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Read Anupama 24th September 2021 Written Update: Baa Opposes Anupama’s Business Trip Decision With Anuj

Bapuji becomes enraged when Baa stop to give him medicine. Baa asks that he take his medicine. Anu says she always tries to explain her actions to Baa, but this time she will question her; she asks why, when Dolly went abroad for a business trip with her two male colleagues, Baa prepared theplas for them and is now slapping her. Vanraj says they were Dolly’s colleagues, not a crush. She wonders how he knows what was in their minds, if he has an x-ray machine to read people’s minds and hearts; nobody can judge what is in people’s minds, and she couldn’t judge what was in his mind for years. Toshu is opposed to Anu’s business trip. Samar and Kinjal are adamant that mummy will go, and they will pack her belongings. Toshu grabs the bag. Kinjal invites him to his home. He says that this is also his home. She says that if he had known his responsibilities, he would not have left the house when the family owed 40 lakhs. He says that he cannot let mummy taint their family name. Kinjal says that they, Vanraj and Kavya, have tarnished the family name. Samar says he did the same when he left home. Kinjal says they have no right to question Mummy. Toshu expresses concern for his mother, feminism appears to be popular on social media, society forgives men’s mistakes but not women’s, and so on. Kinjal says that if their thinking changes, society will change as well. He asks why they don’t think practically and why they shouldn’t blame him later for not warning them.

According to Baa, Vanraj and Kavya were also blamed. Anu says that Kanha ji and Draupadi were friends, and that gender equality has been a long-standing issue in their country and culture. Baa wonders what will happen if Anuj misbehaves with her. Anu says she is weak and will break his hand if anyone touches her without her permission; she apologizes for bothering them, but her god knows her heart is pure, so she should not speak low and disturb the peace in this house. Baa inquires about women’s modesty. Anu says that a woman’s veil or burqa does not determine her modesty; she has never allowed anyone to question her character and will never allow it in the future; if her thoughts change by chance, she will inform Baa first, so they do not trouble her or themselves; thanks to them for encouraging them during her first step out.

Samar meets Nandini and expresses his delight that mummy is leaving on a business trip, but he is also concerned that mummy is leaving without her family. Nandini assures him that he need not be concerned because Anuj will look after mummy. Someone lobs a ball at them. They walk out, asking who it is, and discover a chit in the ball. She says Rohan does this and did it in college as well; Rohan is very possessive and dislikes losing. Samar says that if he dislikes losing, he dislikes a cheap person winning. Rohan hides his smirk. Anu offers Bapuji milk. Bapuji asks her to smile, makes her sit, and asks why she is sad when she is not wrong; she responded appropriately to Baa and Vanraj’s opposition. It hurts, according to Anu. He says he will inform Anuj that her trip will be canceled. She declines. He then asks her to go happily and gives moral gyan, saying that a woman always feels guilty when she leaves the house, but God is making her fulfill her dream, so she should go happily and return happily. Samar, Kinjal, and Pakhi join in to cheer her up.

Kavya tells Vanraj that if she were a vamp, she would have stopped Anu from going on a business trip with her evil acts; she believes AK is a reward for Anu’s good deeds; she believes AK will take a thepla making woman on a business class flight to Mumbai. Vanraj says he even took her on a business class flight. She says it’s the first time, and she wonders how Anu can be so lucky when he despises her. Vanraj tells her to go. Anu tells Bapuji and others that her dream is to watch the ocean and fly in the air, and recalls Vanraj’s opposition, saying he never imagined her dreams would come true so soon. Then Bapuji tells her to cheer up. Anu is then concerned about repaying Rakhi’s loan in a month. Kinjal tells her not to worry about it and to enjoy her journey. Anu expresses her eagerness to sit in the plane. Kinjal says she never imagined their normal routine would be a dream for someone. Anu continues to express her delight. According to Bapuji, it is not about a cheap flight ticket, but about an opportunity. Samar expresses gratitude to AK. Vanraj hears them and wonders why he gets jealous when he hears AK’s name; he only loved Kavya and never loved Anu, so why is he bothered when Anu is dating AK? Anu is concerned that flight tickets will be deducted from her pay. Kinjal says that the trip is paid for by the company. She continues to question them excitedly, and they respond. She then expresses gratitude to AK for making her dreams come true. AK informs her that she must arrive at the airport by 6 a.m. tomorrow.

AK believes he has always waited to see the end of the night, but today he is waiting for the dawn. Anu prays to God for a peaceful journey. Anu awakens the next morning to a phone call. Anuj inquires as to her whereabouts, noting that it is already 8 a.m., that they have missed their first flight and may miss another. She jolts awake and falls out of bed, only to realize it’s 4 a.m. and she’s still dreaming. She believes it is time to fly rather than fall. Episode end.

Precap: Anupama and AK board the plane. Kavya wonders what it is about him and Anu that their relationship hasn’t ended even after their divorce. He says he has no idea.

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