Anupama 15th September 2021 Written Update


Anupama 15th September 2021 Episode Written Update:

Episode start: Anuj/AK at Shah house breakfast says that life often gives them surprises. GK says like the halwa today is tastiest than the other day and gives Anu a gift. Pakhi asks eagerly if his imlie candy as before. A.K. does not say candy and tells Anu that he remembered her mother when he visited her dance academy yesterday, hence he packed the material for her and hoped he like it. Kavya tells V he must have brought the bangles of his mother. Bapuji requests that the gift be accepted. Pakhi says she wants to see it excitedly. Anu gets to see it emotionally. Kavya asks with enthusiasm what it is, V says if she shows it to others, or she looks alone and they both see a starvation. AK says he had been a trained kathak dancer and bought the gungroo for himself, but life couldn’t give her an opportunity to wear it. GK says that Anuj hesitated to give Anu it. AK says he realised that perhaps every leg’s fate has no gungroo, every gungroo’s destiny should have legs. Mamaji loves his thinking. Anu thanks him happily and says his very beautiful. AK says that he’s happy that she liked it. Anu shows it happily to his family. Baa, Vanray, Toshu smoke. Vanraj recalls throwing away the starvation of Anu earlier. Anu says she was thinking of a gift, but she is blessing and asks Baa how it is. Baa’s facing is frowning that her son works with AK, so she’s silent, or she’d have sent AK and GK away. GK asks Anu to wear them to dance. Samar says that he’s going to make sure she does.

Vanraj asks AK to surprise them too. Kavya reminds AK of his promise to inform tomorrow of his decision. AK says he wanted to call them and talk about it, and asks Samar to take prints. Toshu frowns as if he couldn’t reveal news without prints. AK appreciates the detailed presentation by Vanraj and Kavya. Samar is bringing impressions. AK says it’s the first project in that industry and country, people expect his ideas to be unique and fresh and Anu has seen them. That’s shocked by Baa, V, Kavya and Toshu. AK says that Anu’s idea is going forward as a unique idea. Baa asks what it is. What is it? AK says that they’re going to get money and blessings from women, their very unique idea. Bapuji tells Anu that the idea is best. AK we’re discussing empowerment for women and their time for action. Kavya asks if he’s going to change the destiny of women. AK says that men cannot change their house’s curtains, forget about fate, women need no help and change their fate, they get good media publicity, and their parents will be proud of their son, wherever they are, they invest and Anu takes on it, they are the face of the project and are able to read in detail contract papers with the support of family and their family. Anu asks with excitement if he gives her a job. He says that in his 5-star restaurant, he offers her an equal partnership. Anu is silent while Vanraj and his team are in shock. She stuns nervously if she gets hiccups and becomes a partner at a 5-star hotel. AK offers her water. Offers her water. GK says even he’s getting hiccups in shock, she’s talented. Bapuji says he is right. He’s right. AK asks Anu to take her time to answer. Samar tells Kinjal how time changes when mummy’s starvation has been broken and gungroo has become a gift today. Kavya also says that she deserves partnership. AK tells V and Kavya that they have been extremely experienced and can be a good thing to his company, he has a job offer for Kavya and she will get all the details. Anu says she can’t believe that she still has a partnership offer. AK tells V and Kavya that her manager can coordinate with them and leaves a whole family to greet. Bapuji’s GK jokes. Bapuji asks him to visit often because friendship takes no time.

Samar, Kinjal, Bapuji, Pakhi and Mamaji celebrate with Anu on leaving and dance around her as V and his team envy. Vanraj finally begins to taunt Anu that she is eager to be associated with it and that her package deal is free. AK tells GK that Anu has deserved partnership with her talent while driving a car. GK tells Devika how Vanraj oppressed Anu. AK says it’s personal, even Kavya’s talented. GK says that Devika joins him as an advisor, so Devika, Anu and Kavya will be a women empowerment team. Anu accepts his offer from AK hoes. GK says its difficult home environment is complicated by the male ego of former husband and son and the issues of ex-MIL. AK hopes that because of him Anu doesn’t have any complications. Vanraj taunts Anu that she has no good idea of having partnerships since she is crushed by the AK College and their love of childhood is flourishing. Anu shouts angrily Vanraj Shah. Vanraj smiles. Anu says she doesn’t do what she would have done if Vanraj were not the father of her children. V asks why she cries, if the truth hurts. Truth hurts liars, Anu says. He asks why then she’s angry. Anu says that when people fall down, others get angry, he falls below his former standards. He says she changed with the entry of AK. She says her slippers did not even change, but he and his wife changed totally; her idea was not passed on to him. He says that the idea of women is better than MBA holder Kavya and his thirty years of experience. She tells us that ideas don’t come with degrees, but with brains. When he lost his job, he opened a cafĂ© that made women’s ideas and not men with MBA. He’s standing mom. She asks whether truth now hurts him and when truth comes out, she wants it; AK liked her idea about it because it was better than them. Kavya says that if she gave someone else her great idea, it would’ve been in dustbin, but AK. Anu asks so what. So what. Everybody knows, Kavya says. Anu says Kavya took AK to himself, becomes mad behind him, is eager to make friends with him, insists that Kavya invite him home often in Janmashtami’s day and instead targets her. She then tells Vanraj that although he had respected his relationship, he is shameless now and has spoken so cheaply against children; if Anu had offered to them partnership rather than to her they would have no problem; they have done so many sins and odd acts and are targeting her instead. Baa asks why AK and GK frequently visit our house without our relatives or neighbours. Episode end.

Precap: Vanraj commands Anu to reject the offer from AK. Anu answers that he’s not her husband. Baa says she is her mother and commands her to reject the offer of AK. GK says to AK that he doesn’t know when Anu’s going to answer.

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