Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 24th September 2021 Written Update: Toral Comes Home

The entire family is participating in the puja. Darsh and Nandini accompany Vini. Vipul receives a phone call. He doesn’t notice Toral among the beggars. He returns Rajvi’s call and says, “I’ll find her.” He walks away. Darsh, Nandini, and Vini arrive. Vipul isn’t aware of them. Nandini distributes food to the beggars. Toral notices her and asks if she wants to take her to the hospital. Nandini says no, I had water for you to wash your face, where had you gone, I have food for you, and I promise no one will cut your hair. She sees Toral’s face and thinks to herself, “I think I’ve seen her somewhere, she’s like Toral.” Darsh is summoned. She asks if you recognized her. No, he says. Toral, she says to be your nanny, and I have a picture of her. He says I didn’t see the photo. She says I met her in the jungle in the morning, and she appears to be mentally unstable. He asks as to how you can be certain. She says that I don’t forget anyone’s face if I see it only once. Toral notices Darsh. She snatches the food and devours it.

Dada ji and Vipul reassure Rajvi that Toral will not be able to return home. They claim we had her treated, but they are unsure why her condition did not improve. Darsh asks as to whether you know your home address. Toral notices Vini’s toy in her hand. She accepts the toy. She asks as to how you obtained this. She says I did nothing wrong and that he will die as a result. Darsh believes it would be inappropriate to leave her alone here. Nandini says nothing will happen, and I agree. The man says she is a dangerous woman, she hits, be careful, strange, she calmed down when she saw you, she stays here, and he has no idea where she lives. Nandini suggests that we take her home because her family may know her relatives. Rajvi is concerned and leaves the house. Darsh and Nandini return Toral to his home. Vipul requests that Rajvi pay attention. They are taken aback when they see Toral. Toral visits Rajvi. She passes out. Toral, says Rajvi…. Nandini says that I met her in the jungle but did not recognize her until I met her at the temple. Chetan arrives, concerned. Vipul agrees to sign him.

Toral, Darsh’s nanny, is here, according to Parul. Darsh and Nandini found her in a bad state and brought her home. Charmy says her pulse is weak due to dehydration. Nandini assures Rajvi that she will be fine. Darsh dials the doctor’s number. Vipul says that we have no recollection of her. Darsh promises that we will find out. The medications are administered by the doctor. He says, “I hope she remembers everything over time, and take care of her diet.” Charmy wonders why Rajvi went insane after seeing Toral. She goes to Mrs. Patel’s house. She says Nandini has brought Darsh’s nanny home, and Rajvi is nervous about her arrival. She sends Toral’s photo. Mrs. Patel says, “Good job.” Rajvi’s power is her money, my power is my magazine, and I intend to defame them throughout Dwarka. Rajvi says, “I was worried about this; my family is in shambles, and I can’t do anything.” Vipul comforts her. She walks away.

Toral stands up and declares, “I’m not going to stay here.” She bolts. Nandini pursues Toral. Toral walks into Vipul’s room and says, “Vipul.” He is taken aback. Nandini says you took your father’s name. She says that if we try, she will remember her family. Yes, he says, we can try. Nandini asks about Toral’s family. Toral says, “I recall.” Vipul is startled. Episode end.

Precap: Toral, according to Nandini, is remembering the events. Darsh asks about her husband or children; state their names. Toral notices Vipul.

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