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Rakhi sees Anupama listening to her and Kinjal’s conversation and asks Kinjal to call Anupama. She tells Anu that it is best to stay safe for Tosho and Kinjal. Anu says she can understand her concerns as a mother. Everyone likes to be with family for peace of mind, but it is better to be apart when there is no peace of mind. She just wants the happiness of her children. Kinjal asks if he is angry with her. Anu says that after marriage 3-4- Year after year marriage is best because they live for themselves and then get busy with children so she should find time for herself. They do not live in different cities so Kinjal can meet her anytime. The family can be separated and moved closer. Rakhi thanks Anu and hopes that Kinjal will at least understand her. Anu gives coffee to Kinjal and leaves. Rakhi says that now Anu has also given her permission and soon the rest of the family will follow her wishes.

Vanraj recalled the encouraging words of Anu and Bapuji and thought that he should move on. He pampered and kissed Kavya’s head while he was a sleep and left the room. Baa goes with Anu to meet Anu’s mother and on the way Anu sees the engraved thoughts and asks what happened. Anu remembers Rakhi’s words and doesn’t say much. They see a pickle and savory stall in front of Anu’s mother’s house and look for Bhavesh behind the counter. Bhavesh says that Maa did not want to sit idle and do something. Anu speaks well and argues. Bhavesh says that he does not like to work for his mother at this age, but he is letting her do his work for his own happiness. Anu asks where is the question of age? Baa says that samdhan will not get sick if she keeps herself busy and says that Anu has got a positive effect from her mother. Anu has an idea and excitedly tells Baa to go home at his own pace.

Back home, Anu happily tells Vanraj that he has got a business idea for it. The whole family gathers. Kavya arranged a job interview for herself and Vanraj and asked Vanraj if she could attend a job interview tomorrow at 12 noon. Vanraj happily agrees and then asks Anu about his idea. Anu is hesitant to look at the situation. Bapuji does not say anything important. Vanraj insisted. Anu said that if his friend sells his cafe, he can buy cafe goods, find a place and open his own cafe. Kavya cries out if opening a cafe is like opening a spice shop, if she wants V to be able to smell such spices too, the cafe needs financial support and employment, she puts her household garbage in the dustbin and gives it to her husband. Not provoked Samar and Toshu warned him, but Anu silenced them. Kavya keeps insulting Anu . Vanraj says that even Anu was right, he needs huge funds to rent a cafe and other expenses. Toshu says he will get the investment if he finds a place. Vanraj thanks Anu for the idea and thanks Anu for tomorrow’s interview. He says that even if he hurt them the most, intentionally or unintentionally, they are still worried about him. He wanted to start his own bus, but could not find a place.

Anu says that the place .. Baa asks her to speak otherwise she will speak. Vanraj asked what is this? Baa says that Anu wants to open a cafe with a dance class in the karkhana/factory. Toshu says it’s a good idea, they will have 2 parallel businesses. Kinjal and Pakhi also support it and say that they will get free footfall for both dance class and cafe and they can buy things from Vanraj’s friend. Samar gets angry when he hears this idea. Mama ji jokes. Vanraj says it’s a great idea, it will be a business. Mama Ji jokes again. Before making a decision, Babuji asked his wife to talk to him once. Kavya shouts that her husband will not open a roadside bar and sell sandwiches, there will be no further discussion. Vanraj says the talks will end and work will start now and Kavya is asked to interpret it as her business dream, knowing that she hates Anu and therefore opposes it. , But for that he must agree. She agrees and says that although she is not in favor of it, she has to arrange the funds herself and tell him whether he or she will be proved wrong or not. Vanraj thanked him. The family congratulated Vanraj. Anu asks Babuji if he did something wrong by interfering between Vanraj and Kavya. Babuji says well thought out and should not be upset. Anu saw Samar walking angrily.

Precap: Samar tells Anu that Vanraj broke her gong several times and he dreams and she is giving him an open cafe in her dance academy, telling him to stop thinking about Vanraj and Kavya. Vanraj tells Anu with his stranger that they have separated but will still be together and will stay together, he did not respect her when they were in a relationship and now do not know the name of their relationship What to keep.

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