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Anupama Today Episode Written Online

Annual day feature starts offevolved. Host introduces these days leader visitors and judges for opposition. She then describes the cost of teachers in a student’s life and nowadays’s dance opposition is based totally on a trainer-student theme. Anu hiding in pakhi-kavya’s green room thinks pakhi will create a big drama if she reveals her right here. Pakhi hopes her own family is right here at the same time as she plays. Kavya says her mom will now not allow her family watch her performance and he or she has neve visible a mother hating her daughter so much. Host pronounces anu and her college students’ performance in 2 minutes. Samar searches anu, realizes anu should be in pakhi’s room, rushes there, and diverts pakhi-kavya’s interest announcing their make-up is simply too loud and arguing with them. Anu silently walks away. Samar also walks away after that. Kavya says samar had come to divert pakhi’s attention. Samar walks in the back of anu and scolds her concern for her ungrateful daughter, etc. She says she is very worried for her overall performance as baa, bapuji, toshu, kinjal are missing and he or she will pass over their encouragement. Samar says their fine wishes are together with her and she or he have to carry out fearlessly. She cheers up. As soon as he leaves, kavya walks to her and attempts to demoralize her announcing she shouldn’t make any mistake and emerge as a shaggy dog story on degree and in flip make pakhi embarrassed in her college due to her mummy, and so forth.

Samar and nandini go back and take anu on stage. Pakhi doesn’t observe her own family among audiences and feels disillusioned. Kavya blames anu again for that. Pakhi asks why mummy isn’t always appearing. Kavya says that’s what takes place with undeserved people, they freeze no level. Samar and nandin encourage anu to begin her performance. Anu eagerly appears at target market. Bapuji with own family enters and needs her all the nice. Anu rejoices and begins overall performance with students on gunja sa hai ek tara.. Music. Samar says even a mother needs her dad and mom. Nandini says a baby in no way grows up. Pakhi receives satisfied seeing her circle of relatives. Kavya taunts she need not fear as they’ve come for anu and now not her. All and sundry experience anu’s overall performance and clap for her. Again stage, samar and nandini congratulate her. She says she became frightened, however bapuji’s came and advocated her. Samar jokes. Host declares next competitor’s overall performance.

Shah family sits at again bench. Baa asks why don’t they sit down in the front row. Bapuji says its for instructors and chief visitors. Mamaji jokes. Bapuji hopes god offers suitable sense of right and wrong to pakhi and she stops misbehaving together with her mom and asks baa to explain pakhi. Baa says even god doesn’t intrude among a mother and child. Mamaji continues his jokes. Kinjal hopes pakhi plays nicely. Samar and nandini cheer up anu’s college students, and that they go to exchange to observe subsequent performances. Anu returns remembering pakhi’s caution. Nandini says she will go and test pakhi. Anu stops her and says baa and bapuji got here to encourage her, however she doesn’t need pakhi to be discouraged by using her and therefore she will depart before pakhi sees her. She leaves and notices pakhi status and asks how become her overall performance. Pakhi says it became excellent. Kavya hopes mom and daughter don’t patch up. Pakhi asks anu to leave before she performs. Anu receives greater sad.

Precap: host pronounces pakhi and kavya’s performance. Pakhi searches kavya and reveals her missing.

Update credit to: Nimra

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