Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Vijya Throttles Rani

Episode start: Shanti gives Veer drive. He asks what’s happening? She’s going to get vegetables, she says. Veer says that I’m going to come with you. Why does she say? Why? VEER tells me I’ve got nothing to do. Why did you do this Champa, Jai says? But byo was okay. He’s making her wear bracelets. What are you doing, Nandini says? He says don’t yell. Don’t yell. I am free now. I am free now. You can’t stop me. You can’t stop me. She remembered Rani and Veer stopped her. My brother is right, Nandini says. Rani’s right, but I haven’t heard anybody. You’re scornful. I trusted you, and that’s what you do. Champa says he’s going to leave him. Nandini slaps her. Slaps her. Jai says Champa you’re all right? He holds her. He holds her. Nandini shouts.

Veer and Rani are coming to the market. He says why they’re yelling? She says customers are calling. Veer cannot decide. Veer cannot decide. He says I don’t like this. I don’t like it. Rani’s going to get ll vegetables. Rani says we go. Rani says we go. Rani says Radhika ji, sooraj sees Rani adn. What did she do with him, he says? Veer tells Rani to see how vegetables are bought. Rajmata says come in, Rajmata says. Vikram says everybody in the pooja should be called. Rajmata says yes to inviting the neighbours. Rani says I’m going to solve it for you in heart. Rani dreams she’ll clean the floors of Sooraj. You asked Rajeshwari to invite everyone to Rani. How are you going to manage it? Rani says I’m going to be.

Sooraj locks himself, he locks himself. Vijya shouts and says open the door, please. Tell me what happened. Tell me what happened. Rani is coming. Vijya throttles her and says that everything happened for you. Rani says what happened? What happened? My son saw you with that Veer, Vijya says. You have been with my enemy. What is the game you’re playing? Rani coughs. Rani coughs. Sooraj says leave her maa. Leave her maa. Sooraj tells me that my heart knows that you can do nothing wrong. Rani says Veer. I hit him. I hit him. He had vegetables to buy. He knew not how to negotiate. I’ve only been helping him. She cries and says that I didn’t know you were wrong to do that to me. Sooraj says I’ve got you wrong, it’s mymistake. Rani says I can no longer teach here. Find another tutor. Find another tutor. She leaves. She leaves.

Vijya stops Rani and says that I made an error. Why create such a great drama. I just asked a question. Rani says thank God in heart. Vijya doesn’t break my confidence, he says. Never meet that or any of your family’s Rajawat. Now do your job. Nandini shouts and remembers what Jai did. Nandini says it’s all over. Everyone stopped me from getting Jai married. Everyone told me he was awful. Why did I trust him. Why did I trust him? She remembers Rani and Veer stopping her. Nandini is reminded of his threat. I can’t stay here anymore, Nandini says.

Rani’s calling Can you hear me chacha ji? I said that I don’t want to talk about Rani sa. I’m afraid. Even though it’s important to her. What are you hiding, Rajeshwari says? She tells me that I’ve been talking to my uncle. I don’t want you to get mad. I don’t want you to get mad. Even if I have everything to hide. What does Vijya say? She says the land I talked about with you. Rajeshwari wanted it to be purchased. I told him that you want it, but I know what you think of me after what happened. I was worried about making you profit but I think Rajeshwari’s going to get this country. Does Vijya say that? Show me the land. Show me the land. Something special about this country. Why is Rajeshwari trying to purchase it? Episode end.

Precap: Rani tries to sell Vijya’s land, saying that it will strengthen her name and status. A servant, Rajesh, sees Rani and says he wants to thank her, he gets back his work. Vijya looks angrily at Rani. Rani is trying to talk, but Vijay is telling her to shut up.

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