Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 4th September 2021 Written Update


Read Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Charmy Hinders Darsh’s Plans

Episode Start: Saas will chastise Nandini a little if the maid tells her to forget it. Nandini becomes depressed. The tablecloths send her a message. Darsh, she says, is dreaming. Nandini, according to the maid, “had a lot of help for me when my husband used to hit me.” Rajvi is perplexed. According to Maid, I escaped his house by listening to Nandini, and it is because to her that I am alive now. Why is Nandini doing this to Namrata, Rajvi wonders. Vini insists that I must sleep with Nandini. Parul is concerned. Vini, according to Chetan, is a child who spends most of her time with Nandini. We don’t know if Nandini will protest to our taking Vini, according to Parul. I just hope Nandini agrees, Parul says. Yes, he says. Nandini inquires if anyone has received this…. Darsh says that we don’t have a choice now because everyone knows you’re going to kiss me tonight. What is it, she inquires? He says that he is enraged by your love. He displays his horoscope. He says that today’s stars have also ensured romance. Never, she says. I’ll take a kiss today, he says. She gives a kind smile. He closes the door behind him. We’ll check today, he says, because you stated you wanted to know if your nose collides in a french kiss. She declines. Vini enters through the front door. I’m going to sleep here, she says. Nandini approves.

He tells Vini to go to sleep and come to the storeroom because he wants to kiss her today. Vini inquires as to what you are saying negatively about me. I can’t dare, he says. He leaves. Darsh gives the storeroom a makeover. Vini is a non-sleeper. She says, “I’ve matured; tell me the storey of the panther.” Darsh sends Nandini a message. She converses. Vini is sound asleep. Leaves of Nandini Charmy enters the storage area. According to Darsh, you…. She notices the ornaments. You’re here at this time, he says. She believes that because I overheard you talking to Nandini, I have the right to love my lovers. She apologises, saying, “I didn’t realise you were…” Wait till he says yes. Rajvi wants to weave some wool, she adds, so I came to find it. I’m not sure, he says, but you can look it up. She says there’s no need, just keep going; what happened to the door? It won’t open.

Nandini arrives. Charmy is heard by her. Charmy, she says… I’m here with Darsh, Charmy says, and we’ve been confined here. Darsh examines the situation. This door, Charmy believes, will not open. What a dilemma, Charmy says we won’t be able to get a carpenter at this time. Darsh and Nandini try to open the door. I’ll call Chetan, she says. Darsh replies there’s no need because he’ll take care of it. When Charmy sees the chocolates, she exsays, “I’m dizzy, my sugar level is low, and these chocolates are for Nandini, right?” He says it’s fine; you eat it if your health isn’t up to par. The carpenter is summoned by Nandini. She says that his phone has been turned off. Darsh says it’s not going to open; you go rest, and I’ll take care of it.

Nandini says, “I’ll take a seat here.” He asks, “Will you stay here until morning?” He says, “You kept a fast, go, I’ll take care of it.” Charmy is acting strangely. Darsh tells her not to worry. Rajvi is summoned by Nandini. Everyone shows up. Darsh says the door is stuck, and Charmy is unable to breathe. Chetan says we’ll smash the door down and summon Shobit. Nandini says to have visited the police station. Darsh yells, “Call a doctor!” I’m getting dizzy, Charmy says. She seemed to be passing out. Darsh motions for her to rise. He says Charmy passed out. Darsh makes an effort to assist. He says that he doesn’t comprehend anything and that her pulse is feeble. Rajvi says that you competed in a swimming competition. I’ll do it if he says yes. Rajvi says that her condition is hazardous and that she requires mouth-to-mouth respiration. Charmy believes you will give me a kiss today. Nandini is concerned. Episode End.

Precap: Rajvi says we don’t have much time, it could be harmful for Charmy and the baby, and it’s a medical procedure, so what are you thinking? Charmy is held by Darsh. Darsh, Nandini yells, “Stop!”.

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