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Read Anupama 18th September 2021 Written Update: Anupama Doesn’t Give Up To Vanraj And Baa’s Threats

Episode start: When she tries to humiliate Anu, Bapuji warns Kavya. Anu says that when an opponente is shameless, she has to give an adequate response; she asks Kavya if she has seen AK and her, then how can she think anything can happen between her? Kavya says AK is beautiful. Anu says, although she is a heroine in her life, MIL and AK look like film star; perhaps he crushed her in college twenty-six years ago, and when the hell doesn’t last for twenty-six years, how can she think they will be the same? Kavya cries she can do whatever she wants, but when V has once denied, she can not do this partnership. Anu warns her to remain silent and asks why they cannot accept the value and talent that AK has seen in her. Vanraj says that AK only favours her. She says that the favour of the outsider is better than the taunts of family members, and is happy to help women in need. He says she ought to think in return what he’s looking for. Anu asks whether he already is married and roaming with a girlfriend who is a three children’s father; perhaps they need to understand what AK is in 2-3 meetings, but Baa has known her since 26 years and she hasn’t trusted her. No, Vanraj screams. Anu says she trusts and she’s going to accept AK’s partnership. If she can’t see them, Kavya shouts. Anu says no, she only sees her goal and will achieve it at all costs. After two steps, he says she will fall down. Anu says she would be glad even to lose people who walk and not one who sits at home. After meeting her old crush, Vanraj taunts she got wings. Anu answers to see her flying, not her feathers. He says he’s not going to let her fly. She asks him to try and fail and tells Bapuji that tomorrow she will visit the AK office. Bapuji loves her and says she’s blessed. Kinjal’s best wishes. Samar always says he’s next to his rock star. Anu leaves Vanraj in jealousy and walks away.

Anu returns to her room and cries, recalling the words of Baa and Vanraj. Samar and Kinjal are trying to console her. Anu says that no stages are in a female’s life, she must fight the same battle over and over again and cannot tolerate such disgraceful arguments against her and point to AK after she has done a lot of good for them; when she hasn’t been able to show her goodness for 26 years, how can she see AK’s goodness? She has lived here as a wife, mother and daughter for 26 years and didn’t distribute the trust to anybody? Kinjal says she’s going to be supported. Samar says that AK’s a nice guy, too elegant for all that absurdity, and they’re with her.

Vanraj is practising to expel his anger. Kavya cries out that he exercises here instead of reprisals and worries that if Anu becomes her boss, she’ll get all her revenge at once and look like losers at her. Anu is ironing her sari and choosing her bag for tomorrow, thinking of its new beginning tomorrow and praying for the support of Kanhaji, says she’ll be so hard working that AK doesn’t repent of his decision. Then she goes to bed thinking that she first has to wake up and finish housework, and then she goes to AK’s office and doesn’t hide from her duties.

AK smiles at Anu and on his pictures and then looks at his old rose, writes in a journal with a song on his background Bahut Khoobsurat Ghazal Likraha Hoon. GK taunts him and says he has read his diary already but can’t understand it, he studies Anu’s idea and AK writes his diary here. AK says he wants the expertise of GK because he wants to implement the idea when Anu says yes. GK jokes if there’s a hiding feeling competition, AK would receive platinum. AK says this is a talent for one-sided lovers, Anu sees him as a businessman; he does not have anything in his heart for her. GK asks if his heart says that tomorrow Anu is coming. He says that time is going to answer this question. GK sleeps as AK continues to think.

Anu and Kinjal serve family breakfast the next morning. Baa asks Kavya and thanks her for serving her breakfast. Toshu ignored Anu, too. Anu informs Baa that she has presented Kanhaji bhog and also prepared bhog at night and snacks. Baa taunts that she has done her a great favour. Kavya begins next and asks Anu not to bother about her family. Kinjal gives her a wagering answer. Kavya taunts Anu for wearing sari instead of any formal dress to meet AK. Anu answers that Sari is the formal dress of the Indian woman. Kavya keeps screaming. Vanraj starts next and shouts to hear the appropriate reply from Anu. Samar warns his mother to behave. Toshu’s Vanraj backs. Your argument begins. Vanraj’s yelling at Samar. In reply, Bapuji shouts at Vanraj. For all the problems, Baa blames Anu. Episode end.

Precap: Anu is received by AK in his office. But if she’s not a female now, she’s a mom, daughter, and MIL, and she’s only going to have professional relationships with Him and shakes hands saying let’s rock partner.

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