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Anupama 16th July 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Anupama 16th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On multidesidrama.

Episode start: Anupama and Kavya dance face to face. They both dance with energy while the family watches them. After the performance, Kavya asked Pakhi who is better? Anu says that she lost and Kavya won and asks Kavya to teach her sweetie. Ba says that Pakhi may know about dancing, but Anu is the best mother because only one mother can accept defeat even after winning. Once the family is gone, Kavya brushes Pakhi that Anu did a great job even after losing, another mother screamed and did not allow the opponent to teach her daughter, Anu knows that she should be busy in the academy Guy and for that reason put all the responsibility on him, even Pakhi’s dad gave him a serious look as if it was his fault, but he doesn’t have to worry because it’s his turn.

Kinjal tells Anu that Kavya is connecting Pakhi as if she was connecting with him. Samar says that how could Pakhi be such a dumb teenager, she had forgotten that she had gone into depression due to Kavya. Anu says that at this age, children cannot tell the difference between right and wrong. Kinjal says that Kavya is trying to manipulate Pakhi against him. Samar asks not to let that happen. Anu says she will not allow anyone to snatch her children from her. She goes back to her room and cries thinking that she is trying hard to fix things, but things get tangled up again and again.

Kavya returned to her room. Vanraj says that he does not know that she dances so well, it is good that she is trying to improve her equality with Pakhi, but in the process it does not hurt the relationship between Pakhi and Anu. Should sHe nodded yes. She thinks she forgot to ask him about the cafeteria, thank God she’s not angry with him, but she’ll make sure Pakhi goes against Anu at any cost. Pakhi got ready for school. Anu offers her help. She says she will manage. Anu shows his favorite clips. Pakhi says it was, but not now. Anu asks her to try again and see if her favorite thing is again, fixes it in Pakhi’s hair, apologizes to her for not teaching dance tomorrow, and offers her a shawl that She made it during the school break because mothers always want to protect their children.

Vanraj tells Anu that Pakhi had insulted him and reminded him of the incident where he insults Kavya and finds out that he is arrogant. He asks if she will accompany him o karkhana and says he didn’t want to put her in this situation if he had not lost a job. Etc. When their conversation is going on, Kaviya walks in and says that she will also go to the cafeteria with him and says. She doesn’t need anyone else’s help because she will always help Anu mocking her. Anu apologized for coming to his house because of Pakhi. Kavya says she doesn’t need to apologize again and again because crossing the line is her usual hobby and she’s lost, she doesn’t have to worry about more purity. Vanraj demands Kavya not to become another Rakhi Dave and to taunt people and not to make any drama in the cafeteria.

Shah family manages the cafeteria furniture. Anu’s mother also went with him, and Baa explains how he managed the frontier. Vanraj has a chair for Anu’s mother, Kaviya noted. Anu’s mother congratulates Anu for fulfilling her dreams and who used to cook for her birthday will now run an academy. Anu says emotionally that she thought of cooking her own food. mother says that she only taught cooking and keeping quiet, she never knew that a daughter could fulfill her dreams and thought that only son deserves all education etc., but she proved her wrong. she apologizes for the wrong thinking. Anu congratulated him on starting a pickle business. mother says she proved that daughters can be successful too and she touched a sky. Anu says that there is still a long way to go, a person needs the help of family to fulfill his dreams and she has both families with him. Their emotional conversation continues.

Kavya is screaming when she sees the cafe’s furniture that she thinks it’s boring dance academy furniture, her cheap scrap furniture. Samar and Nandini ask him to give her time till evening. Kavya continues her screaming and arrogance. Vanraj says he is confident he will completely change the cafeteria. The whole family works on the interior decoration of the cafeteria with a heartbeat. Sing, dance and enjoy work. Kavya silently stands aside, enjoying them. Episode end.

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