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Read Anupama 28th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Kinjal Confronts Rakhi

Episode Start: Bapuji picks Anupama’s nameplate and exchanges it with Rakhi’s nameplate and tells Rakhi that house is mortgaged and not sold yet and if they fail to repay her loan, he himself will fix the nameplate. She snatches nameplate from him saying she would do this herself and getting into car thinks this house snatched her daughter from her, she will forced them so much that Anu herself will bring Kinjal to her. Driver moves car but brakes suddenly. Rakhi shouts but then gets out of car seeing Kinjal standing and asks her if she is fine. Kinjal says much happened till today and she used to keep quiet thinking her mom is fun loving, but she crossed her limits and tried to burn her house; every girl wants her maika and sasural nearby so that she doesn’t have to run around, but she brought her maika in her sasural and humiliated her. Rakhi says Anu sought help from her and she lent her help. Kinjal says mummy came to her thinking her as dear one, but she demanded property papers and made even hear a stranger. Rakhi says whatever she did is for her. Kinjal says she wants her to shift from her family, but neither she will nor she will let Toshu shift and will stay on road but not in Rakhi’s penthouse. Rakhi asks why she is so fond of family, what did it give her. Rakhi says her problem is she finds profit and loss in everything, even a best businessman will lose if he/she brings business in family, and if she continues this, she will lose her daughter forever. Rakhi thinks she is doing all this for her and all her words sounds good theoretically but not practically; once she has to stay on road or pay rent, she will run to her and seek penthouse keys.

Sanjay sees Dolly angry and asks what happened. Dolly asks if she is not this house’s maika and why her family is treating her like a stranger; she considered bhabhi as her sister, but she considered her a stranger and didn’t even call her once. Sanjay signals Bapuji hearing their conversation. Vanraj packs his clothes and asks Kavya to pack her clothes too as they are shifting. Kavya says if he leaves, Anu will sell even his property share and will send his parents and children on road. Kinjal stands sadly on terrace. Samar walks to her and says he couldn’t hear her and her mother’s conversation but understood that a damad/SIL will always be a SIL, but a DIL will become daughter easily and accept the family, he feels proud that Kinjal became like mummy and is completely accepted the family. Bapuji apologizes Dolly for not talking to her before mortgaging the house as even she has a share in this house. Dolly says she is not fighting for brick and mortar, but to be part of their family and share their happiness and sorrows; they didn’t even share their problems with her, she wants to hug and console mummy and support bhabhi. Vanraj asks Kavya how can Anu sell his property share. She says Anu will convince Bapuji easily and will let his parents and children on road, then they would be on road selling momos, if his ego is bigger than his family.

Samar tells Kinjal that he doesn’t know house politics, but seeing daily soaps with Baa, he understood that saas bahu are always at war, but she and mummy changed whole grammar. Kinjal says every girl wishes she doesn’t have to choose between her parents and in-laws, she had a perfect life with perfect childhood, perfect love marriage, and didn’t even get weight or pimple issues; she has only one issue of her maika hating her sasural and now has to handle Toshu’s tantrums. Samar jokes why did she marry khadoos. Kinjal says whole family is tensed, they need to support mummy and handle the situation. Sanjay tells Bapuji that Anu considers him as brother and ties rakhi to him, but when she got into trouble, she sought her samdhan’s help instead of brother’s. Bapuji says his anger is valid, they made a mistake and couldn’t inform him. He pampers Dolly and says she gets angry like her mother but is mature like her father, thank you for understanding him.

Nandini gets a call from a known old number and gets tensed. Anu writes 40000 lakhs loan on a cardboard. Toshu says mummy did wrong by seeking mom’s help without thinking about Dolly bua. Kinjal says he need worry as Sanjay phupa will handle Dolly bua. Bapuji walks to Anu. Anu cries that she cannot draw a smiley on cardbord. Bapuji consoles her and asks not to blame herself. Vanraj with Kavya walks in. Bapuji asks if he should all taxi. Vanraj says he is not leaving house; he was leaving house because of Anu and will not leave because of her as she may get the family on road; he feels he did right by torturing her for 25 years and confining her between 4 walls, she invited problems on them once she is out of house, earlier they had 20 lakhs burden and she invited 20 lakhs burden more. Anu replies that he is talking as if she wrote a letter and invited problem, she made a big mistake unknowingly and didn’t go to thugs herself, she accepts she made a mistake, sometimes they get a cut even with paper, she is dying each moment, nobody prays to get a problem. Vanraj says he would have been conned. She asks if he has any x-ray machine to detect frauds, frauds were acting as true bank professionals with bank ID card; he had invested in his friend Hitesh’s doubling money in 2 months scheme a few years ago and lost 8000 rs. He says how could he know that the scheme was fraud. She asks how could she know that they were fraud, when it can happen to him, why can’t it happen to her.

Vanraj remembers Samar’s words that a common man is not well equipped to understand a sophisticated crime. Anu says she made a mistake unknowingly, he can get angry, but not blame as if she invited frauds. Bapuji says most people are conned in the world; when men are conned, they excuse saying fraud was very intelligent, but when women are conned, they call her dumb. Anu says it was difficult even for her to seek Rakhi’s help, but he told the other day that she made a mistake and should pay herself; she would have paid for her mistake anyways; she thought a lot and found only 1 way, though it was wrong; they only look at the destiny in trouble; his house is mortgaged, but her dignity and pride are mortgaged; he made many mistakes and she is paying for it; he wants everyone to forgive his mistakes, but wants nobody to support her if she makes a mistake; she has learnt to walk alone by god’s help and will apologize when she corrects her mistake; if he cannot support her, he shouldn’t trouble her at least. Kavya yells if she knows she made a mistake, why she is acting like a bechari/innocent and helpless. Anu says if she had to act bechari, she would have thrown all the burden on Mr Shah and Bapuji and brushed off her hands; she stopped acting bechari when she left Vanraj; when she made a mistake, she will take its responsibility. Kavya says mistakes are punished. Anu says she will repay Rakhi’s loan and will bring back papers, then she will leave this house forever. Episode End.

Precap: Vanraj informs Anu that a company wants to buy their karkhana for 5 crores. She asks who is its owner. He says some Anuj Kapadia.

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