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Kinjal decided to stay back with his family and not go with Toshu. Anupama requests them not to do separate wherever they stay. Vanraj, Samar, and Baa say same. Bapuji says that she is first Toshu’s wife and then his bahu. Kinjal says bye Toshu. Toshu asks if he chose family over love. Kinjal says she needs both. Toshu says that if that means it’s wrong to leave home. She says leaving like this is wrong. He says let her see if she really loves him and grabs her bag and leaves. Anu cries saying her children separated. Samar tries to console her. Kavya gets a message and shouts what the hell. Vanraj asks What’s the matter?” She says she gave such a nice interview, but still didn’t get the job. Vanraj told him to relax as she will find another job. She taunts like he got the job till now and says their family is haunted by an evil eye/nazar, hence they should perform graha shanti pooja. Baa says she is right.

Vanraj walks to Kinjal and massages his head to calm him down. She cries. He says he did not come to explain or criticize her decision because he must have thought carefully before making the decision. They just want him and Toshu to live together happily wherever they stay; Their middle-class society thinks that the modern and rich Bahu is a house breaker and the village Bahu is a house builder, but Kinjal changed the perception and kept the family above their married life. They are very happy to have it. They are happy that they are with the family, but the price is her happiness, they don’t need it as her happiness is most important to her. Kinjal says even mummy is sacrificing and staying here as its more difficult to stay with Kavya here. He asks if she will go to office today or not. She says she will in some time. He asks her to come down to have a coffee with him. She thinks as mummy said, everything will be alright.

Vanraj walks to Anu. Anu asks if he did Kinjal’s head message. He nods yes. She says its wrong that only mother can console children, even father can. He says a father has just a guest appearance in children’s life, even he did same and hopes he shouldn’t have do that. Anu says he did right by consoling Kinjal. He says 2 more tasks are included for them in their to do list, to bring back Toshu and clear the differences between Toshu and Kinjal. Anu asks to call Toshu and find out if he reached. He picks call and hears Rakhi’s voice message and fast forwards it. Samar excitedly walks to Anu and informs that his friend’s uncle works in a bank and offers loans to start up companies like their cafe and dance academy. Anu and Vanraj hope to get a loan to pay their pending property tax.

Kavya walks to Kinjal and says that she was upset to see what happened between her and Toshu. Kinjal asks what is her problem. Pakhi says she is feeling good though. Kinjal asks if she is feeling good? Kavya believes his plan failed and asked him to talk to his boss Dholakia about his job. Kinjal says she will not seek favor and walks away. Kavya yells blood hell, now a days bahus/DILs don’t care for saas/MILs. Baa hearing her asks her to prepare tea for her. Kavya says she will not. Baa repeats Kavya’s dialogue. Baa says yes and asks her to stop troubling Kinjal at least for today. Kavya says an earning member Toshu has left home and will be leaving soon, so she needs to find a job. Baa asks not to pester Kinjal as she is already in emotional turmoil. Kavya says she was just packing Kinjal’s tiffin and asks Baa to pack her tiffin. Baa asks if she will go to terrace to finish her tiffin, she will when she will go to job.

Anu reaches dance academy asks Vanraj not to worry as they will find a solution to their problems soon. He says he talked to Toshu and he didn’t look happy. Anu says that when she comes back to Kinjal, she will be normal and there is a way where there is love. He nods okay and gets into his cafe. Anu enters dance academy and thinks everything will be alright soon. She turns on the radio and plays Kisi Ki Muskurahaton se.. song. Ajay Devgan’s Bhuj film. She calls RJ who connects her to Ajay. She nervously picks call and he promotes his film. They talk video call selfie and disconnect call. Anu jumps in happiness. She then gets a call from the bank where the bank manager tells her that her loan can be approved. She mortgages her factory as a collateral. Anu says she will inform her by evening.

Precap: Anu gets worried for Kinjal when she doesn’t come home at 10:30 p.m. Boss Dholakia tries to s*xually harass her. Vanraj and Anu walk out of the house and bring her home when she gets out of the taxi crying and hugs Anu.

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