Anupama 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Anupama 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Veer Becomes Vijaya’s Servant

Anuj/AK brings snacks to the Shah family. Kavya inquires as to why he is serving them. They are, according to GK, their guests. Kinjal says she can assist him, but he asks her to sit. Samar informs Nandini that for the first time, someone is serving Mummy. Everyone enjoys the snacks and says they are delicious; they want to meet his cook. AK claims he made it. They wonder if he’s joking; it’s incredible. GK claims that he learned to cook from AK’s mother and that when he was older, he taught it to AK; AK now prepares better food. Vanraj and Toshu arrive at AK’s residence. Samar claims that AK cooks alongside his mother. Baa sits angrily, unable to eat. GK is adamant that she have it. Pakhi admits she can’t help herself and will go for a second round. GK makes jokes. Samar claims to have seen a guitar outside. AK, according to GK, plays it. Samar says that from now on, AK will be his role model in cooking, shayari, and guitar. Vanraj enters with Toshu, and upon hearing this, he becomes envious, recalling Samar’s statement that he will no longer refer to him as papa from now on. Kinjal claims that AK is cool even at mummy papa’s age. Pakhi describes herself as the coolest and best. Vanraj grows more envious.

Pakhi says she saw a hockey stick outside; does he also play hockey? Anuj claims he used it in college to frighten opposing college boys who bullied girls. Pakhi says he’s so cool, and Kinjal says he’s so fit that he can smash three or four people right now. GK claims he can still arm wrestle and asks Mamaji if he will compete with AK. Mamaji makes a joke after 10-15 years because his arm hurts. Vanraj claims his arm is not in pain and that he intends to compete. AK instructs him not to listen to GK’s words. Pakhi claims that AK was an all-rounder in college, but he can’t beat her father. AK says it’s fine. Toshu mocks himself if he is afraid of his papa, which most people are. GK claims that AK will arm wrestle for the sake of his dignity. AK agrees and engages in arm wrestling with Vanraj. Toshu and Kavya support Vanraj, while Samar and Kinjal support AK. Toshu inquires as to why Samar is cheering up AK. Samar claims they are related. AK overpowers Vanraj, who then overpowers him and declares that he has never lost before. AK admits that he, too, has a winning habit. Vanraj claims that things will change. According to AK, the old hobby will not change. Vanraj says he’ll have fun making him give up his old hobby. Anu tenses up and turns around. AK notices her nervousness and loses. Vanraj brags. AK claims that if his children had told him their papa was so strong, he would have competed in shayari. GK claims that AK tried, but Vanraj won in the last minute. Vanraj claims that he is always victorious.

AK receives a call and informs Anu that his team’s confirmation has arrived and they need to visit Mumbai tomorrow to attend training and functional sessions at his Mumbai hotel project, so he thought it would be better for them if she went. Bapuji says she has to leave when work demands it. Samar and Kinjal are on Bapuji’s side. Baa asks why he should travel to Mumbai when he can work in Ahmedabad. GK claims that cooking is done in the kitchen, but that they must go out to get vegetables, and that training must be done in Mumbai. Bapuji advises her to leave. Kavya believes she did not leave Ahmedabad, but Anu is leaving for Mumbai. Toshu says it’s not possible because Mummy won’t go. AK says his mother is mature enough to make her own decisions; he asks Anu if he should plan tomorrow’s travel plans for them both or just him. Anu looks at the frowning Vanraj, Baa, and Toshu and asks when they are leaving because she needs to learn a lot in a short period of time. Vanraj and his supporters are enraged. Bapuji announces their departure and expresses gratitude to AK and GK for their hospitality. Anu asks that AK notify her of her departure time for tomorrow, and she departs with her family. AK tells GK that the world’s toughest path is one that takes a woman outside the house, with hurdles that have remained unchanged for 1000s of years and a woman having to fight against family and even herself; it’s just a flight for him tomorrow, but it’s a big hurdle for Anu. The Shah family has returned home. Anu administers Bapuji’s medication. Baa snatches the medicine box from her grasp and tells Anu she can take a vacation while she handles her husband and the house.

Precap: Kavya informs Vanraj that thepla is causing Anu to fly on a business trip. Anu tells Bapuji and Pakhi that she has dreamed of watching the ocean and flying in the air since she was a child. Baa wonders how she can go out with a stranger. Anu claims that if anyone touches her without her permission, she will break his hand, so she should not be concerned.

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