Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 20th September 2021 Written Update


Read Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 20th September 2021 Written Update: Darsh Gives Hope To Nandini

Nandini asking me why did you hide it from me, why would you celebrate my birthday? Darsh tells us to be, don’t think so, I have you with me; you have me, isn’t it that happiness suffices for us, I am sorry, I waited for the right opportunity to tell you, I know you’re wanting a mother. It’s fine, if Lord didn’t write a child in our destiny, when I lost my eyesight, I’d learned to be happy. Nandini yells and runs. Rajvi gets angry and goes to Lord. Charming smiles. Charming smiles. Vipul stops Rajvi. Rajvi stops. Rajvi says Lord’s gotta reply to me, Darsh and Nandini are in this pain. He says I know you’re upset, you don’t have to hurt yourselves. She shouts and says I am going to ask Lord, I saw Chetan and Parul, a woman feels unfulfilled without children, you’re going to not understand what a woman feels when she first takes her child when I held my darsh on my lap. She stops saying. She stops saying. He says we must be their support, we must be strong, come home. Darsh is coming to Nandini. Darsh is coming. Nandini recalls the words of Charmy. Darsh is sitting Nandini. He puts on her hand the ointment. I can’t stay away from you, he says, I didn’t say that I have you and that’s sufficient for me to hold your heart. She goes. She goes. He cries. He cries. She’s going to get a cupcake. She asks him to come. She asks him to come. This is my girl, he says. She hugs him. She hugs him. She says, you can just complete me, without you I have no identity, miracles can happen, and I’m going to wait for that miracle. It shows the drawing. The drawing. She says I made this when dad left me and Bansuri, I strengthened my heart by saying I must remain alone throughout my life, but I never expected you to come into my life. He says yes. He says yes. She says that I’m going to keep that hope in my heart. He says we’re going to cut the delicious cake. He sings the song for birthday. It blows the candle. It blows. You’re eating the cupcake. Vini is coming and tells me that I haven’t eaten the cake. Nandini says you have this cake. This cake is for you. Darsh tells me enough if I take care of both of you who want a larger family. He hugs them. He hugs them.

Darsh calls the manager and says she’s going to come to my office, make a cabin ready for Nandini. Rajvi and Vipul are coming to him. Vipul. He says problems are coming into life, I’ve decided Nandini’s going to join me in office, her mind is going to be turned away, I know that becoming a parent is an impromptu part of life, but there are other things too. He goes. He goes. Rajvi shouts.

Vini and Jinal play hide and seek their morning. Vini hides in the room of Charmy. Charmy listens and smiles to a song. She thinks Rajvi’s dreaming about the child of Nandini and Darsh will then be a huge drama if she knows that Nandini was never conceived. Shobit comes and says we’ve got the marriage registration date next month. Charmy asks what, but why do we find Gunjan’s body, suddenly, I mean why you are in hurry to marry. He asked why you’re taking Gunjan, I’m just worried about our child, you used to call me spinless, I want to take this responsibility, you’re questioning me, I’m not helpless to keep here, you can go, I have a baby right, I won’t let you snatch it. He leaves. He leaves.

Vini always says Charmy screams at Shobit. Charmy says what happened to him. What happened to him. She calls someone. She calls somebody. I don’t want to remain with Shobit, give me my D, I want to get rid of them. She says I’m frustrated. Vini tells who this D is. Chetan is coming to Nandini. He asks her why you’re going to repair the cradle, it won’t be like before. Nandini says it doesn’t say this, it’s not just a baby, it’s Darsh and I’m not going to leave hope. He says good, but don’t lose happiness. I have seen Parul cry alone, I don’t want to see you go through the same sorrow. He goes. He goes. She yells. She yells. She gets a pic of a lady there. She says that’s the pic, her burnt.

Precap: Nandini asks the picture of which this is. Vipul asks what are we going to tell the children if they ask us. Darsh asks Rajvi why she was hiding this from him. Rajvi concerns. Rajvi concerns.

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