Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Nandini Meets With An Accident

Episode start: Namrata is coming to Nandini to argue. Nandini lies to her, she lies to her. Namrata tells me that I feel you plan to insult me. She goes to everybody and says that Nandini talked outside with some woman, I just hope she won’t insult me. Darsh asks now that Nandini can’t talk to anyone. Nandini says Charmy, Rajvi scolded you in anger, don’t show the elders’ attitude, come. Nandini says I don’t show elders attitude. Charmy says your mistake, can’t keep your family upset. Shobit is asking her to leave. Vini is coming. Parul asks what happened. What happened? A lady comes and says Vini has beaten my son, you tell your daughter, you don’t have time to concentrate on her. Darsh asks who you are to speak about our personal affairs. Nandini asks why you have been beating her son. Vini says her son said you’re a bad woman, a bad uncle. I am sorry, Nandini says, on my side, your son ought not to know how to comment on the elders. The lady says he’s right. Rajvi says we’re going to pay bills to the hospital, go now. Thank you, the lady says we don’t need your money. She goes. She goes. Nandini’s Vini scolds. Vini is getting upset and going. Parul says she’s a boy, don’t scold her, I’ll explain how things affect her.

Everyone does aarti this morning. Nandini stays away. Nandini stays away. Darsh says I’m going to do aarti with Nandini, she has no ego. Rajvi says it’s all right. I can’t come, I’m going to a mobile store, Namrata may doubt me. Nandini says I’m sorry. She’s praying and she’s going. Charmy sees her. Charmy sees her. Rajvi says that mahurat ends, do aarti. Darsh says no, I’m going to do that with Nandini. Perhaps Parul says Nandini was upset. I hope you’re not doing anything wrong, Darsh says. Nandini meets Sudarshan and asks for Asha’s tab. He says I kept the old, tough stuff in godown. She says Tab is imp for me, think about someone’s life. He’s asking her to wait, he’s going to get the keys. Charmy says I bribed the driver by the doctor, he said that she was going to the area where you lived. She gets a call. She gets a call. She says Nandini went to a certain godown in electronics. Namrata says yes. She says yes, there’s what she’s doing.

Sudarshan calls Nandini and says that Namrata called me and asked me, I told her about the tab, she told me that it was a police affair, I can’t help her. He’s finishing the call. She says that I’m going to find the tab. Namrata says he’s not going to entertain Nandini, I’ve threatened him. Charmy says Nandini’s going to find that tab, but what’s on it. Nandini is trying to get into the godown. She passes by the window. Nandini is searching for the tab. Namrata is coming. She says that I know that Nandini’s inside. Nandini gets a register and checks. She finds no video. She checks the tab of Nimesh. She sees Namrata’s and Aatish’s struggle video. She listens to Nandini’s plan to file a divorce case on Aatish. Nandini says that I wanted this evidence. Namrata tries with a stone to break the lock. Nandini says Namrata has reached this place. Namrata’s lock breaks.

Namrata is going into the godown. She does not see Nandin. She does not see Nandini. She says I would like Nandini not to get the tab. Rajvi is asking Darsh for aarti. He’s going to go for aarti. Nandini sends Darsh the video. She’s leaving. Charmy on the way. Charmy’s on the way. Nandini is running the tab. She says that I’m going to send Nandini a message. Nandini hits by the car. Nandini falls into unconsciousness. The tab is breaking. Charmy said I would not like to hit her, if anything happens, I’m in trouble, I must leave here before she sees me; Nandini was so desperate, I can save Namrata if I can save myself. She’s leaving. Darsh has been calling Nandini. He says she doesn’t reply. This is so wrong, Rajvi says, let her be inside her ego. Darsh says I feel she’s troubled in some way. Rajvi says don’t say this. Do not say this. Episode end.

Precap: Rajvi asks where you left puja. Aatish comes with the police at home. Rajvi says I called the commissioner here to sign divorce papers. Nandini soon thinks to show Darsh proof.

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