Anupama 25th September 2021 Written Update


Read Anupama 25th September 2021 Written Update: Anupama Lives Her Dream

Anupama begs Kanhaji to bless her because the responsibilities and opportunities are great at this time, and she is afraid. She then places her hand on Bapuji’s feet, and he blesses her. She tries to touch Baa’s feet, but she withdraws. Mamaji holds Baa, and Baa frowns as he blesses Anu. Kinjal assures her that she does not need to be concerned about the house. Anu says she should focus on her meeting today and not worry about the house because she has already prepared food. Samar says that an auto arrived. Toshu inquires of Anu as to whether or not her friend sent auto. Anu says he didn’t because he is now more of a business partner than a friend. Bapuji advises her to be self-assured. Kinjal asks that you not be concerned about the house. Anu says she won’t until Kinjal arrives. Baa remarks that she has come to worry. Vanraj wishes her the best of luck. Kavya says, “Have fun with Anuj.” Anu says she will and confidently leaves the house. Samar and Kinjal instruct her on what she should do. She reminds them that she is their mother. Kinjal says that is why she is so valuable to them. Anu gets into the car and drives to the airport.

GK drives the car to pick up AK. According to AK, even parked cars move quickly. GK says that there is still plenty of time. Baa curses Anu on the other side, and Bapuji confronts her. AK’s vehicle breaks down. He becomes tense because he believes Anu will arrive on time and he will be late. Anu in the car is overjoyed because she believes she will fly today. In the style of SRK, AK runs while holding his bag. Anu notices him and stops him, asking why he is running and if he wants to jog to the airport like he does to work. Yes, he says. She says that’s why he’s so fit. Is it, asks the car driver. Anu says he is her age. Even the auto driver says he will start running tomorrow. Anu makes a joke with AK before giving him a lift.

Neighbors inquire about Anu’s whereabouts after her daughter saw Anu with someone in the airport. Anu yells at them, threatening to make a big deal out of it. They claim they were simply inquiring. Bapuji comes to a halt. From now on, they will be humiliated as a result of Anu, according to Baa. Anu enters the airport with AK and smiles after checking in. Samar informs the family that mummy attempted to check into the airport but slipped and fell. Family members become concerned. Mamaji cracks jokes. Samar inquires as to whether they know what mummy checked after waking up. Vanraj observes that she must have double-checked her sandals. Anu enters the airport and, upon seeing the air hostess, remarks that she is very attractive and should be in films. AK displays her seat. She says Kinjal informed her that front-row seats are expensive. According to AK, business class is slightly more expensive than economy class. She warns him not to squander money unnecessarily. He cracks a smile.

Samar informs Bapuji that Mr Shah’s behavior is inconsistent. Vanraj, according to Bapuji, wants to be happy for Anu’s success, but the environment around him prevents him from doing so. Samar inquires as to what he means. Bapuji explains that men are taught to be providers and to provide everything for women, but when women advance, men become jealous and can’t digest it; he hopes Vanraj stops being jealous. Back in the air, AK shows Anu how to adjust her seatbelt and asks assistance from the air hostess. A fellow passenger laughs at Anu but becomes terrified when he sees AK. People, according to Anu, hold a high regard for him. He reads shayari. Kavya tells Vanraj that he is not less than AK who is still waiting for Anu and he is still attached to her after breaking up with her; what is there between them that their relationship is not completely broken? He says he no longer does.

Precap: Anu is having a good time on her flight. Kavya asks Vanraj if he is concerned that their history with Anu and Anuj will repeat itself. Vanraj says that there is an attachment that he is unable to remove.

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