Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 25th September 2021 Written Update


Read Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 25th September 2021 Written Update: Darsh And Nandini Look After Toral

Darsh inquires about Toral’s husband and children. Toral refers to Vipul. She screams when she hears a train. Darsh inquires as to the source of this noise. Rajvi says it’s coming from Vini’s toy; don’t push her. Toral is calmed down by Nandini. Toral flees the scene. Rajvi played the audio in order to frighten her. She says I did something wrong by scaring her, but I had no choice; Toral had to return to the mental institution. Vipul says that we cannot send her to the same institute because Darsh and Nandini will discover the truth. She says I can’t let my family fall apart. Charmy converses with Mrs. Patel. Toral slams into her. Charming plummets. Shobit has her in his grip. Nandini and Darsh are concerned. Charmy, according to Shobit, is fine. He seizes her. She becomes enraged and declares, “I want that woman out of here.” Nandini says to be mentally ill. Charmy says she should be in the hospital because if Shobit hadn’t been there, you know what would have happened. Rajvi says to be pregnant. Nandini, Charmy says, you’ll never understand this, and you’ll never be a mother. They are taken aback. Darsh arrives and overhears this. He questions how you can talk to Nandini in this manner. Rajvi asks that Charmy apologize to Nandini. Vini arrives. Nandini says she understands your anguish. Charmy apologizes, saying that only a mother who carried her child in her womb for nine months understands the agony. Rajvi says, “I don’t believe this; such mothers exist, who love the child for the rest of their lives even if they didn’t give birth; you will not understand, not everyone can do this.” She walks away.

Chetan assures Vipul that everything will be fine. Parul appears and says, “I’ll ask a friend to find out about Toral.” Chetan becomes enraged and scolds her. She walks away. Chetan says we’ll look for a new institute. Vini says I’ll give you a chocolate for scolding Charmy today. She walks away. Darsh, Nandini says, you should not have yelled at her. He says she said something incorrectly.

Vipul believes we must commit Toral to a mental institution. Nandini says that if we can find out about the mental institute from which she fled, then we can find out about her family and take care of her. Vipul is concerned. Darsh looks after Toral. Rajvi arrives. He says, “I feel bad seeing her condition; I hope we find her family; we are fortunate to share joy and sorrow; she has no one.” Toral takes his hand in his. Rajvi yells. He asks, “Why did you get scared?” She held my hand and said, “Relax.” He says you’ve been looking worried since she arrived. Rajvi confirms, “Look at her condition, I’m worried, she pushed Charmy, she can hurt Nandini and Vini, she needs to go to a mental institute.” She walks away. Toral must leave because Rajvi says we can’t do anything if Darsh and Nandini find out anything.

Nandini is caring for Toral in the morning. Parul says she pays attention to you. Nandini reassures her. She says you would know your husband and children; do you remember your husband’s name? Toral is asked to say something by Parul. Toral refers to Vipul. Rajvi inquires as to what is going on here, and why she is repeatedly taking Vipul’s name. Nandini apologizes and says she is thinking of her family. She inquires as to whether you know the name of your child. Toral refers to Vipul. Charmy says that she is using Vipul’s name for every question. Rajvi says that her daily drama isn’t right and that she requires medical attention. Nandini instructs Toral to put on his slippers and go to the garden. Toral chuckles. Nandini wonders who made the mark on her saree. Toral is consoled by her. She believes I must first locate the mental institution and then locate her family. Episode end.

Precap: Toral performs the aarti. Rajvi inquires as to who gave her this. Darsh is brought to a halt by her. Toral is asked to give it to her. Darsh notices Rajvi’s saree on fire.

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