Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th September 2021 Written Update


Read Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Rani Lies To Veer

Episode star: Rani says I need to leave Sooraj. She’s going to get a rickshaw. Outside, Veer sees her. He remembers that she had to finish her project. Veer is calling Rani and asking where are you? She says I’m in the vicinity. Veer says that I have to find out what hides.

Mausa ji and Kajri left. Rajmata is staying until Rani is coming. He says that our bus is going to miss. Rajmata says we ought to try to stop Vikram. Vikram says that Mausa ji is staying, please. We’re going to miss you. He pretends to weep. He pretends. Rajeshwari is snowing. Mausa says all right, so I don’t leave. Rajeshwari’s insane.

Why do you force me to stay here when you don’t love me, Nandini says? He says I have to take revenge on Rani’s insult to me. Nandini shouts and says why do you do Jai? He haven’t been like that. She remembers her marriage and shouts. I’m going to wake up your love, Nandini says. I’m not going to let my marriage ruin. I’m going to win back my husband.

In the house, Rani sneaks. Veer is coming. Rani’s telling you to look tired. Where is everyone? Where is everyone? He’s telling me what you’re hiding? Rani says what’s going to be? He says that you promised that between us there would be no secrets. What troubles you. What troubles you. Your eyes tell you something is hiding. Tell me. Tell me. It is my right to know. My right to know. Rani says yes, I hide something but I hide something for this family. From the beginning, she tells him everything. Veer’s outraged. Rani says that I know you didn’t ask me, but for our mission this was important and get what is ours. Veer says I didn’t tell you to.

Sooraj comes and Radhika ji what do you do to him? I was following you, sorry. He’s holding her hand and saying let’s go. Veer hits him and tells him how you dare to touch my wife. Veer throttles him. Veer throttles him. Rani says please leave him. He’s going to die. Sooraj stabs him. He stabs him. Rani yells. Rani yells. She imagined it. Tell me what are you hiding, Veer says? Rani says that I took a friend’s help to get everything back from Vijya. I don’t like to hide things, but I had to do something to get the happiness of my family back. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. He says it’s all right. You told me it all. I’m sorry to question you. I’m sorry. We are friends of each other’s. I’m going to help you both. Rani says the danger will increase. For now, I’m handling things. Rani hugs Veer. Rani hugs. I can’t tell him, Rani says.

Sooraj’s thinking of Radhika. Vijya’s telling you to look happy. My heart is sold, he says. I like that girl too, Vijya says. She’s trustworthy. He says she’s just as pretty as a queen. I’m going to make her forever mine.

Nandini recalls what Jai said and did the next morning. Jai comes there. Jai comes there. He drinks. He drinks. Nandini tells you to drink? He says you would like to join? She tells me I’m not drinking. Yeah, he says you drink only blood. Chamoa comes in like Nandini’s dressed there. Nandini says how daring you are to touch my jewellery and saree. Jai drinks Champa and how do I look? How do I look? He says mazing. He says mazing. You’re my servant, Nandini says. And you Jai.. He says shut up. He says shut up. I want her out of my house, Nandini says. I can’t tolerate it. I can’t tolerate it.

I don’t know if I’m right or wrong, Rani says. Help me MataRani, please. Shanti and Vikaas are coming. Shanti tells us that we got out of work. Thank you. Thank you. Rani says don’t thank me. Don’t thank me. Thank you Go. Thank you. Rani says the true family is going to return too. Rani says I need your assistance. Shanti says I’m with you all the time. She gives a drive and Vijay says she gave that and she said that’s going to help you. Thank you, Rani says. Episode end.

Precap: Rani shokes Vijya and tells her that Sooraj has seen her and Veer. What is she planning with her enemies against them?

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