Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 7th August 2021 Written Update


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 7th August 2021 Today Full Episode Written Online

Episode starts: Offevolved with darsh thanking the fireplace guards. Nandini comes. Darsh asks how is vini, i used to be getting the soup for her. Anyone comes. Nandini asks couldn’t you perceive me. He says i recognize i have hurt you a lot, you are from jj uncle’s circle of relatives, i did this seeing vini’s pursuits. She says each circle of relatives is ideal, you suggest a wealthy circle of relatives is right, you have got a dependancy to ask for evidence, you are available all people’s words, you agree with it as truth, then human beings need to show to you, did you ask yourself, who are you to invite someone for evidence. He says i m sorry. She says let me entire, then we will see in case your sorry topics, i will count your misunderstandings, if i stumbled, then i m a drunkard, if goons were given after me, then i m susceptible, if you bought a % inside the residence, then i wasn’t ishani, you didn’t listen to me, it means no person’s tears remember to you, now not even reality and feelings, different’s stamp depend to you.

She asks did you like someone, did you consider the individual you like, did you doubt that individual also. He recalls nandini. She says maybe you doubted her and didn’t provide her a risk to clarify, maybe you asked her the proof of affection, love doesn’t appear on the idea of proof, just commercial enterprise happens that manner. Darsh says i don’t understand why you’re telling me all this, anything you said, its sadly yes, i did this error of now not trusting regularly, the female who supported me when i used to be blind, i doubted her as nicely. He sees charmy. Nandini says you have a dependancy to doubt, i’m able to let you know who i m and what’s my name, ishani jhunjhunwala. Absolutely everyone receives relieved.

Nandini says i m vini’s mum, that is my identification. Darsh says please don’t say this, i experience guilty, its my mistake to get vini here, we will cope with her, i will feed her the soup, you deliver her drugs. She says she is my daughter, if all and sundry feeds her, then people can doubt if i m her mum or not. Darsh says i will get vini’s reviews and come, i hope i’m able to do this. He is going. Dada ji asks will you forgive me. Each person apologizes. Vipul says i can’t believe which you are alive, why didn’t you inform darsh, charmy is mendacity because of us, you’re darsh’s truth, please overlook the whole thing, forgive us and come returned domestic, please, this house is incomplete without you.

Parul says we all did a mistake, but i realize you have got a large heart, you may forgive us, show our perception genuine. Nandini asks what approximately my consider, darsh didn’t maintain it, sorry, you all have a small heart, you couldn’t maintain consider for your heart. Parul says overlook it. Nandini asks how shall i overlook which you all had puzzled my man or woman, i was trying to get darsh’s eyesight lower back with ritesh’s assist, you all accused me to have an illegitimate relation with him, you’ll recall it right. She reminds them. She says i used to be seeing a dream earlier than coming here, he could be so satisfied when I tell him about his surgical operation, i used to be wondering if he hugged me in front of the family, then i may be shy, however you all had ashamed me, you had put ritesh and my percent right here, it changed into just a percent, % may be a lie also, you all had hatred for me on your eyes, you made a decision on my man or woman, it wasn’t a lie, i used to be afraid of your blames, i went to my husband, i was hoping that he will guard me, but no, he additionally accused me to be characterless, its an antique tradition to accuse a woman’s individual.

She says if shobit didn’t tell you the reality, then you definitely could have felt that i cheated darsh, why shall i provide a person a proper to invite me for proof, i desired to inform the reality to darsh, he made my % when he become blind, when he got his eyesight, he isn’t able to identify his love, he by no means knew me or common me, one has to accept as true with to just accept a person, if he can’t consider me, then i don’t care if he continues a fake relation all his existence. Rajvi cries. Nandini says my kanha is aware of that i frequent darsh with all my coronary heart, you couldn’t receive me, its now not my mistake, namrata usually saw me as a poor girl, its no longer my mistake if darsh couldn’t hold his vows, while he accused me as grasping, i felt horrific, but i forgave me, its no longer my mistake, i need to have no longer forgiven him, then count might have not reached my man or woman. She says sorry, i don’t have a huge heart, now i have portions of my coronary heart. She asks vipul no longer to anticipate her to come lower back domestic, could he expect namrata to compromise if she turned into called characterless in her sasural, no proper.

She says i just need to mention thanks to you all, you did nandini’s tervi, nandini turned into a nice girl. She goes to her room. She cries recalling the past. She sees the sindoor box. She gets the sindoor and says sorry, i went on your bed room with out asking you, this sindoor is akhand, rajvi gave this to nandini earlier than marriage, but vintage nandini’s head can’t undergo this burden, i m giving this to you, its a proof that i can by no means come lower back to assert rights on your husband. She cries and leaves. Charmy and every body cry. Rajvi thinks i did incorrect to doubt and blame you, i’ve lied even these days, i told approximately shobit’s baby as darsh’s baby, i understand you won’t come returned in darsh’s life, i will’t see him on my own all existence. Episode End.

Darsh involves see vini. Nandini asks him to never meet them again. Vini hugs him and says mum is a liar, i don’t want to live with her, i’m able to live along with your family. Nandini receives stunned.

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