Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Nandini Meets Toral

Nandini and Toral meet near the idol. She inquires as to who you are and what you are doing here. Rajvi practices his religion at home. She is concerned. Toral claims that the doctor will feed me pills and kill me. Rajvi questions why Toral’s name was revealed after so many years. Nandini asks if she can drop you off somewhere. Toral sobs. Nandini inquires as to the location of your residence. She believes she is mentally ill; I’m not sure what happened to her. Toral claims that I do not want to return home. Nandini soothes her. Rajvi says we should tell the family everything, but I don’t know how. Vipul says, “I got a call, someone saw her in the jungle area; I’ll go find her.” She says she’ll accompany me. Darsh inquires as to your destination. Vipul says we’re thinking about paying a visit to an old business acquaintance who is ill. Darsh inquires as to who. Darshan Kothari, Vipul says you don’t know him. Darsh claims that he knows everyone. He ponders. Vipul claims that we had previous dealings with him. He asks that Rajvi return home. Rajvi replies, “Fine.” Darsh visits Nandini.

Rajvi hopes Vipul locates Toral. Nandini searches for Toral. Rajvi is still lost. Darsh inquires, “Are you okay?” and “Why do you look lost?” She assures me that I am fine. Charmy inquires, “Did Nandini get the soil?” I apologize for being unable to attend due to a skin reaction. According to Parul, who witnessed it for the first time, uptan does not harm the skin unless something is added to it. Charmy declines, stating that her skin is sensitive. Nandini brings the soil home with her. Parul declares, “I will divide this soil.” Darsh inquires as to why you arrived so late. Nandini claims I had….. Vini receives a childhood toy. Darsh claims that I don’t recall it. Parul asks that Nandini and Charmy create a kuldevi toy. Vipul insists that we return her there. Chetan expresses concern for Rajvi, who remains concerned due to Toral. Rajvi dials Vipul’s number. According to the man, I couldn’t find her anywhere. Vipul chastises him. He expresses regret. He says it’s critical that we find Toral. Chetan claims that Darsh and Nandini have seen Toral’s photo; I hope Toral does not appear in front of them.

Nandini is the one who creates the idol. Charmy conceals her idol. She goes to the market and buys an idol. Shobit appears. He closes the door. He inquires if you purchased this idol, noting that the person must have made it by hand. Charmy wonders why he always appears at the wrong time. She apologizes, saying, “I don’t know how to make an idol, and if I make it poorly, it will be your insult as well.” He asks if you truly care about me. She claims that I get irritated because of this pregnancy, that I feel like a burden on this family, and that I had to leave everything and come here to stay. He claims that you don’t think about it, that you don’t get angry all the time, that your love for me has faded, and that he will not tell anyone about the idol. She hugs him and tells me I have to be nice to Shobit.

Nandini leaves to fetch the idol. She doesn’t recognize her idol. Darsh inquires as to what transpired. She claims, “I made the idol, I went inside, the idol vanished, it’s abshagun, this puja is important for me, I thought to do puja well and get blessing to become a mother.” Darsh claims that there is still soil available, so we will create a new idol. They sculpt the idol. He tells her not to be concerned. She tells him he’s the best and hugs him. Charmy wonders why Nandini didn’t show up, hoping that nothing bad happened to her idol. Parul says I’ll go check it out. Darsh and Nandini arrive with the idol. Charmy believes that my plan will never work. Vini thinks it’s a lovely idol. Toral makes his way towards the house. Rajvi is concerned. The puja is performed by the entire family. Episode end.

Precap: Toral has returned home. Everyone is taken aback. Rajvi believes Darsh and Nandini discovered the truth.

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