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Episode start: Pandat taking the coconut. Goon shoves him. The plate falls to the ground. Pandit inquires as to what you are doing. Goon expresses regret. They take the place of the coconut. Everyone attends the puja. Charmy requests that Namrata not speak to her in front of the family. Pandit requests that Nandini break the coconut. Nandini believes the coconut is devoid of water. She receives a phone call from Naveen. She decides to keep the coconut. Rajvi requests that she answer the phone and return soon. Nandini departs. She answers the phone and inquires about Bansuri’s well-being. He says he’s fine, I called you urgently, a tempo mechanic was talking, it was filled with coconuts, he was talking about some blast, I don’t care if the family lives or dies, I called because there’s a little girl in the family. Nandini inquires, “What blast, tell me?” She notices the thugs running in the tempo. She brings the tempo to a halt.

She inquires as to who you are and what kind of party you have planned. Her kidnapping is carried out by thugs. Darsh, she yells. Mahurat, according to Pandit, is passing by. Darsh visits Nandini. Nandini is kidnapped by goons and placed in a truck. Darsh claims she came to answer the phone but has since vanished. He dials her number. Rajvi inquires as to her whereabouts. Darsh says I’m on my way to find her. Chetan says I’ll call Naveen and ask, but his phone is turned off, so I’ll call Bansuri. He calls Bansuri and asks, “Are you okay?” Naveen was calling Nandini, who was worried, “Did she come here?” Darsh wonders where Nandini is if Bansuri is fine. Rajvi claims she went to meet Naveen. Darsh says no, she won’t leave the puja, there’s a problem, and I’m worried. Nandini manages to free herself. She informs me that I must notify the family. Pandit predicts that mahurat will come to an end. Darsh requests that the commissioner locate Nandini. Commissioner assures him that he need not be concerned. Namrata inquires, “Did the goons flee? I hope they kidnapped Nandini.” Rajvi instructs Darsh to perform the ritual; it will be abshagun; simply break the coconut and Nandini will appear. Nandini is praying. She slams the tempo door shut. She pushes open the door. She takes a step back. The goons notice her collapse. Goon tells you to take a left because the girl has run away. The thugs rammed their car into a tree. Nandini takes off running. Darsh suggests that we postpone the puja until Nandini arrives. Charmy says we can’t put it off any longer. Darsh suggests that I simply break the coconut and then go find Nandini. Okay, says Rajvi. Nandini is upset. She dashes down the street. She requests that someone give her his phone. The man hands over his phone. Darsh is Nandini’s phone number. Everyone participates in the prayers. Nandini hands over the phone and dashes home. Darsh attempts to break the coconut. Nandini arrives at her home. She dashes inside. Darsh is on the verge of breaking the coconut. Darsh must be stopped, says Nandini.

Everyone turns to look at her. Nandini dashes forward and grabs the coconut from his grasp. She bolts outside. Rajvi inquires as to what transpired. Darsh and everyone rush after her to see what she’s up to. Nandini considers what she should do next. Darsh inquires as to what is wrong with you. Nandini warns, “Don’t get too close, I’ve got a bomb in my hand.” She dashes after the coconut. Everyone is taken aback. Nandini trips and falls. The coconut lands on the ground. Everyone is taken aback when they witness the explosion. Darsh yells Nandini and rushes over to investigate. Vini is concerned. Shobit inquires as to how the bomb arrived and what is going on. Darsh wraps her arms around Nandini. Neighbors and the police are onlookers. Darsh and Rajvi both cry when they see Nandini. Charmy wonders if this was your kidnappers’ plan, bomb, and what will happen now. Nandini is brought to the hospital by everyone. Darsh motions for Nandini to rise. According to the doctor, she may respond after the surgery. The mangalsutra of Nandini falls there. Charmy chooses it. Rajvi inquires of the commissioner if he discovered anything. No, he says, how did they get into your house after security? Charmy explains that they were factory workers. Shobit inquires as to how you know. Charmy speculates that goons would have arrived as factory workers. Rajvi confirms that Pandit was pushed, that someone picked up the coconut, and that Pandit may remember his face. Shobit is correct. He dials the pandit’s number. Charmy believes that goons will steal Namrata and my name. Episode end.

Precap: Charmy predicts that Nandini will die soon. She is dressed in Nandini’s mangalsutra. She claims that no one can stop me from marrying Darsh. Darsh inquires as to your purpose for being here. She is concerned.

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