Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 27th September 2021 Written Update


Read Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 27th September 2021 Written Update: Nandini Finds Toral’s Mental Institute

Toral is consoled by Nandini. She takes a picture of Toral’s saree stamp. She considers going to a mental institution. Darsh also contacts mental institutions and learns about Toral. Vipul is concerned and says, “You don’t need to call; I called them already, and she wasn’t admitted anywhere.” He says I had to put a stop to Darsh. Rajvi says that she could have been admitted by now. Toral appears and takes Rajvi’s hand in his. Nandini arrives. Toral says I’d like some water. Nandini apologizes and says she will be taken by me. They leave. Vipul inquires as to your well-being. Rajvi says she won’t be able to stay here. Toral is being fed water by Nandini. Darsh is apologized to by Charmy. He says, “Fine, forget it, don’t say such a thing in front of Nandini, your baby is coming, consider Nandini’s emotions.” She apologizes, saying, “I was thinking… nothing.” He inquires as to what. She says, “I bought a new phone, and I’ve been taking selfies with all of the family members; shall I take a selfie with you as well, if you don’t mind?” Of course, he responds. She is holding him and taking a selfie. She believes I want my child to be like you.

Nandini appears and greets them. Darsh calls out, “Come on, Charmy bought a new phone, and she’s taking selfies with everyone.” Charmy poses for a photo with Nandini. She says that only Vini is left. She walks away. Darsh says that Toral was not admitted to any of Dwarka’s mental institutions; he says, “I will find a good facility and get her treatment started; will you come with me?” Nandini asks, “Why are you asking me?” Nandini says, “Tell me, Nandini, you’re coming with me.” He says, “All right, let’s try it; you’re coming with me right now.” She says that’s fine, but there won’t be any English songs. Charmy observes. She tells Nandini, “I’m craving sugar biscuits.” Jinal, according to Nandini, will make it. Charmy says no, but you make it well, so could you make it for me? Nandini responds, “Fine.” Charmy expresses gratitude and hugs her. Darsh departs.

Nandini is in the kitchen preparing food. Darsh appears. Toral is also present. Nandini invites Toral to accompany her. Darsh inquires as to when your work will be completed; I was planning on going alone, but then decided to accompany you. Nandini says I need time to prepare the snacks, so I’ll go, Jinal will see. He says we are husband and wife and that we are romancing. His hand is burned. She apologizes. He says you’re so unromantic that I’ll go alone. He walks away. She says I can look up the institute on the internet. She discovers it. Toral overhears Rajvi on the phone. She dashes away. Nandini converses with the hospital employee. He says Toral has been here for 27 years, but she fled four months ago. Nandini says that we couldn’t decide where to send her. He says I’ll come meet you. Toral performs the aarti. Rajvi inquires as to who gave her the diya, which has the ability to start a fire. She tries to put a stop to Toral. Darsh notices Rajvi’s saree on fire and saves her. Toral is stopped by Nandini. Darsh says that we will relocate Toral today. Rajvi goes to speak with Toral. She questions why you came here, saying, “This family is my everything; did you come to break it?” Toral is fast asleep. Vipul approaches and inquires as to what you are doing here.

Darsh wonders how Dad missed this information. Nandini says to have contacted the manager, who may be able to assist us. We have come to take Toral out, says the hospital manager. Nandini says she’s scared and won’t get ready to accompany you. He says she’ll get ready to come with me after seeing this tiffin box, which she adores. Darsh says we’ll make a decision because a patient ran away and you didn’t know. According to the man, we wanted to file the report, but her family refused. Darsh inquires as to their identity. The man apologizes, saying that we are unable to provide patient information. Darsh threatens to call the cops. The man says, “Wait a minute, I’m calling a family member of hers.” Vipul receives the call. The man says, “I’m in the Rawal house, and I have Toral with Nandini Rawal.” Rajvi and Vipul are taken aback. Episode end.

Precap: Vipul and Rajvi flee from the manager. Darsh and Nandini say they won’t let Toral leave until she meets her family.

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