Vijaya says she is right. She’s right. Rani tells Rani that he is sa. Rajeshwari says thank goodness that our eyes have opened and we have seen your reality. Vijaya says you are right. You are right. That’s your value. I’m so glad to see you like that. I don’t talk to you, Rajeshwari says. Rani says you’re wrong with me. She just helped me, Vijaya says, rest’s my game. Rajeshwari says she has broken our confidence. Does Vijaya say confidence? How does she relate to you, how emotional are you? She’s our unfortunate destiny, Rajeshwari says. Kajri puts a fire alarm in the fire. It’s blaring, everybody’s running out.

Veer looks at Rani. He looks at Rani. Rani says you know I’m never going to break your trust in your heart. Veer says why Rani in heart? She says for family. For family. Kajri says we’re going to go. Everyone runs out. Everyone runs out.

The 2nd scene

Rani comes home. Rani comes home. She tells me that I know all of you have questions. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I could explain. I can explain. That’s what we’re waiting to hear, Rajeshwari says. Sit down and tell us why you’ve been fooling us. Rani says no you’re wrong with me. Rajeshwair says you’ve shown people that you don’t deserve love and confidence. Rajmata’s telling Rani Against Rajeshwari, I have always trusted and loved you. What you’ve done isn’t correct. You shook Vijaya’s hands? You have gone against us? She took it all from us. She took the hospital of Veer. Please let me explain, Rani says. Vikram tells her bhabhi I’ve always trusted you, but did you go to the Vijaya? She only cared about money, Rajeshwari says. So long as we had all you were doing drama and you are doing the same thing for Vijaya now? She betrayed us for money in a moment. Rani says Rani sa, please. Let me explain. Let me explain. I’m not going to come here to answer anyone if I did all this for money. I’m going to explain it all, I need to talk to Veer.

Rajeshwari says that if there’s a tear in the eyes of my son, you’re going to suffer a lot. Mausa ji once says let hr explain. She’s not wrong. She’s not wrong. Rajeshwari says that you have to be too right with her in this plan. She’s too right for your guy. You broke our confidence. I don’t know where Veer is. I don’t know where Veer is. He must be hurt so much. Where are you Veer, Rani says heart? You’re not going to ask me like everybody? Rani calls veer. Rani calls veer. She wonders where he might be.

Scene three

Jai checks his baggage and says where’s my baggage? Champa, Nandini.. Where are both of you? He sees the wardrobe open. He finds money in the closet of Nandini. Jai is telling Nandini.. She comes and tells us why you’re screaming? You thief, he says. Where is my money? Where is my money? You stole my wallet from it. Nandini tells me why I’d steal. Champa looks in and says that’s going to be fun. I found this in your closet, Jai says. You’re sending it to your parents? I wish I could help them, she says. I can’t even go telling them that by marrying you I have made a mistake. He says Champa is on one side and you thief are there. He leaves. He leaves. Champa laughs. Champa laughs.

Scenes 4 4

Rani calls veer. Rani calls veer. He hits a hammer on a stone. What are you doing, Rani says? You’re not going to talk to me? Please ask me everything I’m going to tell you all. Listen, please. He stops. He stops. That’s not going to let your anger out, Rani says. Question me, I’m going to tell all of you. What should I ask, he says? You’re going to say you’ve done everything for me and my family? Rani says I’m going to tell you all. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you. When does he say? When all was over? What a plan. What a plan. Do what you want. Do what you want. Instead, I should punish myself. Rani says you’re wrong with me. He says this is my error. Something remains in my love. You hid it all from me. I said I’m going to be with you. Rani shouts and says stop, please. Look at the leaves. Rani shouts.

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