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Episode start: Rajvi apologising and hugging Nandini. Nandini says its all right. She faints. She faints down. Darsh holds her. Darsh holds her. Nandini says I’ve got pain in my stomach, maybe I’ll be all right once I take medicine because of the accident. He says that we should go to the doctor and do tests. She says I’m all right. Vini comes and Darsh scolds. Rajvi asks you saw who was driving the car that struck you. Come with Charmy and Namrata. Nandini says that Charmy first saw me when I came home. Charmy tells you no, I have you in the room, I don’t know who has locked you. She looks at Namrata. You’d have done this, Rajvi says shame on you Namrata. She says we’re going to keep the factory keys in puja, I don’t want Namrata to stay here, Namrata is just talking about the dada ji, so behave to Namrata. Vipul asks Nandini to get all right, they’re going to make her do the puja. Namrata gets furious and goes. Charmy says what can I do when you’re angry with family. Namrata’s face is holding her and scolding her. Charmy’s pushing her and telling her I’m not an enemy, Nandini is your enemy, I didn’t believe that she would defeat you. Namrata says I haven’t lost, I’m not going to lose her.

Parul asks Nandini to take care of herself and to give them good news. Nandini says I m all right. Parul says I’m going to feed you, I’m lucky to take a girl like Vini. This is what Vini hears. Parul says, thank you a lot, you gave her your values. Nandini is asking Vini to hear. Vini goes away. Vini goes away. You’re running after Vini. Nandini says Parul has said that she wants a daughter like Vini, I have asked her to accept you. You mean I am a toy for you, Vini says, get away. She cries and Nandini scolds. I love you a lot, Nandini says. Vini asks why you give me Parul, I won’t stay with anybody but you, leave me on the road. Nandini does not say that, we’re going to talk softly, I’m going to explain to you. Vini says everybody leaves me, you leave me, too. She falls into the swimming pool. Nandini jumps and takes her out of the pool. Darsh is coming and assisting them. Nandini is asking Vini to open his eyes.

Darsh says she’s all right, what’s the issue. Nandini asks why you’ve gone back. Vini says I’m furious about you. They’re hugging. Parul yells. Parul yells. Darsh asks Vini to come and change her clothes, otherwise she’ll get cold. Parul asks you’re all right Nandini. Sorry, I am her mother, I couldn’t see that her heart breaks like that, I couldn’t give you Vini. Parul is shouting and hugging her. A few goons meet Namrata and Charmy. Namrata says to come as a worker in the puja to Nandini’s face that she is afraid of seeing her face. The goon tells us to leave it. Nandini gets ready. He gets ready. Darsh helps her. Darsh helps her. She says we’re going to go to puja. Darsh asks is your Vini Final decision. She says yes, without me she can’t live, you’re upset. He says no, I’m with you every time you decide. Again, she feels stomach ache. He asks her to sit down, do not ignore the pain in her stomach.

She says I’m all right, we’re going to go for the puja. The goons are planning to abduct Nandini. The goon shows the cocoa explosives. Vini says I don’t want anybody else, Nandini. Nandini says promise. promise. Rajvi says Parul is upset, she wanted to take Vini, perhaps she reacted so when she suddenly knew it. Darsh says I agree, not the error of Nandini, she refused Parul. Rajvi says that I’m going to talk to Parul, we’ve got other options, I asked Namrata not to come here. Darsh says its all right. Goons come. Goons come. Rajvi says Nandini’s going to do the puja. Namrata shows the goons to Nandini. She’s shocked to see the police come. Rajvi says I called the Commissioner. I called the Commissioner. Goon Raghu tells us that if we have come, the commissar will go with Nandini as well. Namrata asks how the commissioner comes, goons, in front of him, can’t kidnap Nandini. Episode end.

Precap: push goons and replace the cocoon. Pandit is asking Nandini to break the cocoon.

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