Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 9th September 2021 Written Update


Read Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini Upsets Darsh

Episode Start: Namrata is lying, Aatish is innocent, listen carefully to me, the lawyer told me that Namrata wanted to file a fraud case with Aatish. Darsh asks why you have that Namrata hate, why do you believe that I’m going to believe you, perhaps Aatish bribed Nama’s guard for her, she was rude to you, but she can’t, she’s my sister. She says I hate her not, she saw her party pic, she had no marks of wound in the picture. He tells me not to become a detective, maybe she made or edited the photo, I promised to support you, but I promised to support Namrata as well. She says that I ought to have evidence for you, I think you’re going to trust me. He says that I also trust my sister. She says I’m going to get evidence against Namrata. He says don’t get into this. Don’t get into this. He goes. He goes.

Vini’s crying to Nandini. She takes the camera of Darsh. You scolded Nandini, she says, I always watch you. Please, he says, I don’t want to talk. She tells me why you scolded her, she tells me, otherwise I’ll throw the camera into the water. He asks her to give it back. Nandini asks Vini not to get between the elders, to give him the camera. Vini maintains it and gets upset. Nandini asks I cannot scold you. I cannot scold you. Parul comes. Parul comes. Vini hugs her, and Darsh scolds Nandini, I scold him, but he scolds me. Parul says we’re going to get upset. She takes Vini. She takes Vini.

Darsh says that Vini shouldn’t have vented anger. Nandini says I’m making the mistake of my loved ones realise. He goes. He goes. She’s going to take the camera. She’s speaking to the maid. She thinks that Namrata would have some maid in the house of the chawl. She’s going to Namrata and asking her for pain. As if you care, Namrata says don’t show sympathy. She goes. She goes. Nandini gets her phone and checks the number of her maid. She keeps phone. She keeps phone. Namrata is coming and telling you’re still here. Nandini says that I’ve come to see if she’s well cleaned her room. Namrata’s watching her phone. Nandini’s going and calling the maid. She asks you have been working for Namrata, I want you some info.

Parul talks to Vini and asks her to have nourishment. Nandini looks at Vini. She said once Aatish’s affair is resolved, I’m sorry to scold you all of my time. Rajvi says he’s good at lockup, what happened. what happened. Nandini says that he’s worried about me, he wanted evidence that Namrata’s lying. Rajvi’s wondering what. Aatish never raised a hand on Namrata, Nandini says, this maid will make a statement. She calls maid. She calls maid. She says Aatish and Namrata have been staying in Dwarka, and Hetal has been working for them. She asks Hetal to tell her, Aatish has raised Namrata’s hand. Hetal says sorry, I can’t lie. You told me to say, I saw the wounds of Namrata, that Aatish didn’t do anything. Nandini asks why you’re lying. Namrata and the smile of Charmy. Rajvi Nandini scolds.

You go against me, she says. She says you go against me. She’s leaving. Nandini tells Darsh, trust me, trust me. She tells me that Hetal told me Aatish never had a mistake with Namrata. I knew that Nandini wouldn’t sit still, she called Hetal, you bought the maid, Charmy says. Namrata laughs and says Darsh is going to scold her. Charmy thinks Nandini and Darsh are going to get away. Darsh is taking his pillow and leaving the room. Charmy looks on. Charmy looks on. Nandini cries and thinks that I can’t let an innocent man punish my family, it’s going to be wrong, he sleeps in cold. For Darsh, Charmy gets a blanket. Nandini gets a blanket as well. She sees Darsh covered with a blanket already. Perhaps she says Rajvi got it. She’s going back. Parul’s searching for Vini. She says that she doesn’t know what Nandini’s going to think about me.

She and Nandini see Vini. Maid maybe at night she came here. Parul is asking her to go. She smiles at Vini. She smiles. Nandini is waking up and asking what you’re doing. Vini says I miss you. I miss you. Nandini says you’re going to be with Parul, promised you. She is good, Vini says, but not as good as you are. Nandini hugs her. Nandini hugs her. Parul goes. Parul goes. Darsh’s going to take his clothes. Nandini says I’m not going to let any innocent of you punish. The button of the shirt breaks. Charmy says that I’m going to fix it. He says I’m going to manage. She says it’s a bit, wait. She calls maid. She calls maid. She asks for needle and thread. Maid says I don’t know. I don’t know. Charmy scolds her. Charmy scolds her. She wakes her up to Namrata. Namrata asks what happened. What happened? Charmy says I want a needle and a thread. You’re mad to wake me for this, Namrata asks, I don’t have it. Charmy walks to the warehouse and gets the kit. She goes to Darsh. She goes to Darsh. Nandini sees the button stitching. Episode End.

Precap: Rajvi Nandini scolds. She says that you called Ms. Patel to talk about the divorce of Namrata. I didn’t call her, Nandini says.

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