Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 11th September 2021 Written Update


Read Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini Gets A Vital Clue

Episode Start: Rajvi said Aatish deserved that, and he’s going to be imprisoned for ten years. Darsh says I’m going to tell Namrata this. Nandini tells us how this can happen. Rajvi gets furious. Darsh stops her. Darsh stops her. He goes to Nandini and says to hear me attentively, he is going to meet people like Aatish who’re going to cry out and do a drama, we can’t blindly trust him. Namrata’s so hurt. I know your motives weren’t wrong, I know that you wanted to help Aatish thinking he’s right. Nandini thinks first of all to talk to Aatish. She goes. She goes. She asks Aatish why he accepted not committing crimes. He said my older parents suffer to prove me innocent, I can’t torture them, I accept my defeat, I can’t win Rawals, and thanks for supporting me. She says I can’t let this sin come from my family, I’m going to prove the truth. The call ends. She ends the call.

Rajvi says this morning Aatish case has ended, that bad marriage can ruin your life, that Namrata is strong, that she is going to start fresh, that I chose to get Ganesh ji. Parul says that I don’t want to celebrate, our family has two parts. Namrata is our daughter, Rajvi says no, whoever stands up against her will be alone. Darsh asks Nandini where. Vipul says she’d go to prove the truth. Rajvi says she’s going to finish this chapter here if she cares for us. Nandini asks the lady to help her. Aatish has not committed the crime, he’s in prison. We hear that he used to beat his wife, why do you try to save such a man, the lady says we didn’t hear any voice. Nandini says I’m not going to give up any neighbour is ready to help him. Darsh says she doesn’t answer where Nandini went.

Nandini meets the physician and asks Namrata. Namrata says she has no word for the family to say. Nandini says I want the reports. Namrata’s filing her husband’s fraud case. The man says that we are making false reports, asking Namrata to come and collect reports. Parul’s Vini talks. Nandini comes. Nandini comes. Vini says everybody makes modak, nobody can make sweets better than Nandini. Nandini says that I’m going to help. Rajvi says that I don’t want any assistance. Nandini says I’m going to make tea for everyone. Vipul tells me that I don’t want it. Charmy says I’m going to get all of you juice. Vipul says it’s all right. She goes. She goes.

Darsh asks where you have been. Namrata says she’d go to get evidence of me. Vipul replies and says that Aatish is a criminal, that Nandini made no statement. Darsh asks Nandini you told Namrata that you were sorry. Rajvi asks what your ego is, and if we’re wrong, what’s the difficulty in accepting it. Namrata says I’ve been difamed for her.

Sorry, I’m not like Aatish, Nandini thinks, why do I apologise for not calling Mrs. Patel. Charmy drinks. Charmy. She says I didn’t stay here to see Darsh and the romance of Nandini, the family is going to marry Shobit, Nandini is going to sleep forevery. She gets drinks of the juice. She asks all of us to have it. Nandini asks her to drink it. Vini is coming and tells you how soccer player has achieved the goal. She takes the juice glasses and blends them to demonstrate the goal. Vini gives everybody the glasses back. Charmy concerns. Charmy concerns. Nandini asks her to drink.

Drinks Nandini. She’s getting dizzy. She holds Darsh. She holds Darsh. Darsh asks what happened, you’re all right. Perhaps Nandini says because of tiredness. Charmy thinks, God, I can drink juice now, right glass has reached Nandini. Nandini helps Darsh. Help Darsh. He says you’re supposed to take rest. She says I’m all right now. Namrata sees sleeping Charmy. Charmy asks to wake up. Charmy doesn’t get up. Charmy doesn’t get up. Darsh goes. Darsh goes. Rajvi says you ought to stay away because you think Namrata lies. Nandini shouts. Shobit has a Ganpati at home. A lady says that the shopkeeper made a mistake, I ordered that idol. He’s back to the lady’s idol and takes his Ganpati. Ramila is looking for her son. He looks for her son. She asks Nandini to find Nimesh, perhaps he has gone inside. Nandini says I didn’t see, I’m going to find out, sit here.

Rajvi is doing the aarti of Ganpati. Charmy yawns. Charmy yawns. Namrata says you’ve been sleeping for a long time. Perhaps I had that drink, Charmy thinks. Darsh’s searching for Nandini. Rajvi says I didn’t ask her to come. Darsh says let it go, I promise, because of her, Namrata won’t have any problem. Nandini says, “It’s no pledge, the happiness of this family matters to me, I don’t want innocent people to be punished, I don’t stay in this puja, I’m going to pray to Bappa to bring the truth before you.” She’s leaving. Darsh says how I’m going to do it alone. He calls the Ganpati Charmy and Shobit.

Nandini sees Nimesh playing by the swimming pool. He is afraid to see Namrata, and he says she’s dangerous, she used to live with Aatish in our neighbourhood, we went to his birthday party, she shouted at him, I have the video, she’s left a recorder there, I’m going to show you. Nandini says it could have additional recording. She thinks this boy was sent by Bappa. He says now, I don’t have the recording, mummy gave the record to the uncle’s shop in Sudarshan’s old tab. Nandini thinks he’s getting the evidence. Your mother is waiting, she says, come. She takes him outside. She takes him outside. He asks him to come. Ramila asks him to come. Namrata sees and hides them. Nandini thinks he’s going to visit the shop. Episode End.

Precap: Nandini is lying to Namrata. I feel you plan to insult me, Namrata says.

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