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Read Anupama 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Presents Her Business Idea To Anuj

Episode Start: It’s hard for Anupama to open her laptop. AK helps her and says she can discuss her idea verbally with him if she’s not comfortable. Anu is telling her bahu Kinjal worked hard on the presentation, opened a presentation and said that she did not know much about the hotel. Kavya says the hotel is a place where people sit and have food to humiliate her. Anu says she knows the food; people remember the decorations of the hotel, but good food and people who prepare food. Kavya says we call them chefs and they’re not easy to find good chefs. Anu says Mom’s the best chef. Kavya murmures that she started plagiarism and says mother must not face criticism, but the chef must face criticism and much more. Anu says that even mother faces criticism from the biggest critic in the world, her saas/MIL; the client may save chef, but saas does not spare her bahu. The woman has to face a lot of criticisms from her children and, above all, her husband but she continues to work without complaints. Many women are left by her family alone, but are still best cooks. Vanraj recalls all the misconduct he had done with Anu. Women leave their pride at home during bidayi/farewell, Anu says. But if he gives them a job they’ll hard work and make their hotel very successful. AK thinks that even his mother spoke the same thing and looks at GK.

Kavya shouts they’re here to talk about business rather than emotions. Anu even says she’s talking about business; housewives, if trained, can be paid much less than chefs. AK says money is even going to be spent. Anu says that if you are able to spend money on decorating the interior, why not on training, he can open bank accounts and transfer salary to your accounts directly. Kavya says he’d do it to NGOs if AK had to do charity. AK asks AK? Asks AK? Kavya says he’s AK, Kavya says. AK asks Anu to carry on. Anu asks which food is the world’s most common. Chinese says Kavya, continental says Vanraj. Neither says that the world’s most delicious and consumed food is a maa ke haath ka khana, or a mom’s ready food; if he can organise maa ke haath ka khana at his hotel one day, even if he is kept at Mr Shah’s hotel with the same subject. AK says all kitchens are on one side, and the food of mother is on the other. Anu says many people will serve food to him as his sir, but he will not find anyone to serve him calling beta / son and he doesn’t need to spend money on training because mamma / motherhood come from the heart. She finally says that’s everything. AK says their ideas are unique. Mr. Shah’s idea is very practical, well investigated, founded and Anu’s concept is very emotional and may not be practical. Of course, Kavya can take his own time excitedly. Vanraj thanks him for taking time to meet them and walk with Kavya out of his cabin.

Anu stops AK. Anu stops. She says yes. She says yes. He asks her not to make him feel old, but to be casual. She says she’s going to try. He says he’s going back to her box. She thanks her happily. It’s important, he says, because women can leave anything but her box. Repeats Anu. He even tells his mother that he said the same thing and asks if she can prepare Halwa again. She says she’s going to send it through Samar and shakes. AK says Maa has instructed her not to return a blank box and asks her to check what’s inside. She opens up and is excited to see aam papad and imlie goli. He recalls that she and Devika had purchased it outside college. Anu says she forgot. Anu says she forgot. He says he didn’t and recites a shayari meaning that he remembers all. She says GK is right that he confuses the people with his shayari and thanks him for sweeter than halwa memories. He says he’s got plenty of memories. Does imlie goli and aam papad ask? He’s telling memories. She says she doesn’t feel bad if it rejects her idea and walks away to ask her to heat and drink her hot choc. He looks at her as the door closes.

Samar apologises to Nandini in his unique style in the dance academy and he sings Tumse Hello, with sorry about his shirt. Song and dance emotionally. She hugs and forgives him emotionally. Anu leaves AK’s cabin and asks whether Kavya and Vanraj have not yet left. Kavya says they can drop her home, although she didn’t come with them. Vanraj asks what AK had been saying in the cabin alone. She says he wanted her box back. He asks whether the box is kept in a locker. She goes away ignoring him. He goes away ignoring him. Samar excuses Nandini for having misunderstood him. She apologises that she did not inform him. He says he lols her. He says he lols her. She tells her that she knows she’s got a past. He stops her and says Mummy has explained his mistake, even if he could have a past, they’re both going to sort the problem Rohan named. She hugs him again emotionally.

Kavya says AK is a practical businessman while returning home, he will sacrifice his life for friendliness, but will not compromise his business. Anu says it’s good. She likes imli goli and is glad. Vanraj gets jealous of that. GK asks what he thinks about AK. AK says Anu’s idea is good to hear, but may be practically impossible; he needs to talk to his team. GK asks whether he’s going to say no. AK says its decision would be her, but decisions were the core team; he never thought there would be a situation where he had to say no, but to Anu. Anu comes home. Anu reaches home. Vanraj says he saw someone enjoy so much imlie/tamarind for the first time. She gives him one and asks for it before the mirror, and for the first time she sees somebody having it in anger. He throws it away angrily. After hearing his idea, AK’s team says that both ideas are good. AK says that he needs to talk with and send them to the marketing department. GK feeds multivitamin for him. AK asks why this. Why this? To protect his eyesight, GK says. AK says old age sent a request from a friend. If he wants to, GK asks not to accept it and says he liked Anu’s and even Anu’s ideas. He smiles. He smiles.

Baa asks Vanraj and Kavya how the meeting was in Shah house. Kavya boasts that AK is not going to reject her proposal because it was very good. Baa criticises her for not always praising her and for allowing Vanraj to speak. Kavya says that even Anu had come with the dumbest ideas, AK heard it like a friend or kicked her out. While AK is her friend, Vanraj says that she should have discussed it first with them. Anu says that when somebody made an aircraft, people would laugh at him; people don’t value unique ideas and repent; they’re going to leave it at Kanhaji. Episode End.

Precap: Vanraj burns in jealousy when he sees Anu serving AK food. Rakhi taunts him, that Anu planned very high, even he had been served like this before, is their friendship moving forward?

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