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Read Anupama 20th September 2021 Written Update: Anupama’s Condition To Anuj

Bapuji suggests that Anupama should not become weak with Vranraj and the taunt of his team, since they do not have to go to office, and that Toshu was a son-in-law in the office of Rakhi. He feeds her sweet curd and gives her car keys emotionally, leaving Vanraj and his team jealous. Kinjal wishes her every success. Bapuji asks, “If she doesn’t go wrong, she doesn’t have to worry; she should go out and listen to her heart on which path, to Anuj’s office or to her home. She accepts the keys of the car. He says Kanhaji’s going to show her right way. She takes the blessings of Baa who frowns her face. Kavya asks her to take her blessings and to touch her feet. Anu says she does not want to waste her precious time answering her and leaves Kyun Rokna Bhi Hai Karwan’s home, besabriyan.. Bapuji, Kinjal and Samar are wavering away from her.

He discusses strategy with his team in AK’s office and writes Anu and the changes he makes to Anuj. Anu comes into office. Welcome her whom she wants to meet. Mr Kapadia, she says. The receiver tells AK that Anu is here. He says 10 minutes and recalls Devika’s suggestion not to open a hotel with Anu’s confidence. He looks through the window and smiles. Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai.. background song plays. It leaves the cabin and nervously welcomes her thinking that she came, but don’t know whether she’ll say “yes” or “no.”

Kavya causes Baa to say that while Anu is no longer her Bahu, she did not obey him and went to meet AK with disrespect for her and the entire family. Anuj asks Anu whether she has coffee or tea and what she’s thinking about partnership. She says anything that Kanhaji wants happens like he even now keeps her dear ones, etc. He says he has known her since college days and he didn’t offer her as a friend, but she doesn’t have to think like that, because she is talented. She says she said yes. She says yes. He’s getting happy. Last night, she says she even sent prasad. He says no sender’s name was on it, and therefore he ate it without washing his hands. She collects contract papers and tells Anuj to thank you. He asks her to repeat it and says in his mind Shayari. She says she wants to clear something up before she can accept a partnership and says it might be a little thing for a big businessman like her but for her, her world is in her house, and her world is big for her to go home, open a bank account and so on. He asks whether she knows Gujrati. She says yes. She says yes. He says English is just the way to communicate, not everything, that in Gujrati she can communicate. Again, she thanks him. He jokes, he needs a piggy bank to share so many thanks and gives GK’s input to her project details.

Kavya continues to provoke Baa and scares her that people will be badmouthful about her and Vanraj’s relationship, as they did. Anu finds magnets in the file and excitedly reminds her of college days when she played with them at school and they lost at college. He says he even gets it now nervously, revealing Anu’s magnets. She’s going back and she’s saying she might lose it. He says that he keeps things safe and disconnects future calls. She says she doesn’t know shayari like him and speaks straight; they are at school together, and they are going to be at work, he should behave like a boss and behave strictly with her, like he does with other staff. He says it won’t affect her a little. She says now and now that she’s a daughter, a mother and MIL, she leaves home with respect, so he should have only a professional connection. He says yes and says she at least speaks straight and assures her that her working life is not affected. He says yes. Kavya provokes Baa, if a man does an error, he is called an error, but if a woman does an error, he is called sin. Baa is burning in wrath.

Precap: GK asks AK what’s wrong if the family of Anu celebrates with them Ganesh Chaturti like Janmashtami. The Vanraj family commands that nobody visit AK’s celebration of the festival. AK tells GK either Vanraj doesn’t like the success of Anu or his friendship with Anu; he won’t be able to control himself if anything happens where Anu doesn’t handle the things. Kavya suggests that Vanraj stir up anger at Anu because Anuj may be harmful to them.

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