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Read Anupama 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Anuj Reveals His One-Sided Love Story

Episode start: Anupama answers Vanraj and Kavya’s critiques about her idea that she liked it and that she put it down. If he doesn’t like it, Anuj/AK will reject it, that’s what happens most. Bapuji is disappointed by and is walking away from Vanraj and Kavya. Kavya ries to cause Baa the attitude of Anu to change with the entry of AK. Baa warns her that she will stop her provocation. Kavya tells her that she expressed her thoughts. Baa warns her to shut her mouth and sits down to think. Kinjal tries to calm Anu and asks her not to bother with the words of Kavya. Kavya hopes the deal will come to a close and after that nobody talks about AK. On the other hand, GK asks AK if he doesn’t think of giving Anu a rose, which he has kept for 26 years. AK says he was thinking about informing her on the day of the party, yesterday, and today. Then GK asks why he didn’t do that. AK says it changed, Anu goes on her hard path alone without seeking any help, needs no support or help, he’s her friend, the fate of some roses is closed booked.

GK says he ought to have suggested that day to her. AK says he didn’t fight in college after his parents’ and GK’s advice; he was at hospital ten days after fight; when he reached college, Devika said that he had fixed his marriage; his girlfriend Bunty broke down when he wanted to try, and when he reached Anu’s holding, it was too late and the baraat of Anu had already arrived; he saw Anu’s smile on his face; and it showed that she had arrived at the hospital. GK asks that it is. AK walks away and says he’s got an important meeting. GK thinks that after 26 years destiny has brought them together and now they will play their part. Episode end.

Nandini and Samar dancing on Naujawanon baat mano.. Song. Anu enters and is glad to see them clear up and dance together. She embraces and thanks Kanhaji for reuniting them; advise them not to doubt one another but to fight in love; love encourages them to live and thus they should stop hesitating. Soon, Mamaji calls Anu to the cafe. Anu prepares dish for Chef Manoj and gives it. Manoj asks how she prepared an ovenless dish. Anu says she’s going to teach him on the stove. She serves customers’ dish and is surprised to see AK, asks what he is doing. He says he wants to check if he invests in the property. She’s saying that this is Mr. Shah’s cafe, and even her dance academy can check it out. He says how he’ll visit again if he sees all at once. She says he’s a great businessman and he’s not going to have time. He says shayari. She calls him Kapadi ji shayar. He laughs and says that it’s been very funny. Anu laughs, too. Vanraj and Kavya are jealous to see that. Rakhi enters with Toshu and fuels his jealousy saying it looks too friendly, she’s listening to it from Toshu and want to confirm it. Anuj tastes the dish and says her sky is magic in her hands. Rakhi taunts the time that Vanraj has changed, that magic was once in his life; she was thinking about how to recover her loan and was thinking of going to a café to help some, but when she saw Anu’s friendship with AK, Anu could make even 40 crores for them. AK says he’s bored the preparation of GK’s food. Anu is asking him to wait until Mr. Shah and Kavya arrive. He agreed. He agrees. Rakhi still scolds Vanraj. Vanraj warns that she’s going to shut up. Rakhi says a man cannot tolerate another man’s talk to his wife or ex-wife. Anu says she gets late for her dance class and asks him to sure that she has masala tea.

Power comes to Anu and Vanraj, Kavya, Rakhi and Toshu are standing aback. Rakhi welcomes AK and she says she has heard he’s a friend of Anu. Rakhi remembers their Chicago meeting for 2 years. He doesn’t remember her, he says. She recalls husband scolding against foreigners and they were surprised. AK says no. AK says no. She goes on, but she does not. Kavya says she’s the mother of Kinjal. AK asks if she’s the MIL of Paritosh. Kavya says AK is a male of the family, she should have introduced herself like this. Vanraj greets him in Anu next to smoke and tells AK that he’d sent his order to his cafe. AK says that he came to the suggestion of his legal team and could not withstand Anu’s special dish. Vanraj says he’s gotta love the dish. AK says it was awesome, he discussed his legal proposal, and tomorrow will receive a report. He’s trying to pay the bill. Kavya says she doesn’t need it, and she’s going to pack some for GK. This isn’t their house, AK says. Anu supports him and says that he isn’t their home guest and accepts payment. AK wants Kavya and forgets the name of Rakhi. Kavya says Dave Rakhi. AK says goodbye to Mrs. Dave, thanks Anu and asks if her dance academy won’t be shown. Anu says she’s going to show him all the way around. Toshu says that there’s no need for that angrily.

Precap: Toshu is insulting AK and commanding him to leave. AK challenges he won’t buy or let anybody buy their karkhana.

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